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  1. Fields chalk this week in cash at $6500
  2. Was happy to hear there would be an Xmas party when we are there this year. Pricing was just released...
  3. Considering a trip in the fall. Looking for a good location on the strip, modern rooms, good size sports book/casino. Would Aria be the preferred MGM property?
  4. One of the Yankees (Torres) got it twice, with being vaccinated in between.
  5. Can set your watch to Raiders reaching on their 1st round picks
  6. Just booked an appointment for J&J next week. Was surprised I had the option to choose which vaccine to receive, since they just opened up my state to 16+. Went with the one and done for the convenience, but probably should have done a little research before making the decision.
  7. Mobile user only. Captcha box removal would be appreciated.
  8. Thanks to @Chadstroma for hooking me up with one of his contacts in my area. Simple process...all done electronically (except closing) with only needing to supply a few financial documents. He was able to beat the prior guy I refi’d with by .15%.
  9. Where’s the quick passes to account for the o-line injuries? Maybe all those teams passing on Bienemy weren’t crazy
  10. This is what I hope is still offered. The idea of not having to wrangle with several pieces of luggage was a great benefit. Especially when we arrive and we can head directly to a park rather than checking luggage at the hotel first.
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