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  1. The "Classic Rock" radio many of us listened to did us no favors by playing the same 500 songs. Guys, there are more than four Who songs. But no, here's "Won't get fooled again", again and again.
  2. I did too. I cut Greg Ward, so...
  3. I was just trying to give some perspective on maybe how she felt that particular day. I mean, she remembered it all these years, so right or wrong, it had meaning to her. I apologize if I came off as taking her side or anything. I'm not - in the end, the parents we're all talking about need to be parents (and grandparents).
  4. I doubt it's because your daughter didn't like them, it's that you didn't let stepmom hold her. Mind you, I do not feel this should be the launching point for a lifetime of coldness, but I can definitely see them driving home and saying "really?" They probably felt like outsiders at that point. Now maybe they were already (seems like it - 6 months is a long time unless the trip is a major one that involves airplanes and a week-long hotel stay/etc.) Just saying, you probably should have let her hold her. I can see where that would hurt, and be remembered.
  5. This is what I was thinking. He's prettymuch a "nice/good guy" who seems to be in over his head. He doesn't inspire or appear strong. I voted for him because I felt Trump was an awful, divisive leader. I'm happy that Trump is not there, but have no doubt Biden will be a one-term President, and Harris... well, she'll get trounced. Who knows what happens in 2024?
  6. It breaks my heart to read stuff like this, but I am happy you found some solace in your husband's family. My wife had a similar experience, with a similar outcome - my family embraced her, and she them. My wife grew up in dysfunctional, alcoholic, and abusive household, and my family (especially my mother) have been a Godsend for her. Best to you.
  7. Yep we reconciled and get along with his new wife. My father is still distant but does come watch my son play baseball and we do visit each other's houses. I don't know if we will ever see eye to eye but I'm glad we reconciled. Good to hear. My father started coming around too - his 2nd wife died, and I guess he realized "I'm kind of alone". He reached out to me and my brother, and is getting to know my brother's kids. Better late than never.
  8. I moved to a new house in the spring, and bought some new speakers - Focal Chora 826. Oh my goodness are these incredible - the soundstage and imaging are almost magical. Like the music is floating in the air. They are addicting to listen to. A bit pricey (for me, anyway - I never spent 2k on speakers before), but I'm super happy with the purchase.
  9. There's a lot. I remember years ago when Shady posted about his dad meeting a new woman and being quite distant to his grandkids, and a bunch of us had similar stories. I think the age group and "society back then" is partially to blame. Millions of boomers did the "get married, buy a house, have 2 kids" thing right out of high school, because that's what you were supposed to do. Then later in life, the inevitable divorce, and the realization of "wait, I get to live for me?" thing. And some men took that a little too far, especially with the time allotted to grandkids. I've heard of plenty of older fathers saying something like "hey, I raised my family, you raise yours. I'll see you when I see you." In a lot of cases, our parents are not the types of grandparents that we had as kids.
  10. When I found one once I called the # on the credit card - they called the customer, who got back to me and we met up. That was about 18 years ago - that probably would not work today as they'd think the CC call was a scam.
  11. Since he's on my IR in the one league I own him, I'm happy to sit on him this year. It would take a 1 - less than that, I'll hold. Without IR spots, that changes things a little, especially if you're contending and roster spots really matter. I'd consider Fournette a somewhat fair swap.
  12. I like the new Madden a lot (playing on a series X). I love videogame football, and am an every 2/3 year purchaser. I've liked some other Maddens, disliked others, and still keep my 360 around to fire up 2K8 every now and again. Besides the franchise mode improvements (thank you!) they've made everything better. The gameplay is fantastic - easily the smoothest they've come out with. Madden has always felt a bit janky to me, like I really didn't have full control. This one does not feel that way at all. They also streamlined the menus, and everything just seems to flow better. It's really fun to play. Music... yea, get off my lawn with that stuff. I wish you could import your own, or just have the old NFL films music. But then again, I'm a 55 y/o gamer - I'm not their main demo. But really good game otherwise. Now to get Todem's sliders.
  13. Not that it helps you DTV guys (although maybe it will if you use this in your negotiations), but you can get an add-on sports package on spectrum/time warner for $6/mo, and it includes stand alone red zone. I'm out of market for the Jets, and this plus the NFL game pass will suffice.
  14. Good post, and I am happy for you. Sort of. I moved from NY to NC in mid march. I am 55 years old, and have been waiting for legal weed forever. 2 weeks after I leave, it passes in NY. I'm happy I moved (we love our new home), but man, had I stayed, I'd be all over growing my own. This reminds me of what NY did to me with the drinking age all those years ago. A few months before I turned 18, they raised it to 19. Thanks a lot. The following year, I turn 19 in July, and can legally drink for six months, until the following January, when they make the age 21, and didn't grandfather anyone in. Talk about bad timing.
  15. It sounds like you're a buyer? Aren't the camp performances (along with college performance/draft pedigree) a big part of the reason people want to buy? 😉 I have him in one dynasty league, and people are definitely asking about him. If the trade gets into back and forth discussions, I'll definitely cite "I like what I'm reading. Sounds like a clear hold to me. However, I'd consider..." The time to turn two or three lesser players into Jeudy has probably passed. Now it's "Jeudy + ?? for a better player".
  16. Definitely this. Social Media has changed the game with record speed. Without Facebook, we're not nearly as divided/partisan as we are now.
  17. Had surgery for dual inguinal hernias in May. I started having pain/discomfort during the winter. Was packing up my old house, throwing big, heavy stuff away - that's probably what did it. Surgery wasn't bad, and I was on my feet quickly, although with a new house, it was hard to just be idle (essentially no lifting anything for a month). The area (more on the right side) is still sore on and off, especially after doing physical work. Doc said that's pretty normal, scar tissue, etc. Even that is slowly getting better, but at 55, I know I won't recover like I would at 25. My days of lifting really heavy stuff are over.
  18. I like the environment as much as the next guy, but for these things, you gotta go nuclear. Forget the soap and water thing. Go get the toxic-waste level spray that shoots 20' at home depot.
  19. Big fan of burgers. I also make a great burger, both on the grill (classic burgers) and griddle (smashburgers). While these lists are fun, I'm not a fan of many of these types of burgers. For me, simple is better for burgers. I don't like burgers that are too thick / too sloppy to properly eat, and I'm not that into extra stuff on a burger (even bacon can be borderline). Cheese is a must, and some combo of lettuce / tomato / onion / pickle is about it. Wanna substitute an onion ring or onion straws for onion? Ok. I also don't mind getting creative with the bun (the bun is an underrated part of the burger imho), and if the place has a secret sauce instead of ketchup, that's fine too.
  20. I think a lot of the praise is in response to the criticism.
  21. What if that employee gave multiple winning presentations in the past, and directly made you millions? Is that employee still merely "soft", or do you maybe worry a bit about their health and say "geez, I had no idea, let's get you better" (or something like that?) This girl already won 4 gold medals, and from what I read, is probably amongst the top (if not THE top) female gymnast of all time. She needs space to get well. And I think her track record puts any talk of "soft" to rest.
  22. exactly how I see it - it's a hobby, no different than any other hobby.
  23. Bavarian Sweet Mustard. Fantastic. And yes, the beer.
  24. Just about to post this - seems Amazon has followed suit. Picked up Stalker Bluray today for $20
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