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  1. This could be one of my favorite videos ever. Camera guy is awesome...
  2. Was out in AZ last week. 85 and sunny for 4 straight days. If you've never been to Spring Training put it on your list ASAP. Stay in/around Scottsdale. Awesome town. And the chicks in the Entertainment District . Good stuff.
  3. I've never had this much fun watching/reading/tweeting about politics. Every day there's something/someone awesome to make fun of and/or laugh at. x 1,000,000,000
  4. That was as pathetic a performance I've seen in a long while from this team. OL was the main culprit. Oh well. On to 2017!
  5. I like Jack Daniels. He's my friend this evening. I don't come by these parts much any more. What'd I miss?
  6. Just got home...sat on the 45...unbelievable experience. Hell of a W.
  7. Why does every conversation about cars or pets or the weather or traffic or the sun or dirt or navel lint or what the #### ever...end up with you TALKING ABOUT YOUR ####### KID?!
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