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  1. Race details: Sunday (10/17) Gun at 7:30 EDT Bib #128 Weather - high of 65 low of 43 (looks like 46 at the start). I sh!t you not, it says "abundant sunshine". Also 10-20 mph winds
  2. Going with the all rice diet until the race
  3. Yeah, we may catch a break after what looks like a cool off rain on Saturday. Finishing it up in the 60s will suck, which is in play...but hopefully we have some cloud cover.
  4. I've thought about skipping it, but I'm honestly just burnt out from everything. I dont have the will left to train for, and try something else 3-4 weeks or 6-8 weeks out...especially with no guarantee that I'll be closer to "normal" (who knows how long this will impact me?) than I am now. I know this sucks for the first attempt, but I know why its going to suck and if I finish, I know I can do it. Finishing the dang thing was my C goal, and that is still in play.
  5. 5 days until race day. I'm still feeling run down and my breathing not 100%. V02 max is down to 50 from 56 This thing is going to be a disaster time wise versus what I was shooting for...but I already knew that. I was hoping to still get in at sub 4 hours, but I ran 15 at that pace a week ago and it wasnt as good as I had hoped (HR not at all what I wanted). We are also unseasonably warm by 10-15 degrees. Not tons working in my favor, but I'm still going to give it a go. I didnt train for 20 weeks to sit on the sideline. My thought is to start at like a 9:30 pace and just go from there. If things are clicking with HR and weather, I'll try to get that to 8:50 and hope for the sub 4 hour. If the whole thing is a disaster, I can bail where the HM ends. But, for me to bail out before 20 miles would take something really wrong happening. I'm going to be slow and I may have to walk, but I'm going to do my best to finish this thing
  6. Got in 5 miles today. Covid effects are very apparent. Claminess, many moments of sweating profusely, and hard to get a full breath. HR was also way up, as could be expected. Hammy is in better shape, but still isnt 100%. I knew this was going to be bad, but at least it's out of the way. I need the breathing to fix itself if I have any chance to run on 10/17.
  7. T&Ps. Sounds like a really tough situation to deal with.
  8. Symptoms are not horrible but I'm still out of commission. Stuffy nose, dull headache constantly (even after taking ibuprofen), chills, and waking up in a huge pool of sweat while shivering in the morning. I've definitely had colds/flus worse than this. I also have some muscle aches, which is probably a combo of COVID and this forced tapering. I actually ran on Tuesday before my PCR test and the first of my chills and it was brutal. I'll need for this to clear out before resuming anything. As @bushdocda mentioned it should help the hammy but any goals I had for the race are out the window (minus just finishing)...but. what are you going to do Youngest daughter tested positive today. She only has a stuffy nose.
  9. Well...now I've tested positive for COVID (pcr). 3 weeks until the marathon ETA - fully vaccinated with Pfizer. Wife took a rapid and was negative, youngest daughter seems ok. We are testing her tomorrow.
  10. We havent taken any yet. My oldest had a full up the brain one today at Walgreens, but they said they are super backed up and it would be like 2-4 days for the results...we wanted to know sooner than later with what we are dealing with. All the rapid tests are sold out around us, but we got one from a parent on her soccer team. The rest of us were waiting to know her results before getting ours. Now, we will either sign up for the Walgreens test or try to get some rapid from somewhere. ETA - I know there is a chance we have a false positive, but my wife is an NP in a peds office and was immediately 95% sure she had it based on her symptoms. The wife is seeing tons of this lately here in Ohio.
  11. So.....my 9 year old daughter has COVID. She most likely got it from her fully vaccinated teacher who just tested positive on Thursday evening. She seems to be OK so far. Just some discomfort and fever that set in super early on Saturday. The whole house has been feeling tired and run down the last few days (before confirmation) so not sure if we all have it or not...that's the only "symptom", though now everything feels like one. Number one priority is getting people healthy and having my daughter be comfortable. Daughter #2 is showing no symptoms but has asthma issues and it may hit her harder if she gets it. Wife and I are vaccinated so, hopefully we dont get it or just have mild symptoms if we do. Running wise, not sure what this is going to do. I've taken the last 2 days off and my 2 runs before it (thurs/fri) I had to cut short because I felt terrible and my HR was out of control---now I'm wondering if it was from overtraining or COVID? Kids are now going to be staying home from school so, that's going to be a fun wrinkle.
