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  1. I don't really care about daylight savings time vs. standard time, I just wish they would leave it alone. Pick a time and stick with it. Changing is stupid.
  2. My thinking as well.The main reason I didn't like Bulleit is its high Rye content.I await your input.I really enjoyed the Bulleit, and I plan on taking a bottle to the ranch for hunting season. Seem appropriate. However, it's still Buffalo Trace by a neck, Bulleit to place and Maker's Mark to show. I'll probably try another after Thanksgiving.
  3. I'm on bottle two. Buffalo Trace > Maker's Mark Next, I'll try Bulleit.
  4. Do you carry a Ray Ban Sidestreet 4057 Avana? My wife has those picked out for Christmas.
  5. There is a TON of talent in Buenos Aires. Dude, we know about your "drive down the coast"...umm, yeah.
  6. season ticket holder hereSlave to my Sunday Brunch here. Dude. It is what it is. Your Sunday brunch is needed, my man. You are doing for the greater good.
  7. Ready to share? It is Friday...He's had two years. I doubt we see anything.
  8. I hope they are not doing this to themselves...at home, with a butter knife...doc on the phone telling you where to start the incision.or another answer...They do this to themselves so that their wives will do dirty dirty dirty things later with no worries about children again.The dirty dirty things that I like my wife to do...well, there's really no need to worry about any children.
  9. Its goodSo the only difference is taste, which is completely subject to each individual? Seems kind of nondistinct for having it's own name.NY style is thin crust, sliced so big that you can fold it over on itself and eat it like a sandwich.Pizza Hut is like the McDonald's of pizza, pure crap.
  10. I'd take Star Pizza over almost any deep dish in Chicago.I've never been to Star. I guess I'll have to try it before passing judgement.I have been to Malnati's, Pequod's, the original Uno and Gino's East in Chicago. Those are all damn good. As far as NY, I've eaten at John's in Manhattan (44th in the old church), and Grimaldi's in Brooklyn Heights. Both are probably too touristy for the locals, but the pizza was very good.
  11. Not so simple. When in NY, it's NY style. When in Chicago, go Chicago style. What's the problem? They are both way better than anything I can get in the Houston area.
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