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  1. Yeah, this caught my attention too. Looks good, will definitely check him out (I've got Akers and Henderson).
  2. I guess this isn't going to happen. Also, I tried filtering on topics I've posted in and it only gave me one page with no ability to go back further (so I spent 20 min looking for this thread). Is this new? Or am I just having some sort of issue?
  3. This guy will be the first name I throw out in my auction leagues this year.
  4. I know this is me being a nerdy engineer, but my biggest issue with this article is the author pushing the idea that 100 targets is a magic number, and then saying it will be easier to get there with a 17th game.
  5. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  6. They already score more than other positions, why compound it? Is this a tier argument?
  7. I'm afraid to ask, but why not?
  8. No way Sermon gets out of the first round in "normal" leagues.
  9. I wonder if anyone should tell Mike about this.
  10. I find it curious how he went from being the next big thing and the #2 QB in the draft (and drafted #2) to being the #4 rookie QB.
  11. Anyone besides me remember Cedric Peerman? That's right, who?
  12. I don't see anywhere in that menu to get a discount other than the $20 early bird.
  13. Oh please, oh please, oh please (says the guy with 1.5 and 1.6)...
  14. Best thing for him and us would be to get cut or traded IMO.
  15. Went through with this. I gave: K.Drake, AJ Green, 2.5 He gave: J.Hurts, S.Watkins, 2.2, 2022 3rd He owns Jacobs and is set up for a run, so he felt is was worth it (he also has Murray, Stafford, Tannehill).
  16. At least I won't have to watch Thursday night football anymore.
  17. Sermon has been my #4 RB for a while now, looks like the NFL agrees. To San Fran in the 3rd.
  18. No idea why ATL would trade out of that pick.
  19. OMG I don't know who those two girls were but I'm now a Zach Wilson fan!!
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