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  1. We get notices of it potentially happening every year but it has never kicked in for us
  2. So I've been through the custom fitting thing throughout my bag. I'm going back to focusing on the guy swinging the club, not the clubs themselves. I was a really consistent player for a lot of years. Not that I was purely flushing it all of the time or my great swings necessarily that great. But my misses were narrow. I'd be pin high. On, maybe a little left, maybe a little right. But I was right there. Never blew up. Played a baby cut to pretty straight but could work the ball if I needed to. Swing path was pretty solid - wasn't slicing or coming over the top. I tried to take left
  3. I hear you. That's why I'll never do a packaged program diet again. I've done Nutrisystem. Yeah it works. But as soon as you stop the mini pizzas in a box the weight comes back on. Lifestyle changes work long term. Love the idea of cheat days or Joe's comments re weekdays are fuel, weekends more fun as a rule. Still have to live. But if the composition of what one eats doesn't change (meaning just eating lesser calories of junk to lose weight initially) the weight comes back almost every time.
  4. 199.0. Just finished hard 45 min Peleton ride. Egg beaters with salsa for breakfast. Chicken breast for lunch. Chicken salad with avocado and tomatoes for dinner. Made some good decisions over the weekend. Mexican restaurant had fajitas no torts, chips or margarita mix (they were out of fresh limes) No wine at home. Staying the course. Hope the scale shows it the next few days. Would love to threaten 195 before setting sights on 190
  5. Morikawa is the best iron player I’ve ever seen. I think he’s even better than Tiger in his prime. proximity stats would likely bear that out. He just throws darts from any distance. I would kill for his swing.
  6. Bad move. What’s to gain? Skip in front of them and then play that hole later or take your handicap on the hole
  7. In for Vegas, out for Beloit. Somebody bring SWC though
  8. I’m almost in the same exact boat as Corp. 6’1”. Have been as high as 240 but usually under 220. 212-215 has been my norm. Thought I looked great at 204 last time I got after it. But now as I’m breaking 200 I can see I have another 10 I should lose even in my bigger frame. So I’m going for 190. Baked Potato with salsa for dinner tonight after a spinach salad with chicken lunch. That’s it. Peleton in the am.
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