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  1. If I didn’t say it as well as this, this is what I was trying to say on page one.
  2. Yeah. I concede the close ones are really tough and it’s hard to fault an important without benefit of replay. But this one wasn’t close.
  3. Wow that was a horrible call. Sucks to end a good game this way.
  4. I may try that brushing teeth thing. Seriously. That or authorizing my wife to hit me every time I reach for junk food at night. Was great yesterday until 8:30 PM hit... . Took a low amount of prop 207, started watching Squid Game with my wife, became relaxed - then all of a sudden I had a bag of popcorn and a brownie. Did get back in the gym last night (hopefully that at least counterbalanced the nighttime nonsense). Going tonight after work as well. And, so far, my diet has been good all day (typical protein bar breakfast, keto chili with some sour cream for lunch and about a handful of healthier popcorn, wife is cooking a low-carb chicken dish for dinner).
  5. Looking back through this thread I should have used the crab opening.
  6. Do you support Pete Rose getting into the HOF?
  7. No, it's not. Ray Rice, Kareem Hunt, that crazy defensive player who went on to do MMA (Greg something?), etc. were discplined and likely lost millions of dollars.
  8. Uh, you want us to celebrate an achievement by two very rich white men that none of us will ever be able to do ourselves? That's akin to expecting a low income blue collar worker to embrace a reality TV star born with a silver spoon who lives in a home literally made in part with gold as a good representative for the worker's interests. That's absurd and would never happen. Oh, wait... Also, joking aside, I've had arms-length personal interactions/observations of Shatner as he rode in the same saddlebred events as my sister. He makes Woz FFA circa 2007 seems likeable and self-grounded. Him enjoying something I likely never will doesn't make me feel good at all.
  9. I'm not giving an opinion based on what I "think."
  10. This is nowhere near as rampant as you think it is.
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