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  1. Sorry if I seemed to derail this thread. However the successs Wash had last year on Offense could be quite different than this year. (I am not a big fan of moving moses ) Will they succeed in having an appreciable jump on offense? That will feed into the reults that Gibson has. Defending them last year had to be much easier, just double McLaurin, Thomas, and watch whoever was at RB in the passing game with a decent cover linebacker and you had them closed down as none of their qb's had either had the mobility, or the weapons to threaten a defense at most of the offensive skill positions. This is why i brought up about their overall improvement on offense which should produce more wins. Could i be wrong absolutely. The QB and the Oline have to produce, they can't afford a lot of injuries and that happens sometimes like 49ers last year. My main question about Gibson is can he take the pounding? He is a lot like Ettiene in that regard, plenty of athleticism but not sure of the durability. The fact they didn't draft another RB is a sign of hope, although i like Patterson as UFA.
  2. That may not be true depending if he gets more recieving work. If he does and they are behind more then he benefits. If they are ahead more he might get more carries but not sure if he can take a whole load by himself for carries. Depens on how the offense works with new pieces. We don't know that yet...
  3. I think for WFT to trade for Watson he would have to be basically cleared at least by Law Enforcement and the league unless they do it for stupid value like a 3rd. Watson last year had nothing like a Davante Adams at WR and had no real running threat at RB. He is also much younger than Rodgers. Personally if I am the Packers I would move him for a huge deal. If i don't get that then enjoy retirement....
  4. One thing about 2020 though. their schedule was probably worse last year. They faced NFC West and AFC Central which between the two produced 5 playoff teams so not like they had a cake walk schedule outside of the division. For me the Fitz signing is not win now. It was the most effective thing they could have done with the money spent. They were so bad last year at qb they had to add someone. They were rumored to be talking to Det for Stafford but didn't get him. A win now move would be the big trade for a Watson or Rodgers type. And i am not so sure Rodgers fits this team unless he chills out. He helped run out the last coach and now wants to get rid of the GM. He is a HOF level player but he is acting like a 4 year old pouting about not being able to pick players he wants. Most players don't get to do that either.
  5. I certainly could be wrong. I see some changes in the NFC though. I don't see NO, GB or Seattle being as good as they were last year. NO and GB due to the QB position(assuming rodgers being gone which i think he forces) and i think Seattle Def is finally get older. I think SF and Minn will be much improved. I think they are going to have the 7 playoff poistions again so that means that you could say have LAR, SF,TB,one of Minn/Chicago winning the NFCC,one of Dallas/WFT winning the NFCE. That leaves 2 playoff spots open. In any case it looks to be a fairly competitive season in the NFC so well see what happens.
  6. No chance of me betting ever. I don't bet any pro sports games or any other thing than say a lotto ticket or slot machines. If you look at the seasons end last year look at TB and KC. No one exposed the KC OL all season and TB did. It's arguable that any of the TB opponents in the playoff played TB better than KC did. Wash was 4th overall in scoring defense and looks to be at least somewhat better than last year as they added a well regarded corner and a LB that has the potential to cover a TE, something that they haven't had in probably a decade. I haven't been able to find the QB efficiency for PFF for the qb position for 2020 but from what i saw on TV they were just plain awful at qb last year. Your records prediction could be right but even you have it close.
