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  1. Correct. I should have specified. It's by county here (my county has one). Also the state/government buildings generally have mandates/requirements.
  2. But given the last page of posts, apparently not.
  3. Well, yeah, obviously the masks didn't absolutely stop the spread. Similarly, seatbelts don't stop all injuries in accidents and good helmets don't stop all concussions. The question is whether they're mitigating those injuries enough (or in the Covid-19 case whether they are substantially curtailing/slowing the spread) that it is worth requiring their wear.
  4. I genuinely don't understand this sentiment and therefore don't see it as "common sense" or "gosh darn sense" by any means - and I'm generally a guy who disfavors governments requiring people to do certain things if others aren't impacted. In other words, I don't get why putting a mask on to otherwise go about your business is that big of a deal. Do you not believe that the mask does any good in stopping the spread? If that's not it, what is?
  5. I will need to consult with @SWC before doing so...
  6. Agree entirely with the bold. If anything we should be even more precautious in the next 30-60 as thousands get vaccinated each day. But, assuming we're both speaking about AZ, it's freaking AZ and that's way too much to expect. Hence my disappointment with Texas for doing what it did because I fear AZ following suit too quickly.
  7. I hope so. I live in a state (AZ) that's probably likely to follow suit. I really, really wish we'd hold off until next month or so as a significant amount of us will then be fully vaccinated by then. In other words, it seems like we're close but I wish we'd hold off just a bit longer to let the first few waves of the vaccinations crash safely.
  8. Yep basically (I thought there was a sligth difference?).
  9. I really like the Mayo and bbq combo for burgers (probably 2nd after Big Mac sauce). I usually add worchester (sp?) sauce as well so not opposed to a bit of the sweetness. I’m intrigued by the burger being discussed in here.
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