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  1. This is going to be very jurisdiction and case circumstance specific.
  2. I did a thorough study of law enforcement training in MN ~15 years ago. Things could have changed, but like 80% of the training was tactical.
  3. Just watched the video. I agree with @whoknew that it's just tragic. The officer did appear to be genuine in her surprise at her error. But what an awful mistake. I am uncertain as to how she could not tell the difference.
  4. Yeah if I had my druthers/choice I'd have done the J and J one shot. Super happy I got the Moderna but took time off of work twice for the shots and the one day symptoms wasn't fun.
  5. The focus of the most productive and set in stone weeks of the Trump presidency.
  6. Same. But was down for a day after the second shot and felt like I got punched by Tyson.
  7. I'll lay out my perfect day when I have more time (as I may have experienced it earlier in the 20s), but as I get older the bold is basically my life goal sans the dog part (would prefer to watch a Vikings or Mets win instead).
  8. Lil Dickey has already had his 15 minutes?
  9. Payments sent. @culdeus and @Getzlaf15 let me know if for some reason you didn't receive the quarters.
  10. As you write it the bold sounds pretty damaging to me. Did the testimony come off as pretty impactful? First two paragraphs both make sense and aren't surprising.
  11. Given how embarassingly divisive and childish Trump was and the enabling of such sentiments in the public/social sphere of life, yes I thought things would improve.
  12. I'm now boycotting you because you clearly have terrible judgment.
  13. This is where I'm currently at. Finished seasons 1 and 2 a few months back but got exhausted trying to follow it all. Then my wife and I started in on Handmaid's Tale. I was to finish it but I borderline need to set out like two hours to re-learn the storyline again.
  14. I was optimistic the presidential admin change would help with this. Probably too early to tell.
  15. Good. More open tee times for me then.
  16. Can you provide an example?
  17. Thank you for providing these updates - I appreciate that you provide them in a straightforward and objective manner.
  18. What I'm getting at is alleging that there are powerful faceless men and women pulling strings behind all this is as conspiratorially (is that a word?) silly as QAnon, Rothchilds, etc.
  19. Could be possible if it was some spread out FAQ. I don’t know. I guess my point is that, from my understanding, such is not a formal position a staff attorney would take in court.
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