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  1. To finish out the round... 1.10 Devonta Smith 1.11 Jaylen Waddle 1.12 Mac Jones I pick 2.2 and am grabbing either Trey Sermon or Michael Carter.
  2. Currently drafting in a 12 team 2QB, non-ppr league. I just picked ninth and am thin at RB so went Williams (I'm stacked at WR). Here's the draft so far: 1.1 Lawrence 1.2 Harris 1.3 Lance 1.4 Fields 1.5 Chase 1.6 Wilson 1.7 Pitts (SOD IMO) 1.8 Etienne 1.9 Williams (I considered Mac Jones and considered trading back but wasn't getting much capital for this year - mainly guys looking to part with next year's first and some change and I have a good enough team to take a run this year - so decided to improve my RB depth).
  3. It's grossly inaccurate on a mere purely definitional level.
  4. The posts are inherently nonsensical. RINO because he doesn't like the recent and drastic shift? He's got fiscally conservative positions yet he's a socialist? Tim is like the few of us who were Republicans but have become embarassed at what the party has turned in to.
  5. Oh for sure. And the patriot party is doing this all over AZ. Total theater.
  6. He was also drafted by the winner of the FFA All-Time Sports Draft.
  7. This isn't just happening at the Vail school district in AZ.
  8. In my state you could go to prison. And in my experience the state doesn't mess around. These matters usually get referred to the AG's office and in my experience even a voter with a clean record will get nothing better in a plea offer than a felony conviction and probation. The state will want the felony to ensure the defendant cannot vote at least through his probation period and his civil rights will likely only be restored upon successful completion of that probation. For comparison's sake, the above referenced charge is treated more harshly than a DUI, smacking one's wife around, po
  9. Interesting. May have to hit up the dealership. They keep calling me to try to buy back the 2016 Lexus ES350 they cold me. I assumed there was a catch. Be open though to trading it in for something new if the payments can stay about what they are.
  10. 8.5 degree TaylorMade (TM) SIM (forget the shaf but I think it's a 7x) 14.5 degree TM SIM Titanium (Speeder Shaft 6x) 19 degree TM SIM Max 3 hybrid (Accra shaft) 23 degree TM SIM Max 4 SIM hybrid (Accra shaft) 5 iron - gap wedge (50*) TM P790s (KBS C-Taper 120 stiff) Wedges - 54 and 58 degree Titleist Jet Black Vokeys (KBS C-Taper 120 stiff) Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 (34" - stock shaft - Matador grip) Grips = Iomic Sticky 2.3s Ball = Titleist Pro V1 (post-2019) and/or Snell MTB-X
  11. 1. The Biden/Waters comments almost certainly don't warrant a mistrial or even a colorable claim on appeal. 2. The juror stuff - assuming arguendo that the article is accurate (I say this not to attach the DailyWire but out of caution as I routinely see articles on my own stuff with errant information despite the reporters' best good faith effort) - could be an issue. However (I'm not currently licensed in MN and therefore not entirely certain of this burden), usually if it's an issue with a juror a Defendant would still need to show the actual prejudice and that there would be a substan
  12. So do you set an alarm then or what? In other words, how do you limit yourself to the relatively brief, light-sleep described?
  13. Never been a big nap taker either (even as a small kid). Always feel groggy afterwards.
  14. I lived all over AZ. Don’t regret it. Based on your comments I’d suggest Prescott.
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