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  1. speaking of fans, has the NFL made a decision on fans for this year?
  2. If they can add a DECENT vet CB snd EDGE I would feel pretty good about this team. The overall depth is still scary though.
  3. Lol You know you can stream and and still watch games on a big screen TV in HD, right? Anytime I hear someone has some cable provider/direct tv, etc it makes me remember how much I don’t miss dealing with those #######s for TV service Bad enough I have to deal with them for internet.
  4. The deadline being when? Around week 7? A couple years ago they cut Moncrief to preserve a comp pick.
  5. He probably had no control over it. They likely told him they would sign him but not until after the deadline. Smart move by the Ravens.
  6. looks like... Breeland Sherman Hayward Nelson Poole Dunbar Conley Robey-Coleman McCourty
  7. CB Mark Gilbert WR Isaiah McKoy both per each players Twitter
  8. Quite a few interesting UDFA out there Shakur Brown - per source is signing with the Steelers 👍 Dylan Moses DJ Daniel Trill Williams Adrian Ealy Alaric Jackson Cade Johnson Sage Surratt
  9. I really like Roche and had him with a 5tn round value. Shakur Brown sill available, hope he is the pick at 245
  10. If they wanted ILB I think McGrone is >>>>>Johnson ESPN, PFF, and PFN all agree FWIW
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