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  1. Those are exactly the kinds of problems you want to have!!! Sweet!
  2. You can turn the tables in the great "turtle game" all married couples play....right Maybe I can finally get some revenge!!Also, we order in lunch every day at work (downtown) and get bbq every now and then...would definitely love to try it out at the office when you get things rolling.
  3. Sweet, Tipsy! Can't wait to try it...keep us posted on the exact opening so we can come by. I think I'm a little scared to try the Pork "explosion" Beans, though
  4. I can't believe they kept this hidden gem away from us all season. The producers should give herwhatever she wants to become the next bachelorette.....I like how she was extremely judgmental of JP and she is covered in tats. If that was me I would just throw that back at her. Saying "sorry about your coffee shop job and your bad geisha tat but dont bring that #### in here"The irony was so thick you could cut it when the sister says, "Ashley, you're being all emotional...I'm the one who's rational and thinks things through."
  5. The sister is the best thing to happen to this train wreck of a season...
  6. For the love of God, woman, shut up. At a minimum embrace the fact that you’re partially deaf and adjust the volume of your voice. And that hyena laugh…it’s got to go. No one was laughing with you when you yelled out “LOOK! I JUST GOT THE BOOK “EXTREMEMLY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE” AND IT’S NOT EVEN ABOUT ME! (YAR YAR YAR YAR YAR)” at the top of your lungs. If it were about you, they would’ve named it "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Annoying."
  7. Dear "mine smell like roses": I know we've gone over this before, but let's try one more time: when you let out a silent-but-violent down the hall and walk back over here IT FOLLOWS YOU. It does not stay where you let it out. And even though you can't seem to smell your own ####, we can ALL smell it. Now stop it.
  8. Um, heh heh. Uh, RIP man. At least you didn't go all Benoit on your family in the process.
  9. It feels like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book: Choice A) the guy comes out of the john with guns blazing taking out the whole family Choice B) Tony gets taken down by Carlo and the Feds I think either way you want to read it Chase implies that Tony was going down...he just wasn't going to tell us which way. At first I was , but then I thought, genius.
  10. Dear fat-### cube-mate to my right: Despite what you might think, I do not need a daily update of your progress on Master Cleanse. I applaud your efforts to “start anew” during Lent, but, seriously, keep your GI issues to yourself. And yes, I can hear you when you think you’re “low-talking” to the guy next to you. Thanks
  11. Dear pod mate: Just an fyi, buddy…that can of compressed air shoots air out, it doesn’t suck anything up. It’s not a ####ing dust rag. Seriously, once you started spraying you were actually giddy and wouldn’t stop. What the #### is wrong with you? The noise of the can only amplified that mild deafness condition you have and you didn’t hear the rest of us yelling at you to stop. Thanks for the dust cloud you floated over my cube, jackhole. Can’t wait to return the favor. Cheerio, CRay
  12. Dear #### head: First of all, do not “borrow” the sports page off my desk before I’ve clearly had a chance to read it. Second, when you take it with you to drop the kids off at the pool, please don’t feel the need to return it to my desk. TIA
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