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  1. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet The breakdown: — $12.925M signing bonus. — $1.075M base salary — 4 voidable years to spread out the cap hit (technically a deal through 2025), voiding after the season. So, 1 year, $14M with a greatly reduced cap hit.
  2. Switched from Hulu live to the Disney/Hulu/espn bundle for $20 just wasn’t watching enough live TV to justify the cost and Hulu has a ton of on demand content.
  3. If you don’t mind ad supported content, los of free content out there. Peacock Vudu Tubi IMDB TV ( there is now a Roku app) YouTube Roku Channel Hoopla kanopy Crackle Redbox ...and many more here is a pretty comprehensive article from Consumer Reports https://www.consumerreports.org/streaming-video-services/guide-to-free-streaming-video-services/
  4. Thanks. So my 1,000 shares are now 250?
  5. added a bit more ETFM @ .018 still only have 12,000 shares
  6. @Worm appreciate you taking time to post that! Very helpful information.
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