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  1. Popular right now on D+ https://www.justwatch.com/us/provider/disney-plus
  2. You guys are talking about moving him in redraft, dynasty or both? Redraft I could see, no way in dynasty. Would be selling low at this point.
  3. Not sure if the IDP asst coach is still a thing - looks like there was one post since Aug 30. If it is let me know and I will gladly move. Would you make trade? 16 team, start 3 DL, 3 LB, 3 DB. 2pts/solo, 1pt/asst, 4 pts/sack, 3pts FF/FR I get: Hubbard D Odeyingbo 2022 rookie 3rd round pick (most likely around pick 40-45) for David Long Kyzir White I know, I know, David Long is HOT right now but I am pretty loaded at LB. I have 6 of the top 38 scoring LB's but very weak at DL - I have Garrett and that's pretty much it. At DL he has Hunter, J Allen, Joey Bosa, Hubbard and Clowney. I don't think he will give me Hunter, Allen, or Bosa I can add Odeyingbo directly to the IR and then add another player from FA. Appreciate it guys!
  4. Most likely nod and say something like ..how’s it going?
  5. A few more I will be watching…all involve “haunted houses”. Have seen these and think they are all worth watching. The House of the Devil (Shudder, Hoopla, several places where it is “free but ad supported”) Hell House LLC (Prime Video) The Houses October Built (Hulu, Hoopla)
  6. I saw there is a new Paranormal activity movie coming out on Paramount+ on 10/29. IMO the later movies were not good but man, I remember sitting in the theatre for hat first one and people screaming. Great experience. Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin. I don’t have high hopes but will watch it.
  7. liked it a lot! Slow to get started but very weird once it does.
  8. lol not even close. Not sure how a horror fan could say anything close to that.
  9. Watching the original Candyman tonight. Malignant tomorrow. After that will be The Haunting (1963). After that maybe Midnight Mass mentioned above.
  10. here are the fbg snap counts https://www.footballguys.com/subscribers/teams/teampage-crd-6.php
  11. Yes it would be nice if it could be posted early Weds afternoon. We run waivers at 6pm
  12. Jaylon Was cut this week during waivers in one of my 16 team leagues.I was pretty surprised, if I knew he was going to cut him, would have offered a late rookie pick. Was hoping he would not sign this week and I could quietly add him to my roster.
  13. i tried to build my team along the same lines, but I did splurge for Kupp WR - Cooper Kupp - 20 WR - Darnell Mooney - 11 WR - Corey Davis - 10 WR - Michael Pittman - 9 WR - Marquez Callaway - 5 WR - Nico Collins - 4 WR - Bryan Edwards - 4
  14. Thanks. I set to an MFL league so I know my total, was looking for the cutoff. I will open on my laptop. Appreciate the help .
  15. Are you guys opening that on a laptop? Doesn’t seem to work too well on my iPad.
  16. Halloween 3, Season of the witch gets a bad rap because of no Mike Myers, but I have alway thought it was a pretty solid movie. and of course the great/commercial song https://youtu.be/v9oAN25s4sg
  17. For those planning on watching Malignant on HBO Max, it leaves the platform on 10/10.
  18. GF and I watched it last year and both liked it IIRC. Not great but pretty decent.
  19. Had never watched The Faculty so wanted to check it out. Pretty great cast that played off each other well, but it fell short for me, 60/100
  20. Wow low projected cut. I am at 157 with not much chance to improve and I was somewhat worried.
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