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  1. NO!! Find something you are good at. The passion will follow, eventually. Yup. And even if the work passion never emerges, who cares? I'm not saying anyone should put up with hating their work, but this whole passion thing is misplaced. I like what I do, I'm good at it, and I enjoy helping my clients make money (I'm a marketing/sales/business copywriter). I definitely get a rush when I write a marketing piece that starts converting well. I do not mind it when Monday morning rolls around. But passion? No. I'm passionate about my home life outside of work. About sharing a bottle of wine w/ my wife on our screen porch on a Friday evening. I'm passionate about some of my hobbies. If I had kids, I'm sure I'd be passionate about their lives and happiness. Work pays for my passions. And it helps greatly that I like how I make money. But I wouldn't do it for free. If I didn't need money, I'd spend my time doing something I enjoy more.
  2. But the opposite is too much power in the hands of homophobes/etc. I can buy "private opinion" over the kneeling/etc. I can't buy private opinion on this: "He wrote that Goodell shouldn't have pressured then-Los Angeles Rams coach Jeff Fisher to draft "queers," " That's it - 100% done. No more power over other's livelihoods, ever.
  3. You can also say we've already seen more fight than the Gase years. The O-line has (somehow) improved, and the D has played hard.
  4. Yup, me too - get well soon, Joe. Happy to see you active in this thread today.
  5. The "Classic Rock" radio many of us listened to did us no favors by playing the same 500 songs. Guys, there are more than four Who songs. But no, here's "Won't get fooled again", again and again.
  6. I did too. I cut Greg Ward, so...
  7. I was just trying to give some perspective on maybe how she felt that particular day. I mean, she remembered it all these years, so right or wrong, it had meaning to her. I apologize if I came off as taking her side or anything. I'm not - in the end, the parents we're all talking about need to be parents (and grandparents).
  8. I doubt it's because your daughter didn't like them, it's that you didn't let stepmom hold her. Mind you, I do not feel this should be the launching point for a lifetime of coldness, but I can definitely see them driving home and saying "really?" They probably felt like outsiders at that point. Now maybe they were already (seems like it - 6 months is a long time unless the trip is a major one that involves airplanes and a week-long hotel stay/etc.) Just saying, you probably should have let her hold her. I can see where that would hurt, and be remembered.
  9. This is what I was thinking. He's prettymuch a "nice/good guy" who seems to be in over his head. He doesn't inspire or appear strong. I voted for him because I felt Trump was an awful, divisive leader. I'm happy that Trump is not there, but have no doubt Biden will be a one-term President, and Harris... well, she'll get trounced. Who knows what happens in 2024?
  10. It breaks my heart to read stuff like this, but I am happy you found some solace in your husband's family. My wife had a similar experience, with a similar outcome - my family embraced her, and she them. My wife grew up in dysfunctional, alcoholic, and abusive household, and my family (especially my mother) have been a Godsend for her. Best to you.
  11. Yep we reconciled and get along with his new wife. My father is still distant but does come watch my son play baseball and we do visit each other's houses. I don't know if we will ever see eye to eye but I'm glad we reconciled. Good to hear. My father started coming around too - his 2nd wife died, and I guess he realized "I'm kind of alone". He reached out to me and my brother, and is getting to know my brother's kids. Better late than never.
  12. I moved to a new house in the spring, and bought some new speakers - Focal Chora 826. Oh my goodness are these incredible - the soundstage and imaging are almost magical. Like the music is floating in the air. They are addicting to listen to. A bit pricey (for me, anyway - I never spent 2k on speakers before), but I'm super happy with the purchase.
  13. There's a lot. I remember years ago when Shady posted about his dad meeting a new woman and being quite distant to his grandkids, and a bunch of us had similar stories. I think the age group and "society back then" is partially to blame. Millions of boomers did the "get married, buy a house, have 2 kids" thing right out of high school, because that's what you were supposed to do. Then later in life, the inevitable divorce, and the realization of "wait, I get to live for me?" thing. And some men took that a little too far, especially with the time allotted to grandkids. I've heard of plenty of older fathers saying something like "hey, I raised my family, you raise yours. I'll see you when I see you." In a lot of cases, our parents are not the types of grandparents that we had as kids.
  14. When I found one once I called the # on the credit card - they called the customer, who got back to me and we met up. That was about 18 years ago - that probably would not work today as they'd think the CC call was a scam.
  15. Since he's on my IR in the one league I own him, I'm happy to sit on him this year. It would take a 1 - less than that, I'll hold. Without IR spots, that changes things a little, especially if you're contending and roster spots really matter. I'd consider Fournette a somewhat fair swap.
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