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  1. Is that a prime time NFC east football game or are you just happy to see me?
  2. Danskin, you still dabbling in bourbons? I just posted a pic of my bar on my burner account at twizzler.com b/c I don't know how to post pics on this here site. I like to addict.
  3. Ain't that some sh....oot? You'd have to be able to turn that purchase into your money back + some pappy at the very least on the worldwideweb. Free pappy! I may or may not have picked up my Bardstown Disc #3 and #4 from avatars unknown but not sure if I have the sacktitude to swap such a spensive juice into the ethos and hope the cashapp doesn't bounce. Prolly just keep whatever I bought in the vault and wear what my wife is offering for the $2,000 to $2600 purchase. Maybe better that I didn't get the invite, after all. Blue Note 17, Calumet 15 and your fav $340 Kentucky Owl Rye #4 are out, any worth jumping on if you've tried? Any others that are recent and semi available (note: exclude Russ13, JDSR Rye, ####s impossible for some reason unless you wanna pay $3ish) that are recommended scoops?
  4. Rumor on the street is that the ABC Vault opened today with OFC and Double Eagle Very Rare inside. I didn't get an invite this time, any of you home slices lucky enough to scoop anything?
  5. I've been hunting retail Discovery 3 and 4 here in SWFL without luck. I have D1 and enjoy it but same, saw YTers salivating over 3/4 so i've been on the lookout. Crack either yet?
  6. Those dirty sons o #####es. So, pipe dreaming a little here but Total Wine just posted the Spring lottery, 1st on my list is Michters25. $1299. For that price I believe it'd look like a beautiful centerpiece on my bar for the next year (I usually open my bourbons, they are to drink after all). Secondary looks like it'd look even better on someone elses bar whilst the 6-7k or whatever would be buying Pappy 15, WLW and a stash left over for my pocket. Anyone tried the 25? Assuming that 6/7k isn't money that'd be missed (big assumption for us all, but just for argument), can it really be worth that much for the taste? I'm not sure that I'm in a position to want to drink through a bottle that's valued that high, regardless of income/whiskey stash. I am a huge fan of the M10 I just got so there's that littttttttle voice in the way back of my head that's asking why not keep it...so thought i'd ask. Probably won't matter, I'm sure I'll just win a bottle of Blantons or something, if anything. They just finished the winter lottery, won the right to buy Handy BTAC, so that didn't suck.
  7. Yeah, spot on explanation. Grab anything Swanson? Handy BTAC was in there also, I had to make a fast decision and chose GTS although I already have '17 and '18 GTS and never even tasted a Handy. I saw a few of your Kentucky Owls I think too 😜...I got so excited that I couldn't dawdle and just did a fast scroll. Didn't see the email until 10 minutes after it was sent, no idea what was in there at the beginning.
  8. Vault my dudes! GTS for me
  9. I mean...on one hand FSU is long and athletic, maybe the defense can negate some of those 3s that Colorado hit vs the Patrick Ewings but considering the amount of #### i've been spewing about the Gators losing to Oral Roberts the past dayish...that usually spells trouble for me.
  10. My ricos, the Noles are turning the ball over a lot, the Noles aren't hitting 3s. Super talented, undisciplined. I'm seeing a theme with these kind of teams losing, dunno. Whatchall seeing here? Wrong team flavored?
  11. Dang, guess I’m losey loser from loserville, didn’t see it open for me. On the plus side I just got into a secondary group, had to reopen my spacebook account. So in addition to the hiked prices my cost is the relentless political posts from my 95 year old grandpa. Super. Maybe I should get into tequila instead. Hope y’all enjoy a pour over some basketball this weekend if you’re so inclined. Cheers.
  12. Hey dudes, has the ABC vault opened for anyone recently? I don't think it's opened for me in 4/5 months, i'm kinda new to it so don't know if that's normal. Itching for a shot at BTAC for less than $700.
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