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  1. Good luck too everyone racing tomorrow @Juxtatarotand @bushdocda.
  2. I had a unplanned day off yesterday as a result of a tornado that went through my town caused by IDA. My street is in bad shape, but my house is one of the lucky ones. The house down the street from me lost it's roof and many homes had trees fall on houses. Most of my neighborhood was built in the early 70s and there are a lot of large mature trees around the homes. Wednesday morning I got up knowing that I had to run 15 miles, so attempted to that with light rain. I was running in shorts that lost its string and usually they are tight enough but with them getting wet and heavy I had to keep holding them up. That got annoying enough that I quit after 12 with the idea that I'd run 3 at lunch. During the lunch run I decided to make the 3 miles 5, since I could shorten the next days recovery from 8 to 6. All good intentions here, but I was a bit tired after the lunch run. At 5:34 we get a tornado warning the kids and I head down to the basement. The wife is at work scheduled to be done by 7:00. About 10-15 minutes later the power goes out, my middle kid volunteers to get flashlights and candles. I hear the rain coming down and look towards the sump pump pit, it is starting to fill up. I don't have a battery backup or a generator, this will be rectified in the future. We have access to our sump pit, but you can't dip a large bucket into it. Our system was one child would dip this smaller container into the pit and fill up 5 gallon paint buckets half way. I was responsible for taking a bucket up the stairs and then dumping it outside down the driveway, by the time I got back there was another bucket ready for me. I am doing this continuously for an hour and I see each time I go out the road conditions are deteriorating, not from any evidence of a tornado just pure volume of water. The road is a river and no one should be on the roads. At this time my wife was trying to get a hold of me, but could only get a hold of daughter, I didn't have time to talk but I made it clear that my wife shouldn't attempt to drive home. Around 7:30 I get word that my wife is trying to drive home, WTF. I'm 2 hours into continuously running buckets of water up the steps and we learn the flash flood warning is in effect until 11:30. This was a dark time, didn't know if the wife was going to be safe and I didn't know if I could keep up this pace for another 4 hours. I think I each interval was about 2 minutes, it was a lot of water. Around 9:30 I see my wife pull in the driveway, she was super fortunate to make it home. This is first I learn about the trees coming down in the area. Now my wife started helping my oldest and I carrying buckets. Around this time I put on a glove as my hand is pretty beat up, and I am regretting my choice of footwear, flip flops. I am getting blisters on the top of feet from the flip flop straps. Around 11:30 I see that the team is struggling, 2 kids take a beak and fall asleep. Wife is having a tough time getting up and down the steps. I'm having trouble bumping into things and catching my flip flops on the steps. At midnight wife makes the decision that the kids have had enough, I tell her I will keep going on. We agreed that she can start bringing the stuff she doesn't want to get wet upstairs, unfortunately we have more stuff than usual in the basement due to the kitchen remodel. Around 12:30, since it was no longer raining we decide to see what I happens if we stop emptying the pit for 15 minutes. At 1:00 I saw that while the pit was filled to brim it wasn't overflowing. I decide to rest of the couch a bit. 5:26 AM I wake to find about an inch of water in the basement, texted a friend to bring over generator. He couldn't get his to start, another friend came over at 7:45 with his generator. By 9 AM my situation was under control. Yesterday morning while I didn't have power or good cell data, I began to learn how lucky we were. The roof to the high school pool (I run by this most mornings) was taken off by a tornado and this video is from right around the corner from house and this is some drone video from the area. The governor is coming to town to tour the damage. I don't expect to have power anytime soon. This morning I drove by my normal running routes and quickly realized I'd have to run somewhere different. The schedule had 18 with 12 at MP. A mile in I knew that wasn't going to be possible, and just ran an easy 6. I am still worn out from Wednesday.
