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  1. Fields chalk this week in cash at $6500
  2. Was happy to hear there would be an Xmas party when we are there this year. Pricing was just released...
  3. Considering a trip in the fall. Looking for a good location on the strip, modern rooms, good size sports book/casino. Would Aria be the preferred MGM property?
  4. One of the Yankees (Torres) got it twice, with being vaccinated in between.
  5. Just booked an appointment for J&J next week. Was surprised I had the option to choose which vaccine to receive, since they just opened up my state to 16+. Went with the one and done for the convenience, but probably should have done a little research before making the decision.
  6. Mobile user only. Captcha box removal would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks to @Chadstroma for hooking me up with one of his contacts in my area. Simple process...all done electronically (except closing) with only needing to supply a few financial documents. He was able to beat the prior guy I refi’d with by .15%.
  8. Where’s the quick passes to account for the o-line injuries? Maybe all those teams passing on Bienemy weren’t crazy
  9. This is what I hope is still offered. The idea of not having to wrangle with several pieces of luggage was a great benefit. Especially when we arrive and we can head directly to a park rather than checking luggage at the hotel first.
  10. @Chadstroma Any opinion on Freedom Mortgage? Received a solicitation with my mortgage statement that they are partnering with my lender on a no lender fee/no appraisal refi. Refi’d a few years ago to a 30 at 3.6%.
  11. Par for the course with this org for the last 20+ years. Can’t even look forward to the higher pick in the draft because they will screw that up too
  12. I do an Iverson performance whenever someone says “practice”
  13. Can always count on the Chargers to shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to managing the clock
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