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  1. Please pick one...Thanks!
  2. I am riding him...only other option is to trust Miles Sanders can repeat what he did last week.
  3. As I ponder my decisions for whom will be my WR3 this week, Parker slides down the list for me with Tua at the Helm. I have both Deebo and Antonio Brown ahead of him in my line-up. If Fitz were QB, Parker would be in
  4. I am glad there is at least one other considering the same madness as I. Just seems like they are so misusing Sanders
  5. I have him in a 12 team league. Unfortunately the best waiver options are Rishard Higgins or Denzel Mims. So Devante stays with me.
  6. I would not give up Robinson for Rojo
  7. I like Moore as well. For me, Montgomery vs Gio is too tough a call.
  8. Cook and Sanders are out...so I have to pick two of the following: Montgomery Hasty Justin Jackson Thanks...I'll do my best to answer yours
  9. He was dropped outright in my re-draft league. It is a short bench league, but that seems downright silly.
  10. Singletary in over Freeman...though not with confidence
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