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  1. There is a good chance I will be there and PR shape as well.
  2. Pretty much the same deal here, I was going to head out at lunch for my 4x1.5 @HMP-10 but I drove my planned route ahead of time and it was a little too icy. Going to try to get out later this afternoon, if this workout is going to happen it needs to be today, Wednesday will have to be tempo day due to the storm Thursday.
  3. Good luck tomorrow it is a monster workout, if I were you I’d attempt the sub 7 pace that you have been running. That being said my experience has been that my marathon pace workouts often end up being about 10 sec/mile faster than what I did on race day.
  4. They are saying we got 15" in my township, took a lot longer than expected to clear the driveway. I knew with the storm I was going to miss my first quality workout of the week, hoping I'll be able to get my tempo in on Thursday.
  5. Cool let me know if you signup, it will be a little bit longer drive for you than me but it should be an easy one early in the morning on a Saturday.
  6. The strange thing about this race is that it is hosted by a retirement community, hopefully they will get volunteers from outside the community. It isn't a large race and I feel uneasy about signing up for it, but based on previous race results it shouldn't be crowded for me most of the race.
  7. I found out that half I wanted to run in Philly was moved to October (not surprised), so I signed up for the Garden Spot Village Half Marathon in Amish Country. Perhaps I wasted $95 but I am encourage by some of the emails I have been seeing about races planned this weekend and in the future in the Reading area so maybe it will happen. Even it doesn't my old training partners agreed to pace me for a solo race so I will be racing the weekend of March 27.
  8. We have been really fortunate with the weather around here. There are some benefits with working from home: I am able to sleep in a bit longer or run during lunch, I am eating better (instead of going out for lunch I grill myself a steak most days), and I’m doing my pushups and pull-ups 5 days a week. Training is going well as I’m in week 8 of a 17 week plan, I think I have an opportunity to get in half PR shape. I may not be able to find a race around here during March so I might just run a half solo. For New Year’s I decided to cut back on the drinking until May, I am limiting myself t
  9. You definitely ran faster than my easy run pace today. If it makes you feel any better tempo runs/HMP efforts are my least favorite types of workouts. I have been dreading this one since I had my first little setback last week where I could only finish 3 of the 4 miles and today's workout was bumping it up to 5 at HMP. Didn't sleep well last night worrying about it, had a tough time getting out the door this morning, after my 1 mile of warmup ran back to the house to use the bathroom. First mile at HMP felt blah, but was good to go after that. Good job on your run today, try not compare
  10. I ended up with 2,616 for the year, my 4th highest ever. Not a bad total, for the most part I did what I could with only 2 months of less than 200 miles (March-sick, Nov- hurt my back). I have some momentum going into 2021 as I have been able to follow the first 5 weeks of the Hanson's Half plan. I will do my best to complete the plan but I am sure there will be workouts I’ll have to skip due to weather and not having access to a treadmill. Happy New Year everyone, without races and a lot more stress all around it's impressive how we were able to maintain our training.
  11. Congrats that’s fantastic news, get some rest when you can.
  12. The Hansons just want you to follow the guidelines of runs less than 3 hours and the long run should be less than 25-33% of your weekly mileage. So for some like yourself there is no issue with running a 18-20 miler in marathon training, I maxed out at 18 when I had my marathon PR. Great job by you on the 20 miler, I wish I had the mindset to run long, just don’t have it right now.
  13. @Juxtatarot I know that I committed to Indy in 2020, but as of right now I can't commit for 2021. I am running the Bourbon Chase in October and in September it will be my 20 year wedding anniversary and I am sure we'll be taking a trip for that. I'm not saying I'm out for Indy it's just that there is an order of operations in which these plans get made and I need to figure out the anniversary stuff first. Complicating all of this is a potential kitchen renovation that gives me heartburn just thinking about it.
  14. You live in the northeast and it’s October, the best month of the year for running, skip the treadmill and run outside.
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