  3. That’s a shame but understandable. My wife isn’t too happy with me signing up for Indy. In 10 days we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and since we are getting our kitchen redone I nixed the idea of flying anywhere, she wanted Hawaii and she’s getting a weekend in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Speaking of the kitchen we are entering the 3rd straight week of one more week to go, I shouldn’t complain since they are doing a good job but it has been tough on the kids who have been hiding in their rooms more than usual. I got through my first 80 mile week in 4 years with a 6 mile tempo on Friday and a 22 miler today. With the weather being rough I did the tempo on a treadmill, hopefully that will be my last workout indoors for a while. It wasn’t bad but I don’t recover quickly from those kinds of efforts so the 22 miler was a slow grind. This coming week’s big run is 18 with 12 at MP, which will be pushed up to Friday since my fantasy football draft is on Saturday. Weather forecast is looking good so hopefully MP will start to feel easier.
  4. Does this mean that you have Indy on the schedule or are you still waiting on weather?
  5. @SteelCurtain I agree with this. Normally I tend to lean conservative on marathon predictions but with good weather you're faster than 3:07.
  6. Thanks, two weeks ahead of Broad Street there is a tuneup race on the schedule. I don’t think I’ll find a race but I will wear the Alpha’s and attempt 6 under 6:00.
  7. Week 7 Didn’t follow the schedule this week with a 5K on Saturday. I attempted to front load the mileage to early in the week but that was a challenge coming off of a 20 miler last Sunday. I ended up running doubles Monday-Wednesday, and running them all slower than normal. I am sure the weather was a factor but I my legs were also tired. On the 5k I was considering trying out my AlphaFly’s for the first time but after previewing the course I decided against it. The course had too many tight turns and 0.5 mile rocky path in which didn’t seem like a good fit for the expensive shoes so I just wore my trainers (Ghosts). The race was put on by the group that typically runs the quarter marathon in July with pie awards. The quarter was cancelled and they had this race because of Covid. A runner that runs similar paces to me introduced himself and asked what time I expected to run and I said around 18:00. I ended up running a 17:44 for 4th overall and 1st master’s runner which got me an apple pie. The course measured 0.03 short according to Garmin and 0.04 per Strava. The course is new and not certified, but I was told they did wheel measure it. Even if the course is short it was a decent result considering 14 weeks ago I ran a 5K 5:51 pace on a much faster course and better weather conditions. Yesterday per GPS I was at 5:46. I was able to beat the runner who I met before the race by 45 seconds. I ended up with 70 for the week, next week will a 6 mile tempo and a 22 miler.
  8. I did as well, I am considering using them for the marathon as they may be good to carry some gels. Speaking of gels what are people using now? I have used Clif and Honey Stingers in the past. I think I saw they will have the Clif gels on the course so it may sense to stick with that.
  9. Week 5 was a challenging but successful week that had a 4 mile tempo run and 18 with 10 at marathon pace while on vacation. The conditions all week were better than back home and the tempo run went well and all my other runs were super efficient. Unfortunately for my marathon paced run the humidity came back, I was able to finish the MP miles but it was a grind and I was really dehydrated with 4 more cool down miles to go. I made 3 water fountain stops in those last 4 miles, and for most of day had a decent headache, this sometimes happens after rough half marathons. My reward was a recovery double that was fine today to end up with 78 for the week. Next week is a recovery week and I think my last planned week under 70 until the taper.
  10. I like your chances as long as you have decent weather on race day. After the half will set you marathon goal? At least you were attempting something productive, I learned the knee pain I often get when I visit the shore is from sitting in my beach chair. I guess I’ll have to get a chair that isn’t so low.
  11. @ChiefD I don’t know a lot of things, but I’m fairly certain that at times you’re way too hard on yourself. You weren’t alone with the idle hands thing and there are far worse things that you could do than having a couple beers a day with the wife. I am sorry to hear about the pain you’re experiencing in your neck and the general fatigue, hopefully you’ll get that figured out soon. Remember the things you know about yourself: If you desire to drink less, I’m confident that you will. It’s tough to be motivated to run when there aren’t any races on the calendar. I’m hoping you sign up for the Monumental Half, I’d love to meet you in person.
  12. Like everything it depends, there are different paths to getting better and they generally include more work and time. My immediate concern with your wife is the idea of racing two marathons in just over three months. I would have a tough time with that, after my first two marathons I needed a break. That being said 40-45 mpw is a little light, and I needed more than that for my first BQ.
