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  1. Yea, pretty sure it is. Great wallet.
  2. I bought this last year, and I love it. I looked at other types of slim wallets, but this one seemed to fit me best - it can hold a lot of stuff with a fairly small profile.
  3. Yea, Raleigh and its surrounding area is a big, sprawling suburb with all kinds of... everything. A big plus is everything seems fairly new, too. I live in NY's Hudson Valley, about to move to Clayton NC, and it feels more modern there as opposed to here.
  4. He definitely had a more populist / everyman vibe in the early days, and a younger, more conservative me liked him early on. But he took a turn - for me, it started around the "Contract with America" time - politics went from disagreeing to vilifying, and it turned me off, because he was one of the cheerleaders of that mindset. I haven't listened to him in more than 20 years. RIP.
  5. My wife and I just closed on a home in Clayton. We'll be there full time around mid-March. Very much looking forward to it - coming from upstate NY, I'm happy about the minimal snow and reasonable taxes. I'm surprised at how much further your money goes - we're essentially getting twice the house for less money than we are paying now. Funny - the couple across the street are from NY, and the wife and I even went to the same high school (her about 15 years after me). Small world.
  6. Yea, me too. I realized about halfway through the draft that I had a weak GOAT contender. I could have went with Ed Sullivan or maybe Monty Python, but those may have only bought me a slot or two, if that.
  7. Heard somewhere (forget where) that Mecha G will be in it. If so, there's your "evil" Godzilla.
  8. This makes it harder. A lot of these shows how very little actual "action". Charlie's Angels had almost none, you did get one (or maybe two) fights per episode of the Six Million Dollar Man, but almost no car chases or explosions in a lot of these. The above is why I picked the A-Team. Yea, it was silly, and nobody ever really died (they made doubly sure to show that, in fact), but machine guns, grenades, and car chases were a part of just about every episode, as well as multiple hand to hand fights. I'm happy to see it scored well for action.
  9. Yea, that's been my experience - the actual price is always about 1/3 higher than the total of the ticket prices. It's priced me out of shows. But people pay it.
  10. I'm really looking forward to this too. Awesome writeup of the album. I like this album a lot, but I might have some extra affinity for it because very early in my stoner career, I distinctly remember hearing "Across the Universe" in a quite altered state, and it just floored me. It still does, really. Great thread, and thank you for taking the time to do it. I actually took a college class on the Beatles, but between your old thread and @krista4's work, I learned more about them here.
  11. I think they eventually can, because a lot of Dems are quite wary of the far-left part of the party. Plenty of D's are "cancel student debt? Not until you cancel my mortgage too"
  12. We differ on what we think a winning political move would be for him. I don’t see how splitting the party would benefit him. Splitting the party into middle and right virtually would assure the left control of the country for the foreseeable future. For the immediate future (like 2022), yes. Beyond that, there's room to evolve. I'm more a moderate who voted against Trump, not necessarily for Biden (although I do like him - he has the right demeanor for the job, which I feel is the President's most important function). There are millions like me who would give the R's a harder look i
  13. I agree with this. I loved the last episode, but it wasn't really a "finale" - it was more "a big last episode, complete with cool callbacks and flash-forwards". In my opinion, a really good finale ends the series. A finale where they all go back to work the next day as usual is a bit of a letdown. The best way this was handled, to me, was The Wire - that entire montage that showed characters evolve, and others move on / replace known entities (Dukie = Bubbles, Michael = Omar) was very well done. That's also the point you realize the show was really always about the city and the whole m
  14. Yea, my thought there is almost certainly not the reality. I hope you really enjoy it, and am looking forward to hearing more about this - sounds great.
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