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  1. Surprised as well. Tommy Sweeney just blends into the dozens of drought TE’s. Hopefully means Knox is ready to make those simple catches.
  2. Seeing everyone loaded up with Select NBA. Likely people that have deals with the distributors getting tons!
  3. Added a couple Josh Allen cards for the PC before the season. 9.5 SGC downtown and PSA9 Contenders Rookie Ticket.
  4. Only at Walmart. Seen the same blaster pictures at $19.95 elsewhere. Walmart going to Walmart.
  5. Loyalty isn’t great. You need to normally get to Winback. Good Luck.
  6. It was a process but once in full disconnect status: $54.01 off for 12 months $5.00 for auto pay Sunday Ticket Max, HBO/Showtime, $100 Visa Gift Card.
  7. Doorbell rings. “we are here to set up your service?” me: umm, I have service. I disconnected then got re connected hours later “oh you’ll get new equipment we’ll set it up” me: ok sure. At their truck on the phone for ten minutes, comes back oh your already connected and your five year old equipment is still good. Have a good day. idiots.
  8. Good to see this thread blowing up a bit. Forgot about it. ive added a bunch of big cards to my PC over the past year and been buying and selling off target to flip and level up some other cards. ive been sending in cards to SGC to get graded $30 and you have your cards back in 14-20 days.
  9. I haven’t found an alternative. Too many people watch too many different things in our house. The yearly 4-6 hour struggle with them sucks though I agree. it’s very painful. Luckily I do it on my lunch hour.
  10. I’m locked in. I’m not confident that this was done properly as I already had to call back to confirm something and other parts were messed up. Extra package $54.01 off 12 months $5.00 Auto Pay off 12 months $50 one time credit. (Got her up from $30 by having her check with supervisor via instant message twice, would only go up $10 each time, likely could get more) Sunday Ticket Max $100 Visa Gift Card. Puts me at $105 which was what I was paying the last 6 months last year (had a COVID additional credit the first half of last year) I removed one office tv $7/month box to get me down to $97.78 I was told you can download the app and watch on a smart TV. That was a lie. It’s whatever. I’ll just use ESPN plus or Peacock if I need to watch anything on it. Told me to redeem the giftcard in a week on DirectTV.com/redeem I’m not confident that anything I agreed to will be accurate. They did flat out tell me to just disconnect and get to winback. The loyalty department isn’t great. I received emails about disconnecting on 8/6 after I agreed to this. The yearly mess that takes up 3-5 hours.
  11. Might be 11:59pm if you didn’t set a time. I did mine for midnight tonight so we’ll see. I’m assuming their incompetence won’t get this right.
  12. Right there with you with misery. Called the Winback number you provided. They said since I was in pending disconnect they had some offers. she said the lady earlier put a $45 credit on my account that I accepted. (I never did). I said why would I accept a credit if I was canceling on 8/4 disconnect. She said good point but her hands were tied because an accepted offer was placed. I said no. Cancel me tonight and call me tomorrow. She also stated my disconnect was 8/6 so they didn’t even put in the correct date. she repeated herself many times telling me not to call back. Let her call back tomorrow and wait for her. Assuming she gets credit but she said it’s because she doesn’t want me to explain myself. What she was able to offer was keeping that $45 credit on there and offering $100 gift card, her manager paying my first months bill, movie channels but no Sunday ticket max and she’d have to try and get approval for it. So I would have been $107 a month essentially what I’ve been paying last 6 months (extra package, 3 TVs, Whole home DVR) I kept trying to hint at if disconnect get better offers than pending disconnect but she was by the book. until tomorrow. I’m awaiting the email tonight saying I canceled. They can’t even do that right. I might not wait for her to call at 12:30. Just want this crap done.
  13. Called back. Set up cancelation for 8/4. Lady was rude, said she’s notating my account that I think I’ll get more going the Winback route which I was told by a previous rep to try. said she offered me $45.00 off a month and I won’t accept because it’s $6.00 more a month (no auto debit) I explained last year I got $50 off 6 months for COVID and $46 off 12. She said they won’t have anything better for me going this route. my agreement was accepted 8/2/2020 so they fall off today. My cycle runs to 8/17. I hope I hear from Winback with some options because they called my bluff. what’s the Winback number you called or they called you?
  14. My credits wear off 8/2 at 11:59pm I’m paying $105 now. Last year I paid $54 for 6 months then $105 for the last 6 months. So about $80 a month. I was just offered $45.00 off. They couldn’t even add a credit of auto pay to put back on so my bill would be $111.00 with nothing else. I said I’ll try back in a few days otherwise I’ll cancel and go disconnect route. she said my statement drops 8/17 for the next month but I don’t want to wait a second statement. Those who have gone the disconnect route how soon after your credits did you disconnect and then what did you do
  15. Can someone DM me or reply with the number to call once you disconnect or share that email. To get to Winback.
  16. Did my yearly chat to gather info. My statements run 15th to the 15th. My credits were applied last August 2nd. I was told by Loyalty to call back on 8/3-8/4 and they might have ST max and heavy discounts. He did say they are starting to get those credits to apply. if they don’t then you’d go to disconnect route and try and get to the Winback department. Got a few weeks before I start playing the monthly game.
  17. Almost that yearly time. I think I’m sometime mid August. Anyone in July?
  18. 3rd and 5th in 2022 for 33rd overall this year. Selects Josh Palmer.
  19. 2.2 ended up being St. Brown OR Terrance Marshall they had back to back picks.
  20. 12 team PPR Antiono Gibson and 2022 1st (Projected 1.7-1.10) For Julio and Hollywood Brown
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