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  1. I am wondering what Trystane will do. Presumably he will be irate that someone killed Myrcella. Maybe he turns the ship around and that's when Doran will tell him he's betrothed to Dany?
  2. Apparently it consists of reporting on Walter Scott getting shot repeatedly in the back and the police staging the crime scene.
  3. Time to switch back to being a Cubs fan again?
  4. Stop being your typical self, and at least try to be fair. You know full well that I didn't I didn't suggest, "No wonder he killed those nine people.' Nor did I say the sytem is actually rigged against Roof. I said, "that kind of reaction is what helps fuel people like Roof because they feel that nobody is listening to their concerns, the system is rigged against them." Can you understand the difference between reality and perception, Timmy? Are blacks on the whole out to get white people? No. Did Roof perceive that blacks on the whole were out to get white people? Yes. Perception, not reality. motivated Roof. You're always harping about the prevalence of white racism. Is white racism as widespread and all encompassing as you believe? No. But that perception shapes your views, as well as millions like you. Perception is often stronger than reality in shaping views. And you'll criticize Roof, but you're doing the very thing that helps make people like Roof. You'll write endlessly (and I do mean endlessly) about how we need to listen the concerns of this minority group or that minority group, but when it comes to listening to the concerns of a white person before they become more extreme, "Sorry, we can't listen you. And, well, we'll mock you." Of course, they'll then turn to an audience they feel hears and shares their concerns. This isn't rocket science, Tim, but I'm not surprised you can't figure it out. Oh I figured it out the first time. If only me and other people would stop and really LISTEN to the whiny victimhood complaints of white racists like Roof, perhaps they wouldn't go around killing people. Strikes2Olaf gonna strikes2olaf. You should get a Jonessed/Strikes2k IP alert meter so you know when they are following you around. Then again, you really just have to post and they arrive live a fart at a burrito shop. Look up the page, bro. It was Tim who popped in to take the cheap shot at me, not the other way around. Kind of like you popping into a thread last night to take a cheap shot at me; and, poof, you just appear here again for the same purpose. So, really, who has the personal obsession here, Doc? If you're going to just make stuff up, it helps to be smart enough to wait a few pages so that people can't just look up and know that you're wrong. Anyway, feel free to post another stalking response. I have to run out on this beautiful Friday night. Have a good one. Don't forget your hood!
  5. She's pretty hot but not a stunner. Hell, she can barely talk around those big chompers. She looks skinny but not fit and the tattoos are brutal.
  6. Trying to make money speculating on future interest rates is really difficult. YMMV.
  7. Well, they certainly got a lot done in that episode. They kind of rushed the Jon scene. They could have made it much cooler with the pink letter, etc.
  8. Somebody commented " did he ejaculate confetti?"Wow, nice of them to let him finish.
  9. My guess is the warging will prevent Jon from "losing something" when he is brought back. I think Beric mentions he loses a piece of himself every time he is brought back.
  10. It's going to happen and it's going to come across as gimmicky, I think. Like killing main characters is just the show's shtick now and it's just being done for shock value.
  11. It's hard for me to understand how they will wrap this all in 21 more episodes. It should be interesting.
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