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  1. Yeah Cox hinted at Mandaloun running in the Preakness and EQ in the Belmont. Not the toughest Preakness field. Nobody likes 2 week turnarounds. You only run back if your horse is doing well or if you think he can’t get a mile and a half and the Preakness distance is a better fit. It’s going to be interesting though. It’s obvious that the way to beat Medina Spirit is to get in front of him. Can’t sit back
  2. I need to black dot Todem’s list. Can somebody post?
  3. Paid for a Thomas Rhett livestream Friday night. He did a full stage performance in front of I think friends and family for a new record drop. Very good production - sounded great. $17 or so couldn't beat it. Just made some cocktails at home and enjoyed. Not the real thing but entertaining
  4. Tried all. 7 wood was a no go. Ball just ballooned and I would have issues in the wind. Too high of a spin rate. 3 hybrid was beautiful though. Could hit nice high cuts and also turn it over if needed. Got the latest Apex
  5. Buddy went for the Derby. Sent me a video at 1am of my favorite rock cover band, Phoenix, playing at the Mandalay Bay. Looked packed. No masks to be found on those at the bar. Looked normal to me
  6. Seating incumbent bike would be great for you as well. Helped when I was recovering from sciatica
  7. Cool. Stay on it man. I’m doing well. Had to buy all new golf clothes to fit me. I could lose more. More maintaining than losing now.
  8. I had the greatest pork sandwich there. Other than that I agree with you. Philly ranks up there with Newark for me.
  9. Jacksonville or other parts of North Georgia would be a perfect match. TX too
  10. CEO wants management meeting this month In DC. It’s on
  11. I’m going to drive my 2005 CTS in the ground. Still only had 115K miles. I drive locally. If going to airport I take a car service. So really delaying getting us new cars. Wife has. 2005 Denali that has 150K miles but looks new on the outside. I want a Tesla and she wants a good crossover as next car. Question is when is best time to pull the trigger? Have had a car payment in 11 years.
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