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  1. Perhaps I am the last one realizing this but old 10k thread is now gone, I can only access the first page of the thread. That sucks, lots of great stuff is just gone.
  2. Congrats @tri-man 47 great race, your age group is getting competitive. Your input on the race calendar "B-3:33 (~top ten US AG)".
  3. 21 miles 2:49:24 I think it is all downhill from here, amazing what he is doing so far these conditions. Go @tri-man 47bring it home.
  4. Broad Street Run 2021 Race Report We’re all addicts aren’t we? According to the McMillan Calculator I ran my best race ever at the end of a 70 mile week and I keep thinking back to the 2 seconds. This is my first PR in 3 years so I am trying to enjoy it a bit. Heck this might be my peak. Going into this one I really didn’t know what to expect, like I mentioned before I had 3 weeks where training didn’t go as planned and I couldn’t taper for this one with the focus being the marathon. Last week I front loaded my mileage and my legs felt dead on every run until my 6 mile recovery on Saturday. The fact that I hadn’t run a single mile under 6 minutes since Aug 21 (in a 5k) gave me some doubt. Things that I felt were working in my favor were I has these magic shoes, I am 5 lbs lighter than my PR racing weight, and I have shown in the past to race well in marathon training (2015 10K). I didn’t really have a plan for this except run the first mile as close to 6:00 and see how that felt. Prerace meal was 3 scrambled eggs, water, and coffee around 5 AM for 8 AM start. (more of a note for me) First mile felt good in fact I had to slow myself down, felt good and relaxed. I followed the approach I saw Gene Dykes use a couple years back of running on the left side of the road where it is less crowded. Came in at 5:59 right at the mile marker. I didn’t get too excited about the first mile as it is a mostly downhill, mile 2 would give me more info as to what I would be capable of. Mile didn’t feel as easy as 1 but it felt appropriate. I started to get excited that I have a real opportunity ahead of myself today. 5:56 Mile 3 it started raining which was kind of nice, came in at 6:00 right at the mile marker. Mile 4 someone gets my attention and says something like I thought that was you. It was the guy that introduced himself to me at the last 5K. He was wearing a Go Pro and turned it on and asked if I had anything to say. Looking back I was kind of rude, but I respond that I have nothing to say and he let me go on my way. I feel bad about this interaction but I was focused on the task at hand. 5:58 Mile 5 was uneventful 5:58. Mile 6 is where you run around City Hall and GPS goes to crap, so I really had to focus here to maintain my pace. I got to the 6 mile marker at 35:57 and feeling real good. I am going to do this. Mile 7 My watch was showing that I was running faster than goal pace and the miles are getting more difficult. I got to the mile marker at 42:03 and I remember being a bit confused momentarily but I was confident I could make up those 3 seconds. Mike 8 is where I realized I couldn’t be pacing myself off of other runners, I needed to be passing people if I am going to do this. I get this one in at 5:56. Mile 9 I am doing everything that I can to just run a sub 6 mile, and my watch showed that I did 5:58. I get to the mile 9 marker 53:54. All I have to do it run a sub 6 minute mile and I have it. Usually there are no turns on this course after City Hall, but because of construction in the Navy Yard there are a few turns the last mile of the race. Right after the 9 mile marker there was a left hand turn into the wind. This was rough and I noticed my pace was slower around 6:10. I wasn’t panicking knowing that the wind would be to my back the last half mile. After a couple of turns I try picking up the pace seeing that my lap pace is 6:03 and I feel my hamstring tightening up. I tried to keep my strides short and I work my lap pace to 6:00 with about ¼ mile to go. I see race clock in the distance and realize that it is going to be much closer than I expected. I gave it all I had but I couldn’t get my legs to move any faster. I finish stopped the watch and was shocked to see it said 1:00:00, my watch had me at a 5:58 last mile. I was hoping that I stopped my watch a sec after finishing. I get my checked bag with my phone in it and it has a text with a screenshot from the wife with 1:00:01, WTF. I guess the mile 9 marker was off a bit, if I knew I was behind going into that last mile I think I would broke 60. I didn’t even vomit. Running is funny, this may be as good as it gets and I am still not satisfied. I need to get through the next 2 weeks of training, I think I have shot at 2:55. Now back to Boston tracking.
  5. Thanks, happy but slightly annoyed that I couldn’t find 2 secs. Official time 60:01.
  6. I have only run 6 miles in them, so I am far from an expert. I thought this was interesting:" There is a research study that came out in November 2019 by Cigoja, et al, called, ‘Does increased midsole bending stiffness of sport shoes redistribute lower limb joint work during running?’ (1). This study found that placing a full carbon plate in a shoe reduces the amount of work at the knee joint and places that work back into the foot. This is relevant because a previously published study by Sanno et al (2) has shown that as runners fatigue during a long run, there is a shift in work from the ankle to the knee. When there is a shift in work from the ankle to the knee your body begins to rely on muscles and muscle-tendon units of the knee that are not as good in storing and releasing energy as those of the ankle. Therefore, reliance on the muscles of the knee for propulsion is significantly more energy taxing. What Sanno’s study suggests is that if a runner can reduce the work redistribution away from the knee and back to the ankle as he/she fatigues, that runner can theoretically reduce the onset of fatigue by reducing energy expenditure." All my PRs have been set wearing Ghosts (with the exception of the 1 mile - T7 Racer), so I am new to this but I'm not worried about the amount of cushioning in the Alphafly. If you do try them on, don't be surprised if they feel uncomfortable standing still in them.
  7. I tried out the Alphaflys for the first time this morning for my 600s. I didn't like how they felt during my warmup and they were very loud. When it was interval time I was sold within a few strides, I've put in a lot of work over the past 11 days so I had tired legs going into this, but I was able to get through this fairly comfortably and I am sure the shoes helped. For the cool down miles and put my Ghosts on and it felt like I was running almost barefoot being so much closer to the ground. I get to try these things for real on Sunday for the Broad Street Run, unfortunately the suck index will be around 120. It will be a challenge to get in the miles the next two weeks with Broad Street this week and Bourbon Chase next week.
  8. Congrats @Steel Curtain what a great way to run a marathon, huge negative split.
  9. And he has been been picking up the pace.
  10. What is your nutrition plan for tomorrow? I was reading your Monumental Marathon race report and saw that you ate 2 bananas during the race. Are you going to do something similar?
  11. Try not to worry about this one too much, I am guessing you were dehydrated. Congrats on making it to the taper, and focus on getting healthy. Take today as a reminder to hydrate early on race day.
  12. I'll be there and my sister (who is running and invited herself, hopefully that isn't an issue). Count us both for dinner, I think you meant Friday night. My flight back isn't until Sunday morning so I'm hoping a bunch of us will be around for beers on Saturday. According to the FBG race calendar we should have a good size group.
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