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  1. Guess it’s ALWAYS available on Wednesday. That works. Wonder how pricing changes with one bye per conference.
  2. Is this contest not free anymore? I keep getting emails about a $35 playoff contest. @Joe Bryant
  3. I figured there was some back door NFL, Cuomo, Bills, Network deal not to put the Bills for a night game or even 4:40pm with the first game with a portion of fans to see how it goes. The only team to test to go to a football game. I get tested tomorrow. 🤞 The head doctor at the company they are using pretty much said 500-600 will test positive and of that 10% of those will likely be false positives with nothing you can do.
  4. Lamar, David Johnson, Swift, Adams, Hill, Waller, Butker, Chiefs. Got the W vs. Brady, Evans, Kelce. SNF miracle! Other league of misfits got the W as well. Mahomes, Wilson, Pollard, Gibson, Edmunds, ARob, Metcalf, Waller, Ravens.
  5. How many people felt they won a championship until Davante Adams just went nuts.
  6. Get to pick two in PPR. Gibson, Zeke, Pollard, Reagor, Goedert.
  7. Game script was never going to help him in this matchup. If he’s not getting the PPR dumps he’s useless today. Haven’t attempted one screen. Chase Daniel can’t get a first down. Even before Daniel two down offensive lineman. My fault for starting someone whose team is currently in golf mode.
  8. Chase Daniel gross. Missing two Oline. Sorry Swift owners.
  9. Saturday afternoon football. Kids playing with toys. Hopefully the Lions are able to not get blown out lol
  10. Right now I’m rolling with Swift and DJ over Fournette, Pollard, Dobbins. Likely will regret it. Hoping for a ton of Swift receptions.
  11. Seems pretty highly ranked today? Limited coaching staff. Peterson still taking carries and Johnson. Bucs solid run D. anyone starting Fournette over him? Benching him?
  12. I figured and Pollard still likely a decent play. I can’t see Zeke getting passing down work.
  13. What stinks is that it’s a 4:25 start on Sunday. Many of the options I’m contemplating over Pollard are Saturday games or 1pm Sunday. Zeke status likely unknown till 1.5 hours before kickoff?
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