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  1. Problem is that the Washington Football Team is at 19, the Patriots are at 15, and the Steelers are at 13. All need a QB (PIT it depends on what Big Ben does). No way Jones gets to 20, and you might have to trade up to 12 and there's a chance Jones won't be there at 12. So you might want to rethink that "cheap" price to move up the draft. Last real good QB prospect, 4 teams that need one. I am glad the Bears didn't trade for Wentz. But I agree with others, I wouldn't trade a 2nd for Darnold. That's too rich.
  2. As much as I like Jefferson and he was great, anytime you can get a solid starting RB off the WW that helped you all year, that's the choice. Robinson for me.
  3. Way too early to speculate on this. There isn't a clear #1 guy in LA like Stafford had in DET with Megatron or with Golladay. This is likely to be a headache for Woods/Kupp/Higbee/ V Jefferson for fantasy. Also, LAR has a good young RB in Akers. When LAR was great on offense in 2017, it was really balanced. So I am not convinced that Stafford's fantasy value is any better in LA, in fact, it could go down. But you can argue that Stafford will be more efficient in LA with less attempts. I think that you can argue that the player best helped by Stafford's arrival is Akers.
  4. Easy for me. Allen and Rodgers, with Herbert as a honorable mention. Allen and Rodgers were both beasts and consistent which is what you really want at the QB spot. Herbert was a little more inconsistent but still was really solid and allowed you to trade your original starting QB like Jackson for another solid piece to help you win a championship.
  5. Yep. I will never understand Reid calling timeouts near the end of the half. The Tampa D should have shared the MVP. It doesn't matter how good your QB is or how good your WR/TE are, the NFL game is always played (and won/lost) up front. And Tampa destroyed KC in the trenches. You can beat pretty much any NFL QB if you can get consistent pressure from just your front 4. And TB did that, and it's amazing that Mahomes scrambled for about 4 football fields. Not only TB got pressure, they were disciplined and didn't get Mahomes get clean rollouts from the pocket. They made him go backw
  6. Rivers will eventually get in due to his stats, but I am in the camp that he isn't really a HOF caliber QB. Just compare Rivers to the current QBs in the HOF, along with Brady, P Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Roethlisberger and Mahomes who will all be in the HOF in the future. Rivers falls way short on talent and memories. Is there a signature moment that people will remember Rivers? Not that I can think of. He only won 5 playoff games in 15 years, never made a Super Bowl while playing with HOF talent in LT and Gates. There is no way I can think that Rivers is one the best QBs of all time. R
  7. LOL at comparing these guys to Lawrence. Lawrence is a generational talent without any baggage. For me it was close but I did side with Lawrence plus the additional cap space. But I can side with Watson if QB was the only piece needed to immediately contend and that team could fit Watson under the cap.
  8. If you are a subscriber, I would highly recommend watching Waldman's video in his Gut Check. He does a great breakdown of Montgomery's improvement in his vision, footwork, and decision making. The Bears OL improved but they are still a below average unit. I also think Trubisky helped out a lot since Trubisky can keep it once in a while on the read option. But let's not kid ourselves, Montgomery's success was a lot to do with the cake schedule from Week 12 on. That said, Montgomery still isn't an elite talent. But I think he's a solid RB2 next year with top 10 upside, and Round 3 is p
  9. While that's true, what in your mind tells you that Thomas is overrated going forward? He had an injury plagued year. He has shown that he could get it done with Hill at QB.....that he can still catch 100+ passes. Thomas is still a stud, and now given the uncertainty to who will be the QB in NO.....now is the time to buy Thomas at a discount. Only question is how much of a discount will his owner take?
  10. I am a Bears fan, and Montgomery has significantly improved over last year. Waldman breaks it down really well in his Gut Check column. I don't think he's an elite talent, but he can easily be a solid RB2 for the next few years. Issues with Montgomery are 1) who will QB the Bears in 2021, 2) what happens when Tarik Cohen returns, and 3) will the Bears work on improving their OL? So if you get a really good offer for him, something in the equivalent of a top 10 RB offer, I would consider selling high, otherwise, I would just hold and know that you have a solid starter for the next 2-3 y
  11. Way too many for me to recognize. I generally don't keep track of posters, I just read the commentary and if it's good analysis, I consider it without regard to who posted it. There are a lot of very good posters on this board, many have already been mentioned. I just enjoy getting into the discussions with you all.....even though I didn't post as much as I usually do in 2020. I will give special thanks to @Gally who is the MAN regarding the Assistant Coach Forum. In fact, that forum's name should not be called The Assistant Coach.......it should be called WWGD or "What Would Gally Do
  12. Same here. Avoided him like the plague in my redrafts. Of course, I made the finals and lost to a owner with Diggs AND Allen. Was up 28 going into MNF, ended up losing by 42.
  13. I feel for anyone that had to face Kamara, knowing that your title hopes are probably done after one game. Go have a drink!
  14. My lineup is QB - Jackson RB - Montgomery, Jacobs WR - Hill, AJ Brown, M Jones TE - Andrews Superflex - Dalton K - Crosby D - Football Team My team got hot at the right time. Barely snuck into the playoffs as the 6 seed, beat the 3rd seed by 70 and put up 152 to barely edge the 1 seed, who had by far the best team in the league.
  15. I would lean Herbert as well. Not only Herbert has a much higher floor, he has a decent ceiling as well.
  16. The Bengals ran for 152 yards against this Steelers D. It's going to be brutal against Indy and CLE, both who can run the ball.
  17. I need the Bengals to keep the ball from Ben. I am up 152-151 right now
  18. I don't really know. They needed to make a change. Can't get any worse. I don't remember when the last time Illinois was good in football, was it like 15 years ago? I have been following the Illini basketball and it's frustrating to see them lose to Mizzou and Rutgers.
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