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  1. I would rank them Mike Williams, Godwin, AJ, Kadarius, Lockett. It looks like Geno Smith really favors DK and I expect SEA to try and run the ball a lot to minimize Geno's potential mistakes.
  2. Need 2 RBs.....1/2 PPR Mixon at DET Henderson at NYG Swift vs CIN Dam Williams vs GB Z Moss at TEN
  3. I would pass. Brady is awesome but losing Diggs really hurts your WRs too much. There has to be a QB on the wire that you can pick up to hedge against Darnold.
  4. It is a redraft. I accepted it. I do like Moss' upside. Thanks Gally
  5. I like it the Shark Pool. I have contributed in the AC forum and it is a wasteland. We should have a separate catch all thread for the Pool to evaluate trades during the week.
  6. Murray. Best chance at a TD. CIN is likely to be ahead and running the ball a lot in the 2nd half. Plus Boyd has to compete with Chase and Higgins for targets. I don't trust any Jaguar except Robinson.
  7. I would counter with Hopkins if you can. Keep Mike Williams and DJ Moore. Hopkins, Hunt and Lance is fine for Cook. The question is....is this trade a good one for the other team?
  8. Assuming it's DJ Moore, absolutely and make the trade.
  9. 10 team superflex league, 4 pts per TD pass, 1/2 pt PPR. My team is QB - Murray, Carr, Darnold, Tua RB - Mixon, Swift, Henderson, Dam Williams, J Williams WR - Hill, M Williams, AJ Brown, Boyd, R Anderson, R Moore TE - Andrews, Gronk Would you trade Tua for Zack Moss? Moss could be a homerun down the stretch, but I hate to give up QB depth in a superflex.
  10. Tempting to go with Darrell Williams in a good matchup, but Jacobs is guaranteed to get the touches, so I would still go with Jacobs.
  11. Tannehill is more a streamer than a locked-in starter. I would avoid Tannehill in games where the opponent is weak against the run or won't score a lot of points against TEN D (and TEN D is not that good). JAX game was a prime situation for Tannehill to be mediocre. It also doesn't help when Julio and AJ Brown have missed time.
  12. I look at trends, upcoming schedules, and various opinions on players. But the key is what Gally says.......be confident in your evaluation of a player. Someone in my league was trying for 2 weeks to deal me Brandon Aiyuk. I have no interest in him...I think Deebo is better, SF has a rookie QB on a team that would like to run the ball a lot. I don't value Aiyuk very high ROS. Most of the time you won't agree with your leaguemates. Most owner overvalue their own players. The easiest trades to make are to find a owner with a need that you're strong, and has a strength that you need. Also, you need to look at the trade from the other owner's eyes. Would I accept the deal if I were the other owner? Trading is an art. You got to do it frequently to be good at it. Good luck
  13. I can almost guarantee that Michael Thomas will not be near 100% at any time this year. Plus the NO offense is really balanced and generally goes through Kamara. Much rather have Brown. Brady is almost a lock at 5000+ yards passing and 45+ TDs. If anything happens to Evans or Godwin, Brown is going to be huge.
  14. I agree with Gally. Edmonds cedes goalline work to Conner so Edmonds ceiling is low.
  15. Hard to evaluate without your scoring system, lineup requirements and your roster. Assuming PPR, Ekeler is a top 5 RB, Gibson is a top 15 RB and Pitts is a top 5 TE, I would generally think it's a pretty fair trade, as long as you really need Pitts. If you currently have a decent TE, then I would hold Ekeler.
  16. Great stuff travdogg. Glad to see that I can influence you AGAIN......this time on Ekeler. One question this time......surprised that you have Darnold at 12 after the "NY Jet" Darnold came back to life last week. I assuming you think CMC will help Darnold a lot?
  17. Correct. I have Cook and Mattison in one league, and I think Cook should sit this week and next, and come off the bye week healthy. MIN can beat DET with Mattison carrying the load, but I can see that Cook will get half the work, MIN will likely be up, and Mattison will finish the game.
  18. First game, TEN looked like crap and Tannehill was running for his life. Brown did score in that game. Second game, Brown uncharacteristically dropped a few passes, one could have been a big gain and maybe even a TD. Should have had around 6-90 in that game. Third game, strained his hammy in the 1st quarter (I was at the game and knew it the moment it happened). So the way I see it, Brown got off to slow start. He had a great year last year even when Henry is being King Henry. So I would suspect Brown will rebound, but he's probably not return the production needed to satisfy his draft slot. Top 12-15 seems reasonable once he gets healthy....so a strong WR2. Remember that Brown is a TD producer and Julio generally is not. Tannehill is a good QB. If you can buy AJ Brown low, I would do it.
  19. Assuming you have depth at RB to spare.....yes I would trade Patterson for Thielen or Dionte Johnson. I prefer Dionte in PPR and Thielen in nonPPR. And yes I would trade either WR for Hockenson, especially if it's a PPR league. Would be easier if we know your roster.
  20. While Dak has more value than Moss now, I would probably just stick with Moss, and use the WW to cover Murray's bye. Moss could be a home run and help your team down the road. Dak will only start for you one week as long as Murray is healthy. Also, DAL is running the ball a lot more and their defense is vastly improved, so Dak's upside appears to be capped.
  21. Great job travdogg. Glad I can be of influence on Gronk. 🙂 Wondering about why you don't have Ekeler in your top 10. He looked phenomenal last night running the ball, the best I have seen him. On the WR front, I think you have Hopkins too high. I would move McLaurin to 8, K Allen to 11 and Hopkins to 13. These seem reasonable to me.
  22. 35% is likely not going to cut it. Look at the RB landscape. Monty is out. CMC likely out another week. Cook is banged up. Mixon is banged up. Damien Williams is nice piece to have while these guys likely miss time (well, Cook might not, but he probably should miss a game or two to heal his ankle). Also he's a nice piece to have if you have RBs with bye weeks between 6-9. Kamara, Ekeler, J Robinson, Elliott/Pollard, Cook, N Harris, Jacobs, L Murray, Swift, Carson, Fournette and Gibson all have byes during weeks 6-9.
  23. I would go with Jones since you know that's he is the starter and he's playing well right now.
  24. If you need the help now, keep Williams. If you're looking for the potential home run, go with Moss.
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