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  1. I am a little hesitant starting him, but my backup is Eli and with ODJ out, gonna roll with brees and hope they get crushed and pass a ton.
  2. Had a draft monday night, 12 team 11 man rosters. 1/2/2/1 with flex, non ppr. Took AFoster 7.12 and loved it.
  3. I currently have him on my bench. Starting Oliver at RB/D.Allen at TE. Flexing Ben Tate, he is getting tons of carries and Jax isn't very good vs. the run currently. It is a 1.5ppr for Te's, but I don't expect a ton of targets for Graham, just always hard to bench a stud like him.
  4. I like sanders. Before A.Brown blew up in PItt, they liked Sanders more and he was given the chance first, but injuries kept him from excelling. I think he will be a WR3 with WR2 upside, just don't see him being near what Decker was, but I could be wrong. I sold him in a dynasty league, I gave Sanders/2.05 for Fitz and didn't think twice about it.(in case anyone was wondering about his value)
  5. In a 16 team IDP league, 1.5ppr for TE's, A.Hern was just dealt for a late 2nd next year.
  6. No pictures. Phones/Cameras are not allowed on the grounds, will have the mental pics in my head i guess. lol
  7. Went to the Open this morning and figured I would share my experience with my 5 year old son, Caleb. So, AWESOME day at the US Open thanks to a good friend who used his contacts and got me a ticket.. Found out kids were free, so took Caleb along for the ride, and boy did he love it. Found a spot between the 15th green and 16th tee box where the golfers came down a hill and made a left, Caleb was right on the corner, so we saw them all walk by. A.Cabrera saw him, walked up and handed him a ball without even hearing caleb say a word, then after he hit, Caleb told him thanks and he got a wink. G.McDowell saw him and walked over and handed him one after caleb screamed "HI". Furyk walked by, heard him say Hi and rolled a ball over to him for his 3rd one of the day. Adam Scott waived. Tiger was walking by, Caleb yelled "Hi Tiger" really loud, seems to have caught him off guard hearing such a little voice(compared to the other grown up voices), looked over and waived to him.(I am pretty sure if Tiger had a ball in his hand he would have given it to him) Then the official scorer for the trio of Tiger/Rory/A.Scott gave Caleb the pencil he was using to score for the day, pretty freaking awesome day to be my son, thats for sure. Just nice to see there are good people out there still and things like this make them seem like humans instead of just TV figures.
  8. Would rather see the Colts net Baldwin for a 6th rounder than pay Cruz #1 money. not worth it.:lmao:Yeah, Cruz hasn't played like a #1 the past 2 years.i think it's telling that his own team hasn't signed him to a lucrative contract a #1 would demand.ETA: he may be a #1 on your fantasy team, but i really don't consider him a #1 NFL WR.I think it is more they would rather pay Nicks his money than Cruz. Not sure they want/can pay both WR1 money.
  9. I am 12-0 and got him on my roster. When you got IDP rosters of 45 players, you have plenty of room for development players, thats how you get the priest holmes and a.foster types.
  10. I would love to start him, but having trouble benching either of Heath(with a.brown out) or Ridley as flex(vs Buff)
  11. Ouch, a fitz td at the end would have given me 139.3, probably good enough to get by, but 133.2 isn't gonna be enough from the sounds of it.
  12. He was one of my offseason targets.(other was Palmer, who i think will be a top 10 QB and could have been had cheap) 3 leagues i paid: Brandon Spikes LB NE 1-1. A.Benn WR TB 1-1 E.Rodrigues/$400BB dollars in the 3rd($1k total BB$'s) Looks like he is doing what i was hoping. Was on field alot in Dal, but ALWAYS used as the blocker as Witten is a great TE. Hope he keeps it up and gets a bigger deal to stay in NY.
  13. You need to read the thread. It's been covered ad nauseum.I imagine it has over the past 36 pages, but just won't ever understand someone's reasoning as to why the dog over a human.PS: I am a dog lover myself.
  14. Haven't read a post on this post, but HOW IN THE HOLY HELL can anyone pick a dog over a HUMAN?
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