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  1. I eat well at my meals, but I have a bit of a peanut butter m&m obsession over the last few months...like it is super gross how many I eat. I also eat ice cream pretty much every night after the kids go to bed. Gotta fuel the engine, right?
  2. Donger is going to be hanging out no matter what short length, so I wear capris.
  3. I have Monumental penciled in as my backup marathon. I may come and run the half...not 100% sure though. And yes, the lady will make the call...but that's not a whole lot different than usual 😁
  4. So much great information, you guys all rock What I am getting from all this is that any plan I do can get me there if I put in the work. But, no plan will prepare for that last 10k. Because of that, I will probably lean a bit on the conservative side, because priority #1 is to finish the thing. I was using Hanson to train for my HM last year, before COVID blew it up...so I am familiar with it. I ordered the book and will give it a read. With an October race date, I am planning to tinker around with some of the workouts from both Hanson and Higdon before the real training begins.
  5. JK, I dont want to murder myself.
  6. GTFO The longest run I've done was 16 miles at 8:29/mi. I probably could have made that to 20, but adding another 6+ miles and dropping the pace by 27 seconds seems tough. But, hey, if that's what it says, then may as well use it as a starting point. I'm probably in equal shape now as I was then. I would certainly be in better shape by the race than I was during that run HM. Thanks for all the comments/thoughts guys I will check out the book. I definitely need to make sure I dont go out too fast, that can be a problem for me and I know this isnt the type of race to
  7. So, uh...what should my GMP be? It looks like on Hansons plan you never run more 16 miles for a long run. How do you make it / be prepared for the other 10+
  8. I'm wanting to pop the full marathon cherry this year so I've upped the mileage to get used to a bigger load. I dont have a plan yet for training and need to figure that out. Do you all recommend Hanson or something else? I'm likely looking at an October race. Also, after a totally F'ed up 5 months at my work, I put in my letter of resignation after 15.5 years (last day is 5/31). No plans at the moment and may just take the summer off, go to the pool with the family, run and workout, and let my wife be a sugar momma for a bit (I of course have her approval)
  9. That sh!t is already in the trash!
  10. May want to see about using another doctor
  11. I've ditched my jock strap and have gone back to joggling in boxer briefs during my runs
  12. Not sure you guys know what a course record means...
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