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  1. looks like someone was watching on thanksgiving night
  2. Why didn’t josh mcdaniels take the colts job!?
  3. EAGLES should run that Miami 4th down goal line play
  4. GOod point, that is he entirety of what he has done
  5. Guess I’m just not sure that he’s really a different player. He always had the talent and he looks basically the same to me. Now has a qb that is willing to give him the chances
  6. True, could be gb tomorrow nights game will be huge in determining that
  7. Get it to Chark! this bucs team is a wild ride this season
  8. I would say he was decidedly average by the time that file’s was healthy
  9. What are your thoughts on the overall build and things that have happened this year that will help them going forward?
  10. The standard is to now be more liberal in overturning these except if Sean Payton would benefit
  11. If they don’t send him to IR, I would say that is absolutely further proof of them tanking.
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