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  1. Appreciate you putting this together again this year Tim. I fear a mid tournament timeout has become a bit of a tradition now, so that makes it even nicer that you press on and organize again each year. Kudos!
  2. Don't you live in Dallas area? I haven't heard of gas shortages here.
  3. Not sure what downstream implications there might exist. If the c column is just for the visuals, how about =MAX(A-B-0.0001,0) then display to the whole dollar or whole cent? Would that take care of the problem?
  4. I'm not doing great myself. At least we have the makings for a good final game...
  5. Krysten Ritter (JJ) and Mike Colter (Luke Cage) were also excellent casting choices imo. The writing on all of these shows - all of them - was sub par. I'd love to see what Feige and co. could do with the above actors and characters and their writing and effects crews.
  6. This is an important discussion to have, in the politics subforum.
  7. Coulson and May are both great characters. Heck, Fitz and Simmons too. Ming Na Wen should be in everything that requires a bad ### chick, come to think of it.
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