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  1. Oh yeah, my unique cat shirt streak continues.
  2. I've mentioned to many people the issues I've been having but nobody brought it up. I'll ask again. Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. I've turned down sex several times so, I don't do it.
  4. Good afternoon! I have had people asking what is going on with my life, so here you go! 😊 I finished my fourth week of radiation last Friday and as of right now scheduled for four more weeks. On the same day all of my facial hair fell out so there’s somebody I don’t recognize staring back at me in the mirror! I also have burns on my face and my multiple necks that looks really awesome. Our oldest son Calvin was shaken when he saw me. He said it looked like an alien took over my body because it looks like me but not really. Ha! 😊 My chemo was canceled last week because I’ve been suffering some side effects most notably a constant ringing in my ears and some loss of hearing in my left ear. I’m getting a hearing test tomorrow afternoon that they will compare to the baseline to see how or if it should be treated. I was scheduled to start a new chemo drug today, but I lost ten pounds since last Thursday and need to get my weight back up. At issue is literally everything tastes horrible and that includes ice cream, bacon, cheeseburgers, even water! It’s crazy because I have an appetite but at the very least everything tastes like metal. Anything with texture tastes like cardboard dipped in metal. I’ve been doing my best to drink and eat as much as possible but I’m obviously way behind. I bought some Ensure on my way home today and hopefully that can get me back to where I need to be. Thank you again for all of the love and support!
  5. Should have included that I've worn a different cat shirt every time and think I can finish without wearing the same shirt twice. Figure might as well give the techs a laugh. I thought you would all like to know that.
  6. Thanks so much. They gave me Magic Mouthwash to deal with the sores.
  7. Heck no GB! No worries at all! I am really sorry to hear that you are having to go through this with your family and friends. Hang in there.
  8. Not super rare as much as NEVER documented before. I mentioned a few pages back but I grew up and played in a creek full of nuclear waster. There's a documentary called Atomic Homefront out there. Our house backed right up to it. An incredible amount of friends of mine from the hood have had cancer in there 30's-40's. It's messed up, man. Glad to hear things worked out for your brother GB!
  9. Still hanging in there but drained and nauseous all the dang time. The meds they gave me help some but not much. The best treatment is some of Dr. Malaise's Miracle Mystery Bars! Give me an appetite, removes the nausea and helps me sleep. God, here I didn't think I could love our GB anymore! I had my 5th radiation treatment this week, this morning. Not to mention the chemo M-W. That was 14 separate appointments in all. Probably why I’m drained! 😊 My Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer in March 2020. She just turned 71 this week, not a smoker. Had half her lung removed right around that time. We found out Wednesday that my Mom’s cancer has now spread, and she needs to get in herself for more tests. That’s not exactly helping things either. Worried as can be about her and Dad. I was told that my beard hair will start to fall out next week (lousy, dirty, rotten 😊 ) and the pain from the radiation is probably going to intensify and it’s likely I’ll get sores in my mouth. I’ve also noticed I’m already starting to lose my hearing in my left ear. Of course Mrs. SLB says I’ve been hard of hearing for years! 😊 One week down, seven weeks to go! Thank you all again for everything! Still fighting with all my might!
  10. Nah, there's a lot of things I wouldn't mind being named after, this isn't one of them GB.
  11. I wasn't sure. Yes, I'm up bigly this year. This is a tiny blip.
  12. I asked if I got to name it but Siteman patholgy called dibs. One thing I didn't include is that the structure of this cancer should have it everywhere in my body if it were like other known cancers. It isn't though. It's isolated to my neck. That's damn lucky right there.
  13. Ah shoot GB. I don't want to do the math but pretty sure this old cat has a few lives left.
  14. I lost a late 30's family member to Covid in May 2020. Horrible, obviously. A couple of weeks ago her sister took her own life because she was so depressed about losing her. I was already devastated for their parents but now....man. Posting because I hope it can help someone. I wish I would have been able to help and avoid another tragedy.
  15. Great news indeed. STL might get so much money we can buy a better city, like Austin, TX and we can all move there.
  16. I found out my schedule on Saturday for the next few months. I’m going to start radiation treatment on 8.2 and will receive it 5 days a week for 8 weeks. I am also going to have a chemo session on 8.2 and will receive another every third week. The doctors confirmed this is a new cancer so the medicine may vary but this is the plan for now. There you have it! Pretty anti-climactic but that’s good! It has been an interesting, wild ride and Mr. Toad has got nothing on me!😊 From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for the love and support. As I stated in previous correspondence, I’m so lucky!
  17. Man, my sons stained/painted the deck Saturday. All of the debris from the fireworks my neighbors shot off ruined it. Gunpowder and burns all over. I'm glad I remembered to water the lawn at least. Mrs. SLB swept it up best she could but a lot of it smeared. There were all being shot of in the front of our house too. We don't have anyone behind us for a mile or so. Kind of sucks but hopefully the power washer will fix it up. I could ask my kids to do it again but there's a 99% chance they might murder me. We enjoyed the show though so hey, free fireworks!
  18. I'm like that with those Glade plug in things. We went a couple of months at one time where I was throwing them away and next thing I knew there was another one in a different part of the house. I thought it was strange that I wouldn't smell that one too but whatever. :swish: Turns out Mrs. SLB kept buying more not realizing I was throwing them away. We should really talk more.
  19. Why thank you! I heard about this place probably 10+ years ago and the website design confirms that. I bought some regular razors during the pandemic for the first time since and they suckkkkkkk compared to these. I would say they last at least 4 times as long and it's a great cut the entire time. Keep in mind I do my head every other day too. One of the stupid things that give me pleasure that I know most people shake their heads at. I appreciate the continued TPW. I really do. Hope you are well my brother.
  20. I should have left the"!" off after everything. Probably should have shown up to English class more often too.
  21. Thanks GBFloppy! It has been a wild journey.
  22. Update copied and pasted that I just sent to a list of people that need to know. Please know that "all of you", is indeed, all of you too. I just can't say enough how lucky I am to have found this place and all of you. Thank you again. SLB We had an appointment with the surgeon, Dr. Jackson, on Wednesday to make sure things are healing correctly. They are, so that’s good news! However, there was the same metastatic cancer in 3/16 nodes he removed. There are hundreds of nodes in our neck so that will need to be addressed. He estimates that there’s another 2-4 weeks until there is further treatment as I need to be 100%. My team still isn’t sure what that will entail as the type of cancer is still a mystery. There are many more appointments lined up in the coming weeks, so I’ll have a clearer picture then. For now, I’m told to keep taking my pain meds, resting and take things easy. Dr. J even offered that it won’t be long until I can do “some 12 ounce curls”. This guy has done his homework! Lol 😊 My loving RN and wife of almost 26 years now, has been taking good care of me when she isn’t attending to others. In her absence our two wonderful teenage sons have been cooking, cleaning, and doing everything that needs to be done. Then there’s the pup who doesn’t let me out of his sight and now sleeps right next to me in bed which was previously an honor reserved only for his adopted mother. Just as important as my wife and kids are all of you. I thought I understood love. That people cared for me. The outpouring of emotion and support quite literally brings tears of joy to my eyes. My gosh am I lucky. Love you all and thank you again for everything! Have a fun and safe Independence Day weekend!
  23. Don't know if I posted lately but by youngest son turned 14 in March and is quickly approaching a legit 6'4. That's how it looks when I stand next to him. I didn't know you looked awesome. Sweet action. We need to party at some point I figure.
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