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  1. I know exactly that station you are talking about. That’s unreal.
  2. It’s rough here right now. Nirad if you need me to check on either let me know. I am nearby. Doug, We are in the same boat with gas. Food seems to be plentiful here also. I have 4 - 5 gallon containers and have to go every other day to fill up. Yesterday took me 45 minutes and the lines are getting worse as people go through their initial supply.
  3. I could use a whole home generator 😗
  4. The transformer??? That feeds all of Orleans parish fell into the river apparently.
  5. We have a mess down here currently. I have been without power since Sunday night at 11. We also lost cell service. Cell service can back at 5-6pm Monday for my area. Where are my LA folks at? Anyone need assistance?
  6. Lol. That’s where I celebrated my 18th in 1996.
  7. Two different burgers, but Judice is my favorite. They are small griddle style burgers, and yes no fries. I order two burgers and a bag of chips. Don’t expect a fancy place, and it’s small. If you are on I-10 driving through Louisiana it’s a good fast place to stop. Port of Call also is a delicious burger. Baton Rouge has a newer place called Curbside which is a really good burger joint.
  8. Globe Life was amazing. We sat in section 3. Great view.
  9. One thing to note is Globe Life Field is amazing.
  10. 44. I hear you. Had a great time at the Rangers game tonight and didn’t think about work one time.
  11. I try and just delete the emails I can delete when everyone goes to sleep etc. I repeat try….
  12. 100% agree with y’all. I have only been able to truly unplug a few times in the past.
  13. Sitting poolside on vacation at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, TX. The heat index is 104. It is a beautiful day but the emails will not stop so here I am sitting in a longe chair sweating my butt off instead of in the lazy river with my family. Does anyone ever truly relax on vacation? I average about 120 emails a day. If I let it ride for a week that is a whole lot to come back too. I don’t really have a backup. I have staff I can delegate things too however there are things only I can handle. I mentioned this to my boss and he said he brings his laptop on vacation also so…
  14. I took a new job at the end of last year. My Boss is about the nicest most sincere person I have ever met, but is the biggest micro manager I have ever met also. The micro managing is really draining.
  15. https://www.mccormick.com/director-of-taco-relations
  16. So I know everyone is curious on my food adventure so far. Arrived in Orlando Sat night: Dinner:Cracker Barrel. Sunday: SeaWorld All Day Dining pass. The BBQ at Voyager was decent for amusement park fare, but would stink outside the gates. Monday: Breakfast was a pop tart. Lunch and Dinner no clue. I plan on hitting the two restaurants Osaurus recommended for dinner this week.
  17. Also really bummed Ohana is still closed.
  18. I will be in Orlando this week. I will not be at Disney except for staying at the Dolphin for National Beta Convention. Will be going to Seaworld for 1 day and Universal for 2 days. Looking for some restaurant recommendations for a family with two boys 7&9. Thoughts.
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