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  1. Just some of the footage. Incredible is the right word for it.
  2. LOL Forgot about the other George (whaaa?) I was thinking George Kennedy.
  3. Love it when people double down on defending outdated material. Really shows their true colors.
  4. Started and finished Queen's Gambit in the last two days. One of the best things I've watched in quite a while. They did have a few timeline errors along the way, but the script and acting more than made up for it. And I don't even like chess.
  5. Upper Peninsula, MI and northern Minnesota are good vantage points from what I recall.
  6. My bond funds are down about the same as stock holdings today. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. 👀
  7. The CEO's decision will be interesting. Can't imagine a company sending any employee into the mess that Colombia is right now.
  8. Fidelity and Schwab are free for me. Fidelity is the most user-friendly for me. Schwab is pretty clunky.
  9. I used Fidelity. I'll bet Schwab will work too.
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