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  1. I’m almost in the same exact boat as Corp. 6’1”. Have been as high as 240 but usually under 220. 212-215 has been my norm. Thought I looked great at 204 last time I got after it. But now as I’m breaking 200 I can see I have another 10 I should lose even in my bigger frame. So I’m going for 190. Baked Potato with salsa for dinner tonight after a spinach salad with chicken lunch. That’s it. Peleton in the am.
  2. Interesting - the massage place I go to shook their head the last time I tried to use a visa. Gave me their PayPal link. So either trying to avoid fees or hide revenue.
  3. Worked for Robert Kraft. Just need a loyal driver
  4. He was at Terranea yesterday for a photo shoot
  5. Yes. Long Term Care is included in all Monte Carlo simulations with our planner. Think he had $10-15K a month. Not sure what year we planned on it starting.
  6. I love that thinking. Thank you. I knew cash gave peace of mind but didn’t think of it as a bridge. But you’re right. Pay for living expenses especially healthcare (much more expensive without work insurance. I hope they reduce Medicare age to 60 as discussed). What will it take to buffer in the years before I draw down retirement accounts/SS
  7. Bonus time. Trying to figure out how much to keep in cash vs other investments. I'm 58. Goal is to work until 62 and then see. Have a FO financial planner who I will also bounce this off of, but I think I know what he'll say so want to compare notes. I've been maxing 401Ks for a long time, including catch up. I also get RSUs that vest each year that are in effect cash and I don't touch that. So both are growing nicely (though it would be phenomenal if the stock itself was growing). What I've done with the bonuses the last 5 years is fund backdoor Roths for me and the Mrs to th
  8. Inspiring. I've done late walks for 45 minutes to an hour when my step counts have been low but haven't been overly religious about it. I need to be. Going tonight. Today was one of those long desk Mondays.
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