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  1. I'm registered, this and the price going up Wednesday was enough to get me to do it. At least it's a relatively inexpensive race.
  2. I get not wanting to take time off, but as you know 18 weeks is a long cycle. You might want to consider 2-3 weeks of lesser mileage with one easier workout a week to stay sharp between now and marathon training. It is tough to be On or in PR shape for an entire calendar year. I have Monumental penciled in, but I don't want to make any additional financial commitments until my kitchen remodel is complete, scheduled for the end of June. They moved Broad Street to October but haven't decided on a date, hopefully it won't be the same weekend as the Bourbon Chase. I hope to start marathon
  3. These are all good options, I am interested in hearing how you plan on approaching the time period between now and the start of official marathon training (July 5 for a 18 week or 8/16 for 12 a week plan). Considering you are on fire right now, when do you plan on backing off a bit before the marathon buildup?
  4. I think 420 for the day and 5000 for the month is a good place to stop. Congrats @SteelCurtainon the win. My weekly poker game is about to start and I’m going to be driving 5 hours tomorrow.
  5. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but that depends on what @SteelCurtaindoes today.
  6. He nailed it, great job @El Floppo
  7. @Juxtatarotit has to be disappointing for this to come up with the way you have been running. I don’t know what to say other than you’re doing the smart thing giving it some time to heal. You know your body better than anyone. I know I was disappointed with my minor injury thinking that I may only have a few training cycles left in me to realistically PR. Your recent success has been inspiring and has me rethinking that.
  8. I don't know but it seems like we have a lot of guys that are tall and use to play, I feel confident that I should be starting for one of the teams. I don't play anymore because of fear of injury, but I use to play.
  9. @SteelCurtain has been getting serious with the pushups the past week, I adjusted my routine to keep up today. Getting my 2nd vaccine shot today, we'll see if that will impact what I can do tomorrow. It is easy to see how this challenge could get out of hand, but I'll try to keep up.
  10. Sounds like a good plan to me. I like to keep my long run no greater than 25-30% of my weekly mileage and you're within that range. Running 5-6 days a week is better than 4 days with an outsized long run that takes days to recover from. I look forward to seeing your first 25 mile week on the Team FFA Strava group, though it is a shame you didn't signup for the pushup challenge you could be winning that.
  11. Thanks fortunately I haven't really had to deal with many injuries, I have been able to get by with ignoring all pains in the first mile and not running if I feel pain after that. I am starting to think I need to start doing some preventive maintenance/strengthening.
  12. I noticed and considered doing the same but decided to stick with the 140. I am already doing more than normal since I didn't completely skip last weekend. I have a decent routine going for me with my pushup, pullups, and unweighted squats. I'm starting to see some improvement with my upper hamstring, I think the squats are helping.
  13. I am guessing that there is a surprise since you're posting the photo, but based on how they are dressed the man in yellow is finishing last. Nebraska is a wild card, he likely traveled farthest for the race and is clearly a little crazy not wearing gloves (could be an elite athlete and win the race by a minute), but he doesn't have the typical runner's legs so I pick him to finish 3rd. You are the only one appropriately dressed for the race, I have you in 2nd. 5128 is my winner.
  14. Thanks but I am still weak by most standards and don’t have nearly the muscle mass you have. I have to admit I am enjoying the new challenge of push-ups and pull-ups.
  15. @Juxtataroti don’t know what to say, I’m super impressed and so happy for you. Not surprising considering some of your recent training runs, consistency over time doesn’t guarantee results but it gives you a chance and you seizing the opportunity. Congrats.
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