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  1. I think he may come at a discount in some leagues, just because of perceptions that he fell well short of the preseason hype that he would ascend as a top 5-type dynasty WR this year. That didn't happen, but the trajectory still seems there. Anderson's proximity in production plays in too, as he was widely regarded as more of a role player before this season. It all depends on your trading partners of course, but Moore was a subject of persistent frustration all season, even though his numbers we better than perceived.
  2. Good post (as is @Andy Dufresne's follow-up below). I've been someone who likes to build around WR for years, but the depth really is remarkable right now. The Dynasty Value Discussion thread documents this well. Look at the names rotating into peoples' top tiers every year (e.g. Lamb and Jefferson this season, who could be displaced or joined by at least a couple guys from the 2021 class). I don't know if I'll be able to resist drafting guys like Chase or Smith high (old habits and all) but there's a strong case for prioritizing other positions depending on format. The tough thing with
  3. I have a similar concern. I'd like to sell Kamara in the one league where I have him, but I think the window may have been in-season (for teams not competing this past season, obviously). Maybe I'm wrong but I think many people will lower his value because of the QB change.
  4. This is a superflex dynasty team that lost Dak, Barkley, Fuller among other good players. I'm grateful to have made it to the final, but I'm planning on second place. Before you ask "you don't have a better option than ____?" the answer is "no." L. Jackson/Dalton Gio AJB/Godwin/Diontae/Lockett/Gage Kelce WFT
  5. Everyone is already discussing durability and mental consistency, both of which I agree are primary barriers to solidifying his value. But I also wonder (as @travdogg mentioned) about the QB situation. If Ben comes back next season then that’s another year of delaying a transition that probably needs to happen. Ben won’t be so bad that they’ll get a high pick, and not good enough to threaten the field beyond short to intermediate passing, so Johnson could be valuable in ppr based on accumulation but that seems like best case. Then we’re hoping for maybe a later pick hitting at QB or a good FA
  6. I have both the WFT and CAR defenses in one league. Back and forth between them. If Haskins starts the CAR is tempting since he’s a little more likely to throw picks. But I think WFT is going to play hard.
  7. I’m going to lose to a team starting Coutee, Bowden, among other studs. I have the #1 seeded team.
  8. 😄 Yeah my team started out as a license to print money but has been decimated by injuries. I’m pretty fortunate to be in the semis.
  9. I have him in right now over Lamb, Gage, and Hines. I’m not excited about any of those options though I may switch to Gage if Julio is out. The appeal for Edwards, as mentioned above, is the potential for a positive game script. But I’m not starting with confidence.
  10. I need to start Hill in a superflex due to injuries (and he’s been saving me for sure). I will again this week but I’m a bit nervous that he could be pulled for Winston if he struggles again. There’s no evidence to base this on, but turnovers are a concern and they can’t afford to lose.
  11. As someone who needs Hill to do something (anything) I'm afraid they're going to remember this in the 2nd half.
  12. Not on in South Carolina. Yes, we have televisions.
  13. I've typically been an eye test guy but the last few years I've tried to work in analytics content into my thinking more (I don't do my own, mainly because I don't math well). So I'm all for a holistic approach, and I'll continue to pay attention to analytics for sure. That said, last summer I started to consume more analytics-focused content (podcasts and writers) and ended up talking myself into some guys like Taylor (jury's still out to be sure) who really didn't wow me when I watched them. So I will probably tilt the needle more heavily toward eye test , which has served me pretty wel
  14. Even if the Eagles straighten out the OL it isn't clear to me that Wentz performs well enough to make me feel great about Sanders or most of the Eagles skill players. Obviously it could help, but I think maybe he's just bad now.
  15. Well, much like Fuller’s anatomy, my playoff hopes are shriveling.
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