  13. Same here, had family in town and had more beers than hours slept. Got up for my 16 mile long run and wasn’t feeling it so took it easy for the first 12 miles, woke up my sister, ran with her for her planned 4. Got in my planned 70 for the week, next week’s schedule doesn’t have any planned workouts. I guess the focus of the week will be the 20 miler.
  14. @gianmarco congrats on such a gutsy race, you completely exceeded what I thought you were capable today. I’ll be honest I was worried about you heading into this one. Monster performance and a great race report. Enjoy the post race activities you bmf.
  15. On my end I got some good news on Wednesday when I learned that the Broad Street Run will be held October 10th, I was concerned that it would be the same weekend as the Bourbon Chase. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to race this course during non-allergy season. I will be aggressive in this one. Wednesday was tough though because of work, I needed to make a day trip up to Long Island which meant 5+ hours in the car and being home after 9:30 the night before my planned 17 with 8@MP. I got out the door at 4:50 AM the next day for the MP run and it went well, just ran out of time and got in just over 15 miles instead of the planned 17. The rest of the week went as planned. I set a sleeping PR last night, felt sleepy at 6PM, went to bed at 6:10, slept until 5:00AM. It was glorious. The next test is 5 miles @ tempo tomorrow.
  16. You’re running tempo runs near or at 5k pace, I wouldn’t call that disappointing. Your fitness is beyond there, my only concern for you is potential burnout or injury. I spent some time reading this thread from 2015 yesterday, one thing I realized that even our best cycles have bumps in the road.
  17. I don’t know, other than the injuries, it sounds like everything else is great. You obviously aren’t going to go for a PR Saturday, so I’d try to take advantage of situation. I’d fun run the marathon and enjoy all the things this week (guilt free, you are battling injuries) that you wouldn’t be able to if you were going for a PR. Get healthy for the races you have planned in the fall.
  18. I am curious as to why, my situation now is a little different in that I will be relying on a couple pensions for a big chunk of my retirement, but for someone your age this article that @Sand shared a while back makes a lot of sense to me.
  19. I have done Pfitz and Hansons in the past, only drank Jack never followed the plan. This will be my 3rd time attempting the Pfitz 85 plan, 2015 went well, 2017 I started out too far out of shape and only followed the last 12 weeks of the plan. I followed Pfitz 70 in 2013 and Boston 2015. As to why I picked Pfitz for this cycle, I think I need to get back to basics with some balance in my workouts and build up my mileage. The past couple years I have been attempted to address my weakness, the half marathon distance, with the thought being improve myself at that distance and then start taking some chances at in the marathon. During those cycles I followed the Hansons Half plan, and they were hyper focused on half marathon pace and half marathon pace -10 sec runs. I think I fit more the profile of a speedster and need more time in between lactate threshold workouts than what the half plan allows. I respond very quickly VO2max work. The other reason I picked Pfitz is that it not only prepares me for the marathon but in the past it has also set me up for the next training cycle. After following Pfitz in fall of 2015 and 2017, I had really strong springs in 2016 and 2018. I think I could have be successful with the Hanson’s marathon plan, and I have to admit I enjoyed it as a change of pace in 2018. With Pfitz this cycle I am going to try to do a better job following the prescribed paces for the long runs.
  20. I’m following the Pfitz up to 85 mile schedule for this cycle, but this week I am going to call an audible and run my long Marathon paced run Thursday morning instead of the weekend based on my experience and feedback I received in here back on 2015. The plan as written has a 17 miles with 8 @MP, a recovery run day, and then a 10 miler with 5 at Tempo. I couldn’t do it back then, and I don’t think I recover fast enough now either.
  21. Your run yesterday made a lot sense to me, you're already really fit and fast, a long run focusing on pure endurance early on in the cycle should address the one possible weakness for marathon you might have right now. That was a very impressive run for week one in those conditions and of course with a very low HR.
  22. No kidding. Such a long report. Yeah friend Joe quit reading after paragraph 1 of part 1.
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