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  1. Sent Mixon, Woods, Landry for Tyreek and J. Williams (Det) 12 team PPR. Start 1RB, 1WR, 1TE, 2 Flex. bonus for length.
  2. When is the line projected to be healthy?
  3. Maybe he’s just in a timeshare even without an injury.
  4. Finally a big week for me but looks like it’s all common players. 207 points. 728th
  5. Just sent: Mattison and Higgins for Jonathan Taylor and Shenault few minutes ago. PPR to the Cook owner.
  6. He was awesome again today. Longest play in MSU history. 94 yard run.
  7. PPR: Short bench. sent: Miles Sanders, Damian Harris for: Joe Mixon, Kenyan Drake. plan to drop Drake.
  8. Sent the 0-4 team a few variations and he accepted this one. 12 team PPR, Start, 2RB, 2WR, TE, 2 Flex Sent: Nick Chubb, Curtis Samuel, Latavius Murray Rec: Dalvin Cook, Jerry Jeudy, Devin Singletary. Now need Cook and Jeudy to get healthy.
  9. Blew a big amount of FABB on him last week and was pumped. Hoping it gets better with Lance.
  10. I’ve been trying to turn James Robinson to Cooper the last two weeks. I think TNF helped the cause assuming Cooper doesn’t drop 25-40.
  11. More so the matchup. Last week he seemed on 7-58 for awhile. I wonder if that’s when it flared up.
  12. Was there a reason why the query isn’t available this year yet but in the past it’s been available right away? The fun is seeing how many of my popular and un-popular players remain each week.
  13. I don’t care the format as long as the player query and live scoring came back.
  14. Low snap counts for Chubb pollard looks good. thoughts?
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