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  1. Franchise League. .5 pt PPR, 13 - 2 Record QB - Rodgers, Tua (Traded Carr after Rodgers bye week, rolled dice he would stay healthy) RB - Kamara, Taylor, Drake (Dillon and Vaughn on Reserve list) WR - Diggs, Evans, Allen, Cooks, Jeudy, Beckham (Sent to our league IR) TE - Kittle, Reed Def - Pitt K - Koo Set single game scoring record for 9 year history of league.
  2. Semi Final matchup. I'm the #1 seed and a big favorite over the #4. Looking at my Flex 2 spot and it's either Keenan Allen or Kenyon Drake. I've been riding with Allen but am concerned about the hamstring flaring up during the game. Also, I am still in therapy over him leaving a Thursday night game with a hip pointer when I was in the semis 2 years ago. Cost me a W that weekend. Thoughts?
  3. Any word on his status for playing tonight? I want to run him out there since the other Bucs are down but sure don't want to take the 0 for the spot.
  4. If the top 5 RBs are gone then don't reach for a RB. If your roster needs 2 RBs, then trade back and take a RB late 1st or early 2nd. The only question I have is would your rather have Akers over whichever is there between Jeudy and Lamb? In a PPR I say no.
  5. My comment about Ruggs and DHB was more hyperbole than anything. I do have some doubt that he is well rounded enough to be elite so like I stated I will let someone else pull the trigger on him. Now, I may spend the next few months talking him up to the other league GMs!😀
  6. (1) Ran a 4.30 40 (2) Drafted #7 overall, (3) By the Raiders
  7. No question I stay put at 2 unless I get my hair blown back. I really believe that Jeudy and Lamb are the best WR options but you can make an argument for the rest of the first round receivers in any order. I'm a little nervous about Ruggs. Darrius Heyward Bey anyone? May let someone else draft him.
  8. 2 posts, 2 contrasting opinions. That's what makes this rookie draft interesting. Not sure there is a bad way to go, but the thought of coming away with 2 of the top 3 would be enticing.
  9. I'm really in pretty good shape roster wise so I'm going to be able to take the best available. I really like the Tier approach to drafting in general and this draft appears to have some Tiers. Tier 3 - #7 through # 10 and Tier 4 - # 11 through # 14. The other wildcard is we will have one team draft Burrow in Round 1, book it. And I think Tua will go late 1 or early 2. Who do you like at #3 behind CEH and Taylor? Our is a .5 PPR so I would lean Dobbins.
  10. This rookie draft is intriguing from the quantity vs quality aspect. There appears to be real depth in this draft so is it to your advantage to have multiple picks or do you package some of those picks to move up to get a higher rated prospect? Example: I have the following picks: 1.02, 1.08, 1.14 (Mine, I won the league!), and 2.01 I look at 1.02 as a little bit of a no brainer. Draft who is there between CEH and Taylor. The options start after 1.02. I think the top 6 players are on a different Tier and then the next Tier starts at 8. Option A: Move up to 5 or 6 and then you can land Dobbins, Jeudy, Lamb or Swift. Option B: Best available at 8 and then pick twice at 14 and 15. Mims, Higgins, Aiyuk, Pittman Jr. Our league has roster size limits so you can't just acquire picks and stash. It will probably come down to if I can make a good valued trade
  11. The move I made to acquire 1.08 was a risk. Ours isn't a true dynasty. Each player is assigned contract years when they are acquired with a max of 35 years for your active roster. When their contract expires we bid on each in a live auction. I had Zeke for only one more year so I traded him to the guy in our league who thinks he's one player away for 1.08 and Franchise Cash (what we use to bid on our Restricted Free Agents). As a Cowboy fan it was heartbreaking to move on from him but I felt like since I won the title I could afford to take a step back if needed and reload for the future. I agree that now would be the best time to make some moves because the perception is the depth of this draft. The other factor will be after the draft when slots start turning into players. To me the most important thing will be to develop tiers. Example: Right now I would contend that in our .5 PPR there are 5 (Swift, Taylor, Dobbins, Jeudy, and Lamb) on the top tier so I need to turn 8 into 5. Or could I move 14 + 15 + Franchise Cash to get to 5 and hold onto 8. One thing about our league is that the top QB will go in the first 8 picks. One of our guys in need of a QB will reach so Burrow will go top 8 meaning that Ruggs or Higgins should be there. Or at least that's what I hope. I just know the good NFL teams always seem to have picks exactly where they want.
  12. I'm in a 14 team league and I've accumulated 1.02, 1.08, 1.14 (mine, I won the league!) and 2.01. Question, would you rather use all 4 picks or possibly trade a couple of picks to get another top 5 pick? Not a "who do I start" type of question but rather would you rather have quantity or quality in this draft?
  13. Me 2. Give him a chance to get healthy and run behind something other than a sieve and then we can pass "bust" judgement. Now back to the Tee Thread. The run on the reverse was impressive and I anticipate his ability to win the 50 / 50 ball will be a plus feature. A little concerned about his route running. It looked like he got rerouted pretty easily on a take off route but that can be refined. Right now WR 3 for me behind Jeudy and Lamb
  14. I agree with you. To me, Jeudy and Lamb are the 1 & 2 receivers. Jeudy is an elite route runner while Lamb is dynamic RAC.
  15. All indications are the Cowboys will at least use the one time Transition tag on Cooper.
  16. Our league is a little different format. We assign contract years to players when we draft or secure them through our free agent auction (Max of 35 years for active roster). I assigned 4 years to OBJ when I got him in free agency so I only have him for 3 years. Not concerned with productivity level past 30. I do look at whether the players value would allow me to move him at the end of the contract period. I have Zeke for one more year and have the possibility of moving him for a mid 1st and Franchise Cash (what we use for bidding in the auction). That's the one that is keeping me up at night. And btw, I played OBJ most of the year expecting him to wake up. Picked up Drake when one of our teams cut him for contract year cap purposes and started him in the playoffs instead. The team that cut Drake was the team I played in the finals (my son-in-law). The trophy looks great on my mantle!
  17. I'm not sure about buying, but I sure don't want to sell. I paid big $ for him in our Dynasty Free Agent auction last year so selling him no means I would have to take 50 cents on the dollar. So probably the best strategy for him is to hold.
  18. He reminds me a lot of Amari Cooper in relation to how he is so smooth running his routes. And to me, that plays regardless of system. I will be hard pressed to think he won't be the top WR in the class.
  19. Showed tremendous burst and a huge heart. Like him out of the backfield as well. Impressive performance.
  20. I am as well. Taylor has been super productive but these 2 look so explosive. Look forward to the breakdown on all 4 and then see where they wind up.
  21. And then ETN goes 53 like he was shot out of a cannon. We are going to have some real discussion in the next few months if all of the RBs come out.
  22. Dynasty league where we can have 16 active spots with 2 reserve and 2 developmental players. Each player is signed to contract with designating years with a cap of 35 years for Active spots. My son in law was loaded with McCaffrey and Thomas but to secure his flex spot he added Chase Edmonds around week 6 and dropped ..... Kenyon Drake because of the contract year cap. I picked up Drake and moved AJ Green to reserve. With Zeke, Kamara, and Kittle I got in the playoffs. And of course, we meet in the finals. Kamara only scores 4 TDs all year. 2 against him in the regular season and then 2 in the finals! Drake of course goes off and I win. When he walks into my house Christmas Eve he's carrying gifts. I say to him "You didn't need to get me anything this year, you already gave me Drake." My wife said I'm the worst father in law ever! Two coveted titles in one week!
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