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    Ice hockey, fishing, bird hunting, camping, hiking, golf, 4x4 offroading, downhill skiing, and spending time with family.
  1. Kramer as a bad guy on Miami vice. There are a bunch of before they were famous on old Miami vice episodes but this is my favorite.
  2. Just locked in yesterday 4.625 and .5 point on a 30. I am pretty happy with this. Got out of an 5/1 arm that just started to adjust. It was 4.5 on a jumbo so I was in no hurry to get out of it. It was only going to adjust to 4.5 but I feel much better being out of it.
  3. 21 month old daughter stepped on one of her blocks yesterday and said sit, learned it from her mom.
  4. www.sproutsoup.comany discount codes for online ordering?
  5. Worst creation and use of an alias ever, thanks for the vote

  6. A close friend of mine owns a restaurant supply company. I told him about this idea and he told me people have tried it here in Denver. He couldn't think of a scenario where it works. He feels the competition has amazing locations that are just too expensive for a first time owner. Everyone knows that most restaurants fail but this is an idea that has a chance but you are going to need tons of capital. The play equipment alone is going to bust your 40000. That is before you buy any kitchen equipment. I would talk to your local restaurant equipment guy about used kitchen equipment. Keep
  7. Good luck with your new business. Don't forget to pay the 941s on time.
  8. Probably not too short just in case. I just got mine and did it.Note: The link did not work for me because there was a space before an ampersand (&), so when you copy it, make sure to delete the space. Make sure you don't see XML, that means the full URL didn't work, you should see a real page saying thanks for verifying. This worked for me. aderouch thanks you.up 476
  9. Just voted up by 5, been voting every day for the last week, when did she catch up?
  10. That is why I voted Shuke, plus he has a head shaped for eating.
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