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  1. May want to see about using another doctor
  2. I've ditched my jock strap and have gone back to joggling in boxer briefs during my runs
  3. Not sure you guys know what a course record means...
  4. The leftovers from the sperm tank... but I guess its 3 months not 6 weeks (that's my post surgery follow up), so my guys hanging around are clinging to what little life they have left.
  5. I still have about 4 weeks left in the tank for this
  6. @Juxtatarot - no words. I am in awe of your BMFery
  7. Let's cut out all these pro level moves. It's only day 3 and I could barely squeeze out a set of 25 and then a set of 10. I may be done for the day. Oh, and my t!tties hurt horribly when running. I feel like a shell of a man
  8. It's not been too bad. I was a bit nervous the first couple times out and took it easy. I'm currently sporting a jockstrap (per doctors orders) and compression shorts for my runs and they are doing their job. I should be back to 40+ miles this week. I haven't gone all out yet, but got in some sub 8:00 miles and ended one of the runs sub 7:00. I'm probably going to wait another week before really pushing it harder -- mainly because as the stitches dissolve/fall out, its primed for a tear and I would rather not risk that
  9. Update - I was right, these things really hurt today
  10. @The Iguana already has it covered for his next race
  11. No days off - that's how you get complacent! I'm just doing the 2,200 in April thingy -- hence the 73.33333. I'll probably hate it by tomorrow since I haven't done a push up in ~11 months. All things considered, I'd probably prefer to run on my home course than traveling to Indy. Though, the fun factor of this crew will be taken into consideration.
  12. Hey, guy -- its 73.33333333333333 pushups per day challenge. Always trying to one up everyone Also - Monumental is a possibility for me to pop the marathon cherry if Columbus doesn't work out.
  13. Quarterly Update: Jan - 159 Feb - 160 Mar - 159 Total - 478 Well, I guess I am consistent . March included a full week off post surgery - had I been able to run, I would be on pace for the 2,000 club. I didn't go into this year thinking of doing that, but here, we are. If I go all in on the marathon training (which I am now heavily leaning towards), I should be able to get to the prestigious club.
  14. Damnit...now I need to add in strength training. You animals doing that every day too?
  15. Tomorrow is a week since the snippy snip ✂️ 🍒...which is the timeline that I can give running a go. I'm going to try for a few easy ones and see how it feels. Oh, I also got my 1st Pfizer dose today. So stitches in my sac and 1 day removed from the vaccine, what could go wrong
  16. Cant wait for my scrotum to be better so I can run again
  17. https://www.runningwarehouse.com/CustService/returns.html
  18. I bought an orange pair for anyone that wants to match
  19. Kinvara 11s are $55 at saucony (deal ends tonight) https://www.saucony.com/en/kinvara-11/43070M.html?dwvar_43070M_color=S20551-25&ref=Kinvara#q=Kinvara&start=1 @gianmarco @bushdocda @-OZ-
  20. Honestly, anything is on the table and I did consider both of these. The Nationwide Childrens Marathon (here in Columbus) is in October and the registration is paused still due to Covid. I have to imagine that thing opens up and the race gets done, but who knows. If I start training sooner than later, a summer race could be done, but sounds miserable unless it was somewhere much more reasonable temperature wise. Monumental is pretty damn close to me and would for sure be in play if nothing is done in Columbus. 7 months is a long ways away though and I need to figure ou
  21. Two reasons for this 1) I'm getting a vasectomy on Thursday which will be a forced week off...so I'm trying to cram in some miles 2) Thinking about prepping for a full and seeing how my body feels with increased mileage
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