  7. I think they are better than 4 and 2 in the divison. As for the rest of the list i see Bills, Chiefs and Bucs better then them. I have a feeling Seattle falls of this year, and who knows how saints and packers are at qb this year depending on holdouts and replacing veterans. If Rodgers goes to Denver then they become forminable. If you look at when they got hot last year it is when Smith was somewhat healthy. He was not really healthy after he broke his leg, the man had tons of guts but he made brady look like Tyreek Hill last year. Even then they were living off of one WR and one TE for their passing game. Fitz can be both bad and good some games but they were so bad last year in qb efficiency if he even turns in a top 15 year at qb then they could be forminable. But i do agree he is the key to their season. They go as far as he takes them, but at least this might be one season he is the set starter unless they make a big trade for a Vet like watson or rodgers both being unlikely All that being said i think the NFC will be the stronger confernce this year, so harder to win a wild card. I personally think they win the division but it could be close. I am not so sure on Dallas being great because of their defense. I think they were giving up like 35 ppg in the first few games of the year and Dak was still playing at that point, and i think they won only the miracle Atlanta finish? I could be wrong on their record at that point last year.. I don't see Dallas being any better on offense than they were last year early in the season as they haven't added anybody to it from what i can tell. Dallas has taken a lot of chances on their defensive picks the last decade or so with guys with behavior/Drug issues and don't always succeed with them staying on the field. Parsons is a great talent but i think that him falling even in Mock Drafts before the actual draft shows there is some risk. Honestly if i was them i would have gone corner even if it meant moving up or in the case of trade down i would have taken a DT. I didn't watch every game of theirs last year but i know that WFT ran all over them on Thanksgiving day game. One thing i do know Dallas can't afford to lose Smith at LT again every time they lose him they end up going into a big slide until he comes back. My main optomistic idea is that WFT got better on both sides of the ball, especially on Offense. I don't think that any team in the Divsion has as much room to say that. But hey that is what fan do sometimes look thru rose colored glasses, but i see a lot of the Carolina Panthers playoff teams in the WFT especially on Defense and their DL is stupidly young and very talented.
  8. I think they are 11-6 or 10-7 barring bad injuries. People underestimate just how bad their qb play was. I think that they were like 1 and 6 with Haskins at qb. . Dallas is a highly potent offense but it is only going to be as good as it was the first 5 or so games of last season. They were horrid on Defense for quite a bit of the season especially before Dak got hurt. They rightly went hard at Defense in the draft but opinions vary on how they did, we will see. The Giants are good on Defense and have potential on offense but i am not sure how good their qb is. The eagles i am not sure of what their plan is. They have lots of picks but have some holes to fill . WFT In the long Term if they find their long term qb they will be very dangerous. They have more caps space next year then all the other NFCE teams combined do. They have over 100 Million available in 2023 and also more than any other team in the Division.
  9. There are 2 sides of the coin. One they didn't have all that many injuries last year (first time in a while). That could change this year. The good side of the coin is they will likely get even better on defense. Some of the pieces they have added in FA and Draft are highly regarded. The other side of the ball is also improved. The Qb results were absolutely awful. Think about this when Smith (who was their best qb last year) was a FA before he retired he got no starting offers. Even Andy Dalton was named the starter after he was signed before the draft so you know the markest was shallow. Fitzpatrick will likely only be a plus for them compared to last year and they have more depth on the Oline and 2 new WR's. One of the NFL .com (Handzus?) say they are a bottom 8 team in the league. Which is BS. The Division will be tougher this year as last year all the NFCE teams had horrible qb play most of the season.
  10. I don't think he is a villan but he has said things at different times that were somewhat or wholly opposite. The School thing i have seen him say we should have kids in schools, especially after teachers are vaccinated. He should be standing up and saying despite all the guidance from CDC that is pretty much getting some of it's language from the AFT. The FOIA basically showed the CDC took some of the language directly from the AFT emails. Either it is safe for kids to go back to school or not. Fauci should be saying either it is safe or it isn't. Screw the politics or the special interest groups it is either safe or not and if it is safe the force the schools open. The worse thing it is the poorest kids who suffer the worst. Do you really think that any of these congress or executive branch officials don't have their kids in private schools right now? Do any presidents ever send their kids to public schools in DC? I can't remember one. Basically what i am saying he should be plainly speaking on the school issue. And Biden should listen to what he says and do it or fire him. Even if he reccomends keeping schools closed if Biden doesn't listen to him then why is he there? He should plainly speak and answer questions and just say the absolute truth as he knows it despite having Biden/Dems or Trump/Reps breathing down his neck. This thing about Govt employees not saying what is the absolute truth is dangerous. Look at the bounties on soldiers in Afghanistan. While Trump was president that was reported as the holy writ. Biden becomes president and now it is low value/confidence intelligence. Tell the truth no matter what party is in power the alternatives are as dangerous as war or pandemics. And i never voted for Trump...
