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  1. Either dry or really long lines in Smithfield NC. Will probably be totally dry tonight.
  2. Wife and I moved from NY to NC in March. It was the single hardest thing I have ever done. We were in our old house 21 years, so we accumulated a lot of stuff. And we moved to a larger house, so while we purged a lot of the "why are we keeping this?" junk, a LOT of stuff came with us. We also don't have kids, so over the years, our money went to "us" / hobbies / etc - I have nice audio equipment, a large collection of vinyl, a movie collection that rivals a video store, tons of tools, etc. - it all came with us. We packed ourselves, but hired movers to move everything. Took us a mon
  3. I just moved to Clayton NC (outside of Raleigh) from NY. Booming here - I mean, really booming. Still 4 seasons, but waaay less cold / snow. Exactly what we were looking for.
  4. You didn't like Payback? Fun movie. I agree with the politics stuff. It doesn't faze me one bit. I think it says more about the person getting upset than the person doing the preaching or whatnot.
  5. I agree with this - Wilson at 2, best available OL at 23, and RB or another OL at 34. Preferably RB if they feel whoever is available can fit the scheme.
  6. Well said, and agree with all of this. The OP's friend should definitely not get married - you're either all-in, or don't do it. I am usually against prenups for most instances, but will concede they can be useful on some second marriages/older people getting married, where perhaps there are prior children, maybe a successful business, etc. Significant stuff. Like someone else said, a boat and car aren't really enough - in the big scheme of things, that's pocket change.
  7. I liked Kong's +5 Axe of Lizard Smiting.
  8. Sadly, sometimes there is no "happy to discuss it." About 20 years ago, my family was out to brunch, and my sister and I went outside to a little pond-type area the place had so my niece could see the ducks that were there. There were some other kids there (about my niece's age - maybe 10) throwing rocks at the ducks. My sister politely asked them to stop. I watched it - VERY polite and soft spoken. They stopped, we all went back inside, etc. Well, the kids went and told their mother, and she went ballistic - marched over to our table with the "how DARE you speak to my child..." thing. He
  9. I'm meandering too. I'm playing Dishonored 2 on NG+, which is fun. No rush to get a new gen console. They need some new ideas / games. Or maybe I need to play different games. I used to like 4x strategy on the computer, but haven't played in 15 years - maybe I should look into that.
  10. Yea, this is key. I'm mid 50's but otherwise the same as the OP - about 215 lbs. I used to workout at PF pre-Covid 20-30 min, 3x a week (and like the op, I am returning next week.) This is what I did three days a week at PF: Start w/ the pushdown weight machine - I think that works the triceps Then to the weight / row machine - more arms and back. Chest press machine Then I did one of the gut/stomach machines Then 2 leg machines, one for upper and lower (I like that PF shows you which muscles the machine targets) I felt that gave me a pretty good
  11. Funny - with Pete, this happened in the Northeast (NY... although he was from the south). And I JUST (I mean, literally last week) moved to NC. I remain optimistic that things are improving all around, though.
  12. In the early 90's, my boss was a guy who was friendly on the outside, but a racist misogynist deep down. He flat out stated to me that he'd never have a black or a woman manager working under him. In his mind, neither could be relied on. His name was Pete. This isn't ancient history. This was the 90's, with Nirvana and Pearl Jam playing in the background. While he's likely retired, there's an outside chance Pete is still making important decisions somewhere. And there are plenty like him out there. It still needs to be talked about.
  13. Yea, pretty sure it is. Great wallet.
  14. I bought this last year, and I love it. I looked at other types of slim wallets, but this one seemed to fit me best - it can hold a lot of stuff with a fairly small profile.
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