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  1. First off sorry Yak, cancer is the worst. MM has a range of outcomes for sure, and its aggressiveness varies a ton. Up until a month ago I was at the company who makes Revlimid, and I got to meet a lot of our patients and hear the survival stories. There are a lot more treatments either recently approved or in clinical trials. I spent several years on the first CAR T to be approved for MM. It was just approved a couple of months ago. It is 4th line plus so hopefully she never needs it, but it does work if her tumors are BCMA+. There are also bispecifics, t-cell engagers, and many other potential game changers in trials. No clinical experience here like pmedina but I can answer questions about treatments. Good luck.
  2. Thanks! I'm done with the purge step (kept sets together), now putting in sleeves and organizing by player. What site do you use to determine an 8 will get $35 a 10 $300, etc.? I see there are a lot of paid services but not sure if it is worth it. I'm hoping to have a stack set aside for future grading and just keep the rest in sleeves and store them.
  3. A few more things. As for ROI and debt, I was lucky and did not have much when I left, but others did, and its individual but Stevens placement in the area is excellent, but I can understand that is a sticking point, especially if he may want to work in other parts of the country. It may be better now, but the Stevens name is most known in the northeast, as are most of their industry connections. One downside of an engineering school is lack of diversity in majors if he decides engineering isn't the right fit. I had friends who decided they wanted to teach, they had to transfer at that point since the major isn't offered vs a larger school with most options. That really depends how much he thinks he wants to be in the field. Location is obviously nice, close to the city and Hoboken is a really nice town. Although if he wants to live off campus that can be an additional cost vs other schools. I'm happy to talk vis PM or phone call if you want to get into more detailed questions.
  4. So I ventured into my boxes of childhood junk wax type cards and got tens of thousands down to a few thousand I guess. Kept all of the HOF types and anything that seems to be worth at least a few bucks. Looking for recommendations on organization and storage. Does organizing by player make the most sense? Or by within a set? Is it worth penny sleeves for all or would 9 card holders in binders be fine for the less valuable cards? There are probably 25 Mike Mussina cards that seem to mostly be worth like $2 ungraded. I'm trying to find the most efficient way to store everything while maintaining quality. I have some sealed and unsealed factory sets. I haven't broken them down yet, but I was thinking of breaking ones like unsealed 92 donruss cards and just pulling out the 10-15 cards worth something from it. There doesn't seem to be value in unsealed full sets right? I know I asked about grading before, but I'm thinking for now to just set aside cards that may be worth grading (Griffey, Shaq rookies, some Jordans, etc) and see what the process looks like once this craziness dies down. I'm seeing random PSA 10s of Nolan Ryans for like $10 so getting them graded at $20 is pointless right now. Any advice is welcome here.
  5. Hey Smack, I'm sure I'll miss some things but here we go. For the merit, think I was around the same 30-40%, although it was cheaper then. Everything is negotiable, but I know this is a strange year with applications way up. I think it makes sense to have the conversation, it's a small school and admissions getting to know you and your son is not a bad thing. I did not do the 5 yr co-op, but I wish I did. Almost all of my friends did in a variety of majors. If I remember, you tell them you are interested now, then you apply freshman year, and its mostly just a quick interview. If he is going MechE, they have a ton of connections in the area to help get his foot in the door. It's as much about learning what you don't like as it is leveraging it for a job post graduation. MechE is a very broad field, does he know what he wants to do in it? The co-ops will help with all of that. Since most students do it there, the weird schedule will feel normal. There will be classes over the summer, co-ops in the fall, etc. Another plus is that you get one free class per co-op. If he may want a masters, between the free classes and taking extra classes (he'll have to work his ### off), he could end up with a masters in those 5 years for free too. I need to run, but I'll add more later.
  6. Thanks, but I literally have some from 88-94 in every brand it seems. I've been looking at a site like this https://www.oldsportscards.com/1992-donruss-baseball-cards/ to see if there is a big name error to look for. I started going down the rabbit hole unfortunately. Two questions: I have some sealed sets from like 99-02 (probably gifts from uncles who didn't realize I didn't care about baseball cards anymore). Should I just keep these sealed? And there is no point to have anything graded at this point either right? A PSA 10 for an early 90s card goes for like $10 but it costs $20 to grade? Or should I save myself some time and just set everything on fire?
  7. So like a bunch of others this thread inspired me to go and see what was in my attic. I have literally 10s of thousands of random early 90s ish cards when I was like 8-12. Mostly baseball. I can list things out if it helps but I’ve been going through the unsorted randoms and just keeping the HOF type players. Is there an easy source for the valued commons? It’s annoying because I seemed to have them sorted by teams when I was a kid so it’ll bounce from topps to fleer to donruss and from 90 to 94 to 88. There’s probably no easy way to do this right?
  8. I loved the distillery over there. It’s pretty easy to find in nj at this point but no idea otherwise. They just released a single pot still which is excellent.
  9. Teeling if you can find it should be in the $40 range. They make some really good stuff IMO that is a little different from the traditional Jameson, Bushmills, and Redbreast flavor profiles.
  10. Anyone thinking about QCOM today down almost 10%? Was looking at selling a put, but premiums aren't great.
  11. Thanks! Yes it would be same industry, similar (hopefully higher) pay. Great to know it won't impact other plans.
  12. What is the current minimum time in a job to be able to get a mortgage easily? I am looking at a new job in maybe 2-3 months, but we would also like to move in the next 12-18 months. I want to make sure taking a new job won't delay the ability our ability to get into a new place.
  13. Stevens grad here. Set me up really well. Happy to help if that is where he wants to go.
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