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  1. Hey , I live in Dublin. Grew up here and now live here with my wife and kids. Feel free to PM me with any questions and I can give you the lowdown.
  2. Awesome - congrats, so excited for you and the Mrs.
  3. Last few weeks has been a cluster####. Quoting so I can do my report.
  4. How much will I ruin myself if I do a pretty hard HM on Monday and then a slow one (11:00+ pace) with the wife on Tuesday?
  5. Monday it is, unless this system breaks up and provides an unexpected reprieve tomorrow.
  6. Suck, my 2-3 hour window of not raining this morning is not going to happen. I may have a chance this afternoon if it holds off and I can move some things around. Tomorrow looks like rain all day, so if this afternoon doesn't work, I'm pushed out to Monday
  7. 8 the night before 4 the morning of 2 during
  8. I haven't read the last few pages as I've been MIA with work stuff. Hope everyone is doing well and staying heealthy. I've not been feeling 100% which has shown a bit in some recent runs... but I'm still planning to make the @ChiefD HM Cassic my ##### tomorrow
  9. @bostonfred You fired the first shot. We assumed you guys would start something and then fail to execute, per your typical habits. We're just trying to move this forward.
  10. To look at this slightly differently...you mentioned diet/exercise as something for you to obsess over. I know that for me, I can go really overboard on things and have done so with diet and exercise in the past. She may not be mad/upset that you are getting healthy, but more so that it has become more of a priority to you than her (and your relationship). That feeling would hurt anyone (founded or not). I'm glad you are doing so much better. You deserve a lot of credit for the effort you put in. Just be sure to also thank your wife for being supportive (when she is...and even
  11. No doubt. On top of my running/workouts, my wife does some running, yoga, and tennis. We have to juggle, but for the most part have our schedules laid out. If either wasnt supportive, it would be nearly impossible to put in any sort of productive time or have any normalcy in the schedule.
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