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  1. It's okay to be scared. All my best to you.
  2. I received my first shot, Moderna, on 3/5. Ended up driving all the way to Mizzou to get it because they had more vaccines than people that wanted them there. The MO gov has been sending the vaccine to rural areas that voted for him. Granted most of these places it has been pretty bad because they could "have their freedom taken away" and wear a mask. Some places have gotten more of the vaccine than they have citizens. STL & KC have been getting the screwed. I know dozens of people that have been traveling all over the state to get the extra vaccines. It's horribly unfair.
  3. How kind of you to ask. Yes, it has been much better. In terms of numbers AST 16 and ALT 31 and I only stopped drinking for two weeks before draw.
  4. Holding my breath Sold 2 miles from my house 😲... but not to me 😞 Ouch. Thank you again for doing this @Keerock I also secretly hope that you have your entire house wallpapered in lotto tickets.
  5. Not as many participants this year but my blood work was best ever. So I got that going for me. Probably because I didn't substitute booze for teh weed and gorge which has happened in years past. Of course I didn't get much done either like I usually do because of the arctic freeze. That was cool though, hung with Mrs. SLB watched Wandvision and stuff. Until next year.
  6. :bd: Personally hoping Musk puts an academy on Mars in the next couple of years.
  7. His dad is GM, apparently. He's got connections. Honestly, find myself thinking WTH when it comes to electronics these days, too.
  8. Fair enough GB. Should include that my proudest moment of being a dad to date is when I asked my boys if they would rather have Christmas presents or help feed the poor. The reaction was immediate, they would rather help feed the poor. Now, we got them both a little something but nowhere close to normal. Please keep in mind these are my genetic offspring and are major jackholes that make my life miserable more times than not but hey, score one for attrition.
  9. I read a story years ago about a neanderthal (maybe cromags?) tribe that went died out of existence because based on evidence they refused to removed their settlement to get food and water, despite it being just miles away. People are strange.
  10. I finished 2nd place in the FBG subscriber contest. Won 4 racks. Missed 1st place and 20 racks by .45 points. I admit I've thought "just one more reception" a couple of times but that's it. Seriously happy and shocked I did as well as I did. Look how dumb my lineup is compared to everyone else, sooooo lucky. Despite being a halfway through his junior year in HS Cal is getting letters from colleges daily. I feel like I'm about to turn 90. Dyl is losing his mind with restrictions in place. He'll be 14 in March and closing in on 6'3. Lack of sports is pissing him off and I don't b
  11. Good news is I've been working out religiously and scary close to having a 6 (4-12?) pack. Being constrained makes me all hyper and although I'm a stress eater, have been intermittently fasting instead. However it's going to be really difficult this year. I just hope there isn't bitter cold weather so I can wander around town aimlessly and kill 3-4 weeks.
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