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  1. Sent as well, thanks for keeping this going good buddy!
  2. Biden out here saying the other side isn’t the enemy after he, the Democrats and the media called Trump the enemy and a traitor for 4 years. Bold strategy.
  3. Lol we tried to warn you about that the Lincoln Project and Rick Wilson were just a bunch of dusty old neocons butthurt about their candidates getting run over by the Trump train in the 2016 GOP Primary. They played you guys like a fiddle.
  4. The House was an absolute disaster for Democrats. Looks like they might even lose more than that. They were hoping to pickup 5-15 seats last night lol. That Jeffress guy from NY is alredy calling for new leadership. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thehill.com/homenews/house/524439-house-democrats-fall-way-short-in-disappointing-night%3famp
  5. Official statement for the 100k+ ballot drop at 4am in Michigan for ALL Biden votes is now a glitch? C’mon, man.
  6. I’ll go one step further and say the polling firms have been so corrupted in the Trump era by Democrats and the media that they are actually in place to suppress Republican/Trump votes. There really is no other explanation on how they could #### up this bad again.
  7. He needs to get to Detroit Stat as well, Democrats are ejecting Trump challengers from ballot canvassing. So dirty. https://twitter.com/mikeroman/status/1324065713053749252?s=21
  8. He said it out loud, of course I believe it. How can any reasonable person look at the Democrats during the last 4 years and not see they are fully capable of this?
  9. There is going to be massive investigations into this for months, so we will see. We had the Democrat AG of Pennsylvania declaring Trump would never win the other day like he knew where a honeypot of “Biden ballots” was stored just in case his happened. Regardless this system is completely broken. It’s 2020 not ####### 1920, all ballots should be able to be counted on Election Day.
  10. Lol you guys are really gonna come in here and crow? After parroting pollsters and the media for the last year? C’mon, man. And Democrats in Congress got smoked all over the country. Bustos might even lose in Illinois and she chairwoman of the DCC. Get out of here with this malarkey.
  11. And like magic in the middle of the night Biden takes the lead or closes the gap in all 3. I’m seeing Biden is close winning Kenosha County now in Whisky? There is no way in hell Biden could ever in a billion years win Kenosha county. There is cheating like you wouldn’t believe going on right now.
  12. Are you kidding me with this Biden clown show?
  13. Why in God’s name are they sending Biden out there?
  14. Right they are just going to count ballots until Biden wins. Al Franken on a national level.
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