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  1. What was the official cause of death?
  2. What was the official cause of death?
  3. No, it doesn't mean that. Trump was impeached while he was still president, not after he was out of office.
  4. Yes, the insurrectionists who stormed and occupied the Capitol in an attempted coup with the plan to assassinate Pelosi and hang Pence posed no real danger to our democracy - it was those Orwellian Twitter folks we really have to worry about. 😆
  5. The only ones who fell for anything are those who think that BLM tweet is real.
  6. I am guessing that anyone who tweets they intend to assassinate a sitting member of congress would have found themselves being aggressively pursued by law enforcement agencies before Jan 6. At the very least, there would have been a visit from the FBI or another federal agency.
  7. Antifa is not an actual organization. People may identify with it but can't belong to something that doesn't actually exist.
  8. You must not read many mysteries or police procedure novels.
  9. Sadly, it appears he does, but like you, I find nothing at all funny here or acceptable to joke about.
  10. Obviously you don't if you honestly are suggesting that the purpose of the zip ties was to hold doors open. Is that another one of your so called jokes? Ask most people here what zip ties are used for the number one answer would be for the restraint of people, to be put in a similar use as handcuffs.
  11. Didn't they disagree with Trump's position on wearing masks and social distancing or perhaps the seriousness of the virus?
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