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  1. So I've toned it down a bunch lately. Even went like 10 days with no alcohol. However, today had an itch and downed a couple of drinks at lunch. Feeling it a bit right now. Work is fun again!
  2. First off, I love Bojack, so you are simply spurring me on with that. But seriously, I'm not doing it to "increase productivity", but regain some normalcy. Self-medication's primary purpose is to keep people from running out of the room screaming and set themselves on fire. I know this is not a long-term solution, but I'm just doing it to get by for now. I plan to get in front of a real doc soon.
  3. You and me both. Don't forget about Elton John, Iggy Pop and Kareem. ETA: And Stallone!!! Don't think I could take him.
  4. Well I'm at the office 100% of the time and have never been close to slurring/stumbling. I get to a light buzz and coast for a few hours with that.....I do see the danger of going beyond that point though, and it is too easy to do. I realize I am in a precarious position.
  5. Fireball in coffee, chew some cinnamon gum and don't breathe on anyone. Been working for months now
  6. Thanks. If you don't mind me asking, what are the side effects (if any) you've noticed?
  7. Are they just a take it as you need it thing? I think part of what turned me off to prescription meds is the one time I got on one for anxiety, I had to take it every day. It had side effects and I weaned myself off of it once life settled down. I don't want to have to go down that path again.
  8. So, I'm still doing this on occasion. Honestly I now realize it is a self-medicating thing. When I get stressed, I put Fireball in my coffee, or mix a Truly/Mike's with a Powerade fountain drink or something like that. Have been doing it off and on throughout the year as things ebb and flow. It calms my nerves and unlocks me from getting so stressed out that I'm not functioning. I'm sure there is some kind of med that can do the same thing, but booze is not that expensive and doesn't require a doctor's visit and prescription. I am considering trying pot as I live in Missouri. Medical MJ is supposed to happen by next year. For some reason I'm more open to that than the classical psych drugs. I know drinking at work is a dangerous proposition (my office is pretty laid back about it and it is fairly common here after 4:00). But for now, it is doing the trick. Anyway, was thinking about all this today and remembered starting this thread.
  9. So I've started throwing a little Fireball into my morning coffee. Sometimes throw a little into an afternoon coke or sneak in a lunchtime beer. Makes the day go by faster and I don't know that my productivity is negatively impacted. In fact, I'd argue that I'm a little more relaxed and more productive during the day. Anyone else a borderline alcoholic participate in experimental drinking as well?
  10. Walked in on my parents around 10-11 yrs old. Parents had a water bed and I was curious what that popping noise was. I was aware enough at that age to know what was going on. Opened door and shut it in a fraction of a second.
  11. Maybe. Probably most of them at work. My social circle is pretty clean cut, but you never really know. How does one go about asking? Should I wait until a happy hour and bring it up? I'm not all that "cool" so advice is appreciated. TIA, will answer yours.
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