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  1. Preseason stats means nothing in these cases
  2. Hits too close to home. I have a son and daughter basically not talking to each other because of this ####. To the point he isn’t invited to her wedding. Politics. Facebook. Trump. Hate this divisive ####
  3. It’s been blowing 30+. 87 on Bandon Dunes. Played better than that. Striping a lot of shots but had a stupid 8 when 140 yards out. 83 at Old McDonald today can go lower if I can sink some damn putts. 5 lip outs first 2 days including some horseshoes. Happy with 83 though.
  4. Beautiful first day at Bandon. 67 degrees, shorts. Played the Preserve to warm up. 11 of 13 greens. Couple over. Fun par 3 course. Couple guys warmed up at Bandon Trails. Tomorrow the real stuff begins Love this place. Spent 2 hours at the practice facility.
  5. Did suggest the Bachelor Inn in Coos Bay. Went through there from the airport but wasn’t opened yet. Oh well. Still may go
  6. Fire him. Sorry not sorry. Can start his own business out of home. Or find an employer who doesn’t require vaccinations. His choice. Good luck with that.
  7. He’ll never have what he did with Rivers. King of dump offs
  8. One played the Titans. One played the Steelers….
  9. Ben was horrible with screen passes to Harris. Big misses
  10. May be spot on. So regretting drafting him.
  11. Went early in my draft. Missed out. Think he’s going to be big
  12. Pure gold here! Winner!! I’ve done versions of this in the past and it could be great with the group https://damndelicious.net/2017/02/13/sheet-pan-shrimp-boil/
  13. Flying. And the guys are making the Costco run in Eugene on Monday - I’m cooking on Thursday
  14. We have a big Bandon Dunes trip next week. Rented a huge house, so dinners will be in 5 of the 6 nights. I got elected to do dinner one night. One guy is doing chili (I'll be sending him a recipe 😉). Another guy doing thick pork chops. Another guy is having a caterer bring in Mexican. I was going to do chicken enchiladas before I found out the Mexican night as I can slay them. But 2 nights of Mexican seems a bit much. Options I'm considering include a baked ziti with sauce from scratch, Italian sausage, garlic bread and salad. Could also get a bunch of steaks from Costco and grill those with sides. Any other ideas I should be considering? I really don't know what I'll have with respect to kitchen gear. Also not a huge amount of time to prep and cook. Couple of hours tops. Bonus points for anything I can make ahead of time. Suggestions?
  15. Brady is going to go where he has matchup advantages. Period. As he should. If Evans draws the toughest corner he’ll go elsewhere. There will be games where Brady hammers Evans. Not worried as long as he’s healthy. If not for those 2 tipped passes there wouldn’t even be concern. Lots of mouths to feed in TB if they are all healthy. Teams will game plan for AB, Godwin, Gronk. Good. Evans smashes
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