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  1. First time I found them, I reached out all pissed off about it. The brand called me personally (some VP) and sent me 4 bags of charcoal.
  2. This happens to all charcoal manufacturers. Shake the bag. That can usually give you and idea of what is in it. But every charcoal manufacturer has this issue. Just wait till you get a chunk of rock in your bag. The kilns they make this stuff in eventually succumb to all the heat and will eventually crumble and bits of the kiln will make it into the bag.
  3. Honestly the biggest thing to do is learn the vents. They determine the temp. Most of my kamados needed to be open about an inch down low and maybe a half up high to stick between 250-300. My Primo needs almost double the oxygen intake at the bottom. Do a test run. Light the grill up, put it at an inch open at the bottom and close the top vent by half and wait 20 minutes. Go check the temp gauge to see what that temp is. Does it need to be closed more? Does it need to be more open for your desired temps? Once you figure out how to get your desired temp, your kamado should hold that for hours a
  4. I only use one of these in my kamado. Sometimes I use the torch if I need to speed things up, but rarely. All I need is the diffuser/plate setter
  5. I'm with you. I very rarely read non fiction except for the occasional autobiography of which I think I have read all of maybe 4 in my life. The best was Drew Carey's just for the big dick jokes. But I also think there are so few people here that if you went that route, there would be very few comments. So if you split them you just need to get Joe to allow the yoga pants and who's hottest posts again. I very much wish you good luck in that.
  6. I get how Swan Song seems like a knock off of the Stand. I read them back to back, and he was obviously very much influenced by the Stand. Still thought both were phenomenal. Good Omens is positively brilliant. I'm not much of a comedy reader, but holy smokes that was absolutely amazing. On to Lucifer's Hammer.
  7. Potentially yes. But we are too self centered to care, I guess.
  8. The room I want to put it in is really bright and I plan on adding a window to it.
  9. Hey, I'm all for running rough shod all over the galaxy in my modified freighter and my 7 foot tall, hairy copilot.
  10. This is my point. These are no longer kooks saying they were penetrated in some alien test on their ship (Russell Casse from ID4), we're talking about legitimate government leaders and government agencies acknowledging this stuff. And the videos may be grainy, but they aren't from some dill hole's iPhone 4. These are taken from military planes and ships as well as commercial air lines. Maybe this is how we know we are truly doomed. All the main stream media on both sides of the aisle would rather publish gotcha crap rather than everyone run the headline "WE ARE NOT ALONE!" Nailing the o
  11. We might be a hearty species, but our technology is #### based on these videos.
  12. OK, so now that I have a very well lit room that I'm putting this TV in and have shifted away from the OLED back to the Samsung. is it worth paying the extra grand for the Neo stuff?
  13. Shut your hoor mouf. SWC can SWC for the rest of time.
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