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  1. Don't forget Making Love out of Nothing at All by Air Supply. RIP and thanks for the tunes!
  2. That would be fine with me as long as there's still a falcon. It would make more sense that a vibranium suit would come out of wakanda. Nice favor they owed Bucky huh? He needs to exit the MCU and move over to Star Wars imo. He's being wasted here. Get your heads out of your asses Disney!
  3. Nonsense, it was a throwback montage. They even had him doing the Apollo Creed hands while he ran. I expected Rocky to come running up alongside him.
  4. Yep, this is my plan of attack. I have the date, I have the batch number, so why not?
  5. Bucky (Sebastian Stan) is streets ahead in terms of acting ability. That scene alone where he explains why Sam giving up the shield is such a problem for him was a home run. Boy I wish they make him the new Luke... I've taken to watching the prior week's ep on Thursday night, and I am enjoying the series. I think expecting WV is a mistake. If you expect Winter Soldier and Civil War, you are probably not going to be disappointed.
  6. Fun story... By way of background, here in TX counties are by and large organizing distribution of the vaccines. Any TX resident who is eligible for the vaccine (anyone over 16 at this point, I think) can sign up on any or many wait lists and go to the first available appointment. You don't have to be a resident of the county distributing the shots in order to receive them there. So I sign up for and receive my first shot of Pfizer (#teampfizer Woot! Woot!) in the next town over, sponsored by my county. I go in just a few days, maybe a week, before I'm scheduled for cardiac bypass
  7. I mean, there's still like a whole movie's worth of content to come right? Don't you think this condemnation might be a little premature?
  8. re: the bolded, I think that's actually what they are going for. This exists in the "Captain America" universe, so the tone of this show should be similar to the tone and feel of the Captain America movies / franchise. I think that they're nailing that. It's becoming one of the MCU signature strategies that they model their movies and shows off of general tropes like heist movie (AntMan, Endgame), spy movie (Captain America's), Sitcom (Wanda), and I'm sure Marvel nerds can come up with many more. I feel like the tone on this show sits right in that Captain America pocket, even if the pacing i
  9. On the one hand, I'm glad he took the serum. Hard to suspend disbelief that any "normal" would benefit in any way from wielding the shield. Captain America, good or bad, should be a super soldier or it's just not credible. Also for this reason I strongly feel that Bucky should become the new Cap when all is said and done, with Sam as Falcon his partner.
  10. Day 9 bump. HAPPY EASTER, EVERYONE! Tomorrow is Divine Mercy Sunday. It is tradition to pray the chaplet at 3pm tomorrow, either alone or in a congregation at your local Catholic church. Check it out, there's bound to be a guided chaplet happening tomorrow near you! Thanks for joining me for this journey this year (whether a daily participant, hopping in to satisfy a one time curiosity, or anything in between). God bless and pax Christi! Jesus, I trust in you. ____________________________________ Chaplet of Divine Mercy (said each day on a s
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