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  1. So I'm a big dummy still holding $CCIV at about 14.5% profit. Unsure on whether to sell at this point. I know I missed the top... Oy @TripItUp ?
  2. Down 6.24% today. Feel like I got off easy.
  3. Holding my own today. So far. Thanks to DKNG, CCIV, SFTW
  4. I watched the Rush McNabb comment as it happened. None of the panel voiced any contrary opinion about it at the time. Until the next day. I remember Tom Jackson in particular being outraged by the racial insensitivity of Rush's take. Just took him 24 hours to get there. Lol.
  5. Mark Steyn is the English guy who used to fill in for Rush.
  6. Personally, I wouldn't pay for any subscription. Plenty of info out there for free.
  7. That fits into the 'literal' definition. Perfectly.
  8. https://www.google.com/finance/quote/FORT:CVE
  9. Not unexpected for me. At all. It pretty much always goes that way in times like this.
  10. That thread was a disgrace made by the usual suspects, for sure.
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