  12. Todays run has confirmed to me that I need to pullback on my training and make some goal adjustments. I'm coming off the highest mileage week I've ever had, but everything keeps going in the wrong direction fitness wise. I'm planning on chopping down some miles and really focus on keeping my HR low. I tried for something ambitious, but my body just isnt there yet. At this point, I just want to race, finish, and not be injured.
  13. Todays run completed my first ever 60 mile week. My body hates me. Im not sure what I'm going to do about adjusting my race goals at this point. Hammy still is not near 100%, but I'm getting the work in. Though, the fitness feels compromised
  14. Yup, that's it! To try and do anything to help it with rolling/massaging, you have to get way up in the no-mans-land region
  15. Weather was way better today...and I needed it. I'm moving forward with my training as was set from the start...with my week+ hiatus just skipped. The leg is not great. I'm pretty sure its hamstring tendinitis and I have seen some conflicting thoughts on the injury. I'm choosing idea that you can train through it with a modified plan - basically limit hills and speed workouts (sounds great, right?). That actually lines up well with my schedule since my speed workouts are now just GMP-10, which is doable. Straightforward running seems OKish. Stops and cuts I have to do delicately. I've been wearing a thigh sleeve when running, which I think helps, but that in combination of trying to up my cadence to prevent full strides is causing muscle pain in my quad from change of form. HR is still higher than Id like, especially with this weather. I did have my flu shot Monday night and did a speed workout on Tuesday morning. I felt awful during the run and all day after. I'm hoping that overexertion was partially responsible for my HR today. If things dont improve over the next week or so, I will need to consider modifying my goals (race is 10/17). You crazy animals with races coming up are killing it. Your runs keep me motivated to keep getting out there.
  16. My V02max has now dropped from 56 to 53 in the last week and a half since my injury (and gross heat). HR was about 25 more than usual for todays run. I need some sweet sweet 50 degree mornings sooner than later
  17. @Ray Karpis (I think you were the pink helmet bat guy?)
  18. Probably not a great time to mention one of the most terrifying nights of my life happened 2 nights ago when a bat got in our house and was flying around our bedroom at 1:30 in the morning.
  19. We had a bird in our wall that got in through a small hole in our roof soffit. It scratched and clawed at the wall where it had nested trying to expand its space. It actually made a tiny hole into our house. It wasnt there for more than a week and dissapeared. A couple years later, two young squirrels did some gymnastics and found their way into the same soffit. Those little ####s made our entire interior walls their playground, running around like crazy...right in the walls of my kids rooms. We had to pay a good deal for someone to come trap them and fix the issue. I didnt hear the vids too well on my phone, but the bird scratched a lot and the squirrels scurried a lot but never scratched.
  20. Am I allowed to complain about the weather or is that frowned upon at the moment? This last week has been disgusting and is throwing off my ability to gauge how my injury is F'ing up my fitness. Oh, and soccer started for my girls making Saturdays super tricky for my runs.
  21. Quad is a touch sore/tight currently (same leg). I think it happened because I was having a bit of outside hip pain and I probably subconsciously changed my form to prevent that pain on my long run. But there is no hip pain now. Weirdly, I ran with no issue the day after my long run where it first flared up.
  22. Well, I have some sort of injury. Not sure if it is the hammy or another muscle. It's higher and more inside than what I would expect for a hamstring injury, but not entirely sure (maybe an adductor?). Walking is OKish and I didn't have any pain on the elliptical. I'm really hoping this isn't anything serious. I want to make sure I'm healed but I'm getting some anxiety knowing that I'm going to fall behind a bit in my training for my first full
  23. Good call on the pre run ingestion I bought the variety pack and I honestly dont mind any of the flavors. I'm a super big fan of the mouth feel
  24. $4 a pop? Get that nonsense out of here
  25. Thanks guys. I've done some GUs on runs but never more than 2. Downing 5 seems miserable, but I also know I need to get those in my system. My practice plan is going to be based on time rather than distance, since my long runs are obviously at a slower pace. Not sure if that impacts anything in terms of energy expended, but it seems like the appropriate move. Time to fire these up I guess
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