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  1. Grace She carries a world on her hips No champagne flute for her lips No twirls or skips between her fingertips She carries a pearl In perfect condition What once was hurt What once was friction What left a mark No longer stings Because Grace makes beauty Out of ugly things
  2. Pav defeats Freak Show. He resigned when I went up a piece. Theoretically I understand and respect the decision but in all honesty I do not know whether at our level the conclusion would have been foregone. Nevertheless, good game.
  3. I've invited twice now and the app made me black. I just canceled the game and offered rematch and then it made me white. No setting that I could find that would allow me to elect the color when sending the invite.
  4. Bumping so I can find it on my phone since work computer won't let me view the image. :sharkmove:
  5. Seems legit to me. Gary FRANCIS Poste? Full name including middle is a dead* giveaway for a serial killer. Always is. This checks out. *See what I did there?
  6. You should try the Lagavulin 16 imo. It should rock your world.
  7. We're 19 moves in and comfortably in middle game.
  8. There we go. Took you long enough, why didn't you just least with this instead of the passive aggressive act?
  9. Props to his lawyer, who seems to be doing and saying exactly what you want a lawyer to do and say. That said, I wonder if the visibility of the case made LE more timid in pursuing him than they would otherwise have been. Maybe I watch too much tv*, but I can't help thinking that if this weren't national news, they would have found a reason to haul him in for questioning and put some pressure on him long before now. *Let's be honest, there's no "maybe" about it...
  10. Ah, makes sense. They must have updated the post to reflect the reason after you posted here about it.
  11. I was getting most of my info from that thread too, but in the mods' defense, they did say it was shut down because of racist sexist stuff. If you'd been following along you'd know EXACTLY what they were talking about (I did). If not, does it really matter precisely who said the racist sexist stuff or what they said?
  12. I don't think I've ever come into this thread before just looking for something to read now that the gabby petito thread is gone and this is really sad news so so sorry for your loss you're a great poster who always brings a ray of sunshine into every thread you participate in even this homage to your dad brought a tear to my eye he was a special man and you are too And you can take that to the bank, brohan.
  13. I just saw @Sand when I was lurking in TPF. I think he's played in the past, hasn't he?
  14. That's cheaper than I would have thought, including park hopper. Hmm.
  15. Total? 5 people, 5 days' admission? I must be reading this wrong.
  16. Personally, I think the intrigue of the boyfriend returning home with the van but without her, coupled with the youtube video got the attention of the reddit crowd. Then the cop bodycam footage kicked the interest level up to notches unknown. Plus she was an attractive young lady.
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