  11. i understand no offense taken. The problem is that there hasn't been any real investigation into how this started. There are some documents on US Govt websites that point to HHS for paying for Covid research to EcoHealth alliance. The company president admits hiring the lab in Wuhan in youtube videos. Whether it is the possibly dangerous gain of function testing or not is still up for debate. One thing i don't understand is how everyone feels he is always right. He has been in the same position for 3 different presidents. Certainly the US has more than one guy that can do the job. No human being is always right not matter how smart you are. And i have heard it from his mouth that we should be having kids back in schools. But we don't have that all over the country. Why? Is it because he is not right or is because of politics. He should stand up and say it one way or the other. He should have said back a year ago that hey we don't have enough masks so stay home and until the supply gets ramped up. Instead CDC said you didn't need a mask at first. This constant redefinition by Fauci/CDC/Biden/Trump of facts are BS. To me technically if i read how things are organized the CDC director in any adminstration should be the final voice for reccomendations on diseases like this in the Executive branch to the president. And no matter what Executive and Legslative branches should be having tons of people investigating how this got started to prevent the next time. What if covid had been Ebola instead? We could be talking 100 million deaths from something like that. I say that for the last 3 Presidents and the congress since SARS/MERS whichever came first.
  12. i mostly agree with you. I would think the avg Isreali would insist on not getting attacked either. But the Romans, Greeks, Persians, muslims, crusaders have run thru that area for going on 2 thousand years. Not sure the area has ever been left alone to decide for itself what can be accomplished.
  13. I think you are both right. You can still get covid after vaccination. The decreased viral load means that is much more unlikely to cause death. At some point we will know more about how effective the vaccines are and how the virus is transmitted. There is also the idea that a virus that kills about 1-2 percent of its victims before the vaccine is something to freak out all the time about.(and i am someone vulnerable to covid and wear a mask in public up to this day) To give you an idea all the people who have died in America from Covid i think i read somewhere equals the number of people who die from cancer each year and Covid is like 14 months now. But i am not sure keeping schools closed and churches closed is the right thing either....
  14. Intelligence is not always about your jobs. I have done IT for over 20 years. A buddy of mine used to be an auto mechanic i got him to be an IT guy. Doctors/IT guys/mechanics basically do the same thing, troubleshooting. Ever notice when an IT guy, or a mechanic, or a doctor do when you meet them? They ask a ton of questions. Each has gone through training in their field but the essentially do the same thing. A Doctor takes longer to get good at but the intelligence is not all that different. Do you want Fauci protecting you from a cyber attack? Do you want Fauci installing pistons in your car's engine? Do you want the auto mechanic to be doing your open heart surgery? People make mistakes that can cause pain or death, they may not be intentional or they could be just be lazy. Intelligence is how you use the skills you are born with and the ability to learn and retain not by what job you have.
  15. Something the Wade article brought up was location. The virus that can be found in the bats is caves in Southern China. Wuhan is over 1500KM from these caves. Another thing is time of the year. When it first appeared in Wuhan the bats would have been already in hibernation. Another thing that bothers me about Fauci is why no one asks him why it so unlikely that it could come from a lab? Why is ok for the EcoHealth Alliance to hire out the Wuhan Lab for testing (be it gain of function or not) and then support the idea that when WHO goes to investigate it brings along the Eco Health alliance president to be the only American with access to be on the team? This is like having Sean Hannity investigate the Trump election result...
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