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  1. If I didn’t say it as well as this, this is what I was trying to say on page one.
  2. Yeah. I concede the close ones are really tough and it’s hard to fault an important without benefit of replay. But this one wasn’t close.
  3. Wow that was a horrible call. Sucks to end a good game this way.
  4. I may try that brushing teeth thing. Seriously. That or authorizing my wife to hit me every time I reach for junk food at night. Was great yesterday until 8:30 PM hit... . Took a low amount of prop 207, started watching Squid Game with my wife, became relaxed - then all of a sudden I had a bag of popcorn and a brownie. Did get back in the gym last night (hopefully that at least counterbalanced the nighttime nonsense). Going tonight after work as well. And, so far, my diet has been good all day (typical protein bar breakfast, keto chili with some sour cream for lunch and about a handful of healthier popcorn, wife is cooking a low-carb chicken dish for dinner).
  5. Looking back through this thread I should have used the crab opening.
  6. Do you support Pete Rose getting into the HOF?
  7. No, it's not. Ray Rice, Kareem Hunt, that crazy defensive player who went on to do MMA (Greg something?), etc. were discplined and likely lost millions of dollars.
  8. Uh, you want us to celebrate an achievement by two very rich white men that none of us will ever be able to do ourselves? That's akin to expecting a low income blue collar worker to embrace a reality TV star born with a silver spoon who lives in a home literally made in part with gold as a good representative for the worker's interests. That's absurd and would never happen. Oh, wait... Also, joking aside, I've had arms-length personal interactions/observations of Shatner as he rode in the same saddlebred events as my sister. He makes Woz FFA circa 2007 seems likeable and self-grounded. Him enjoying something I likely never will doesn't make me feel good at all.
  9. I'm not giving an opinion based on what I "think."
  10. This is nowhere near as rampant as you think it is.
  11. Thinking about this, I'm also floored that you're floored by this. Where do you think the average person gets his news? It's probably social media. The days of reading the NYT with coffee and a muffin in the morning are over.
  12. If it makes you feel better, this is also my primary source for NFL news and new diet fads.
  13. I have no way of jumping inside Gruden's head, but I assumed he kept Nassib on the team because Nassib is good and can help Gruden win football games.
  14. I want to put the time into it so I'll give my overall take when I can. As to the bold though, I'm not sure what specifically that means. Generally, law enforcement doesn't just have unfettered access to a person's medical records. However, the cop may be suggesting, and the lawyer affirming, that in order to defend the case the defendant would need to produce medical records to show she validly possessed the items. Alternatively, they could be referring to general subpoena power. Finally, there could be some specific law in your jurisdiction on point that is unique to the issue that most wouldn't be aware of.
  15. Joe, I think we've had this conversation before. And, yes, the PSF is my primary source* for news and current events because I've found that the forum does a good job identifying current issues. Additionally, since we had a wide array for posters with different viewpoints we actually can see in the same thread about one topic the media reports from news outlets across the spectrum. I find this to be far more beneficial than if I just read Fox News or CNN or whatever singular source when I'm tired of working. *I think "primary source" may not be the best phrase and that "outlet" would be better. To clarify what I mean by this, I trust out posters to identify issues and events. However, I don't read the forum and the posts therein to be clear factual news. Instead, I'll read the linked articles, videos, etc. (which would be primary source material) and merely consider posters' input as their opinion and to help shape the issue. For example, I certainly do not take @knowledge dropper at his word that the Maricopa County election results were rigged, wrong, etc. However, his input does help identify the issue and provides me an example of a particular take on the issue. I find this to be more beneficial than if I just got my news from a singular news outlet. For example, when I engage in political discussion with my father-in-law (probably the only person IRL I talk politics about), I find myself far more armed with information, viewpoints, and facts than him because he gets his news from one source (Fox News). In those conversations I know what he's going to say, but he doesn't know what the other viewpoints or interpretation of the facts are like I do.
  16. It probably wouldn't and shouldn't - unless such a distasteful fact is clearly disseminated to the public and, more importantly, to the consumers of the business's product. Whcih obviously has happened here and the Raiders are acting rationally by cutting ties.* *Again, though, Gruden resigned so the Raiders really, from a technical splitting hairs perspective, haven't acted as if his comments mattered to them as his employer.
  17. Then why do you give him the proper name title of "Father Trump"?
  18. So, you agree you're just saying it now, Trump is basically a god to you?
  19. When I have the time I'll respond to this at length. This is an issue near to me as I used to be a public defender and now am one of the defense attorneys people pay significant sums to. In short, there's more to this but this story is also not that terribly uncommon.
  20. Very little - unless we could quickly invent some truth serum or some such. And there are probably varying levels of bigotry or sometimes there are competing values that could override one's hate. For a light example, I hate country music but I would nonetheless sleep with Shania Twain.* In that this lighthearted example my fondness for atrtractive women overrides my hatred for country music. For a more poignant example, Jon Gruden could hate gay people but love winning football games and since Nassib is a good football player Gruden's second feeling overrode the first. But, to the point I was responding to, I find little to no probative value in the mere fact that Gruden coached a gay player as it relates to whether he hates gays or is indicative to the level he hates them. *Credit to Mighty Casey.
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