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  1. Thanks FBG buddy. That's what I needed. Now I need to clean some space out in the downstairs freezer so I can do this in bulk.
  2. OK, let's talk curing bacon. My grocery store carried a number of varieties of bacon that they made here locally themselves. The maple variety is seriously the best store bought bacon I have ever had. They stopped making that #### a few months ago. So now I want to try my hand at this. How does one infuse maple into the bacon?
  3. OK, OK, I have officially been talked out of this. Thanks, fellas.
  4. Yeah, I may or may not be talking myself into this when I shouldn't be.
  5. OK, so I've settled on the Samsung Q8 65" as my next TV in my family room. It was $1500 through Christmas and the again up to the Superbowl. Now it is sitting at $1700. So today, I get the Costco email and see this Samsung Q8 8K 65" for $2000. I didn't want to spend this much money, but is it worth it to get the next gen stuff for only $300 more than the Q8 4K? I know, I know, there is no real 8K source content yet, but I can wait. Every time I see an 8K in the store, the pic is sick! Talk me out of this
  6. I totally agree that it seems pathetic and they should get housed in court. They shouldn't have gotten the patent in the first place. But they have it. And they are a powerhouse in the industry so they will crush the small companies with legal fees to get them to cave and then, once they have all the licensing fees set up with them, they will go after bigger and bigger companies until they have the ability to go toe to toe with Weber.
  7. You want to see the real underbelly of the pellet grill industry and what Traeger does down in the muck? Read this (because when Traeger gets done mopping the floor with every pellet manufacturer, pretty much every other grill that has any sort of connectivity with an app is going to cost more as Traeger will be getting a cut of every one of those grills sold).
  8. Funny you should mention Landmann. I may be doing some digital marketing for them. If I do, I will get all the inside scoop. But it will be a few weeks before I know.
  9. I agree with @Ron Swanson on all this. If you really want to keep the ribs warm like that, I would wrap multiple labs together so they can insulate each other and then wrap that in a towel before putting in the cooler. That should give you an hour or two. And if they aren't quite warm enough, slap them back in the GMG at 400ish for 20 minutes.
  10. Let Ham know if he ever wants to talk about it, I'm free day or night.
  11. I drove an Escape for 7 years. And I bought it used with about 12k miles on it. I never had anything but tiny little issues until the very end. North of 140K miles a bunch of stuff went wrong at the same time and I traded it in. It was great for what I needed at the time. It was a dream to drive in the snow.
  12. An original Shelby Cobra. Well, first I need to start collecting cars before I go for that one. One day I will collect cars, but I doubt I will ever have an original Cobra. I've been looking at the Lego Minifigure market. That #### is insane. I haven't collected anything yet, but it has me wanting to go through all the legos my kids don't use and pull out what we have and then maybe going to pick up a few. All that being said, I don't really collect anything. I'd like to, but too damn busy
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