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  1. I played one last year at summer Namm. They feel and play great. Fun to mess around with but personally I think they are probably best used by someone that needs amplified acoustic sounds for live performance with a full band. Not something I would use very often, so price is too much. Like you, if they were half that I'd be all over one. Most of my live acoustic stuff is quieter acoustic duo stuff so my regular acoustic with a K&K mini, works just fine.
  2. This, except make it a Telecaster. More stable bridge for a beginner plus Led Zep I.
  3. 1. The internet is great for learning but there is something to be said for some in person tips if you can get them. They can show you in a few minutes some things you might not realize with regards to hand positions to make things easier for you. 2. Make sure you are playing the notes (whether single notes or chords) as cleanly as possibly with no muting or muffled sounds. If you are having trouble with this SLOW DOWN until it is clean, then gradually build up speed. On chords, leave some notes out and just play two or three notes and strum those strings until you play them clearly before adding more notes/strings. 3. Have fun! It needs to be more like fun than work to keep you playing. Pick songs you really like to learn. There are tons of easy songs and you can find lessons for most tunes on youtube by searching for "coolsong lesson"
  4. I have the Mahogany version of this guitar (L-03) and it plays and sounds beautiful. I like them better than similarly priced Taylors.
  5. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/larrivee-l-03r-rosewood-standard-series-acoustic-guitar
  6. On our last trip to St Louis we ate at Salt and Smoke. It is legit.
  7. Isn't it a pity is one of the greatest songs of all time. Clapton was doing a killer version in concert a few years ago with Derek Trucks in his band play the slide parts. Such a powerful message.
  8. In addition to that Godin, I know Carvin/Keissel used to make one. Gibson had the Chet Atkins SST / Epiphone SST. There are a ton of current models available at Sweetwater: https://www.sweetwater.com/c987--Acoustic-electric_Classical__and__Nylon_String_Guitars
  9. Spend $15 on a laser thermometer gun from Amazon and figure out where the heat is coming from. https://www.amazon.com/Etekcity-Non-contact-Thermometer-Temperature-58℉-1022℉/dp/B00DMI632G/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1535658826&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=laser+thermometer+gun&psc=1
  10. Other interesting points from the GuitarWorld article: When George tracked his solo for "Something" he decided the next day that he didn't like what he had done and wanted to do another version. Problem was though that there was only one track left and it had to be used for the orchestral overdubs. George said he would just do it live and played it right along with the orchestra, nailing it. When it came down to who would do the guitar solo on "The End", they couldn't decide if George or John would do it. After some discussion they decided to have all three of them do it and worked out the order, rehearsed a little, then did it all in one take, live. When it was time to record it, Yoko started to follow John into the studio and he said "No love, not this time". Just the boys making great music.
  11. The latest issue of Guitar World has an article about the recording of Abbey Road and mentioned that in addition to the first use of an 8-track machine, it also marked a change in recording consoles. Gone were the tube-based boards they had used on the other records, and in there place was the latest solid state technology. This had a big effect on the sound of the album.
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