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  1. 10.14.21 ‘This behavior just cannot go on’: St. Louis judge fines NFL owners for missing deadline This is like fining me an empty Bud Light can but nonetheless.
  2. I meant to respond to this at the time. There's good reason to be "spooked". I look grotesque but getting a little better each day. (FWIW, hard to believe but he's a senior in HS this year. Big kid, 6'1 245. Tried everything to get him on the football field. ) The biggest issue is that the radiation caused the incision in my neck to open up ever so slightly which then fills with ####. I didn't notice this until a few ago when I went to pick my youngest up from school who wasn't feeling well. The women in the office are always pleasant and sometimes flirty to the point of sexual harassment which of course I very much enjoy. When we got to the car I saw my reflection in the driver side window and there was #### all over the place. So gross. Then there's the multiple chins. I haven't been out in public since. As you know from the GMTAN Cal has had no shortage of obstacles in his life because of Autism. However thanks to so many wonderful case managers at school he has conquered many of them. He even went to Homecoming last weekend which is a BIG deal. It used to freak him out being anywhere a crowd was present and loud music would set him off in a very bad way. He has made 5-6 close friends that he hangs out with on a regular basis. Heck, a couple weekend ago he left Friday afternoon and we didn't see him again until Sunday afternoon. He doesn't drink or do drugs. Just a good kid. ETA ####=pu$$
  3. I assumed it would be an expansion team but yes, who the owner would be is a big part of that equation isn't it? This was filed a couple of days ago: NFL files emergency appeal to move Rams relocation lawsuit out of St. Louis Since the judge already ruled stated that he doesn't see an issue with an impartial jury I can't imagine this would sit well with him? Still love this so much from the last time they tried to get a change of venue.
  4. AAPL has gotten beaten down because of rumored supply chain issues. It was reported on CNBC this morning that UBS said those rumors are false. Adding more at these levels.
  5. Hey groovy traders, hope you're all killing it! Any sure things like CYDY I've missed? * *Yes, I know things don't look great now but I got out after the pop over $5.
  6. Thanks GB. Wish I could wear something like that when I leave the house. Not exactly comfortable with how I look right now and frankly it's gross too.
  7. NFL, Rams Could Face $1 Billion Settlement in St. Louis Relocation Lawsuit I've heard that the NFL it's a possibly the NFL would offer a team and a stadium which would be a heck of a lot cheap a 10 billion plus ruling but hope they don't take it. We really need that money to improve schools and hire more police. We've had a lot of good things going on in recent years but some areas of the city are a war zone. A trial would be must see TV but I don't see a scenario where the NFL shows their books, internal communications etc. Too many skeletons in that closet. Not to mention the long run where a trial could hinder them from holding up cities to pay for new stadiums.
  8. Thanks again for everything my friends. I just can't say enough how much strength you all give me. Here's a status update
  9. Love pineapple but have sores in my mouth so that's a no go. The Boost>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ensure helps with that and tastes pretty darn good! As long as I don't smell it first.
  10. Yes sir it has been. I've been dealing with it for so long now I don't even notice until I try to sleep. Thanks for your help and the texts.
  11. Wow man, I had no idea. Of course I'm happy to hear that things are moving in the right direction for you. Much love to you my brother!
  12. Oh yeah, my unique cat shirt streak continues.
  13. I've mentioned to many people the issues I've been having but nobody brought it up. I'll ask again. Thanks for the suggestion!
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