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  1. Thanks to everyone in the thread who convinced me this guy wasn't worth a look!
  2. Nice looking lineup for this week. Ugh, Tim Patrick!!!!!!
  3. Picked up T.Patrick yesterday to play in place of Alie-Cox in the flex. Seemed like a good idea. Thanks for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. This is what I'm rolling out this week so far. Might have to pick up a fill-in for Gronk or Alie-Cox: QB Tannehill RB D.Harris RB Darrel Williams WR C.Davis WR Waddle FLX Gronk FLX Alie-Cox TE Pitts Hopefully it's slightly better than a couple of the others out there.
  5. Remaining $$$ are: 680 (me) 482 444 443 422 355 290 226 74 30 62 0
  6. Here's what they went for (winning/next highest): $378/201 Mahomes (to the guy who had Burrow) $351/251 Ridley (to the same guy, he was the only one ahead of me in $) $241/205 A.J. Brown $101/13 Davonte Smith $100/69 Barkley (to the Mahomes/Ridley guy) $89/30 Marquise Brown A bunch of others as well, someone got Hunt for $1 which I thought was great. I picked up E.Sanders for $31 and A.Cooper for $30.
  7. Hoping Darrel Williams can have another big day to pull me through. Have D.Harris as well. Bidding on Brown and Ridley but at really low prices. Not sure what good value is for anyone at this point.
  8. Same in my league, the top scorer went out. Wow, some big names. Based on this and my league, things seem to be getting real right about now.
  9. Oh yeah, picked up and started Alie-Cox too, with Pitts on bye and Gronk still out. And I forgot Diggs last night. Everyone pretty much has a QB except for the guy who has Burrow. The guy who has Wilson is starting Darnold so he could be another candidate to go after Mahones (though Darnold has done pretty well). So not sure what the market will be like. There are a lot of players on bye this week, I might be able to get through another week with Tannehill (against Chiefs). Though I'm out J.Robinson, S.Diggs, and M.Jones. I guess pretty much everyone will be sub $100 eventually.
  10. Made it through another week, this time with the high score (J.Robinson, Darrel Williams, M.Jones, Waddle). Went with Heinicke over Wentz on the streaming option (mistake) and over Tannehill (mistake) but made it through anyway. Here are the interesting FAs available this week: QB P.Mahomes RB S.Barkley RB K.Hunt WR AJ.Brown WR A.Cooper WR C.Ridley I've got the 2nd highest FAAB at $741, the guy ahead of me has Burrow at QB.
  11. Up 18 plus Bass vs. Henry. Lost by 2. Did I mention I had Bass? #### you, McDicknutt!!! Just tackle the m'fer, Buffalo defense!!!!! I'm going to ruin that guy's career, I'm drafting him next year.
  12. No, it doesn't bother me and I have no idea why it should. What I want to know is where did the pics of the cheerleader come from?
  13. I'm second in FAAB now too. Heinicke and Wentz were both dropped, so maybe I do have some streaming options. Both are ranked higher than Tannehill this week.
  14. Allen went for $512 (I was next highest bid at $321) and Kupp went for $404 (next highest bid was $311). Looks like I'm going to have to rely on Tannehill at least one more week... The guy who got Kupp has some major issues this week, so I may be going for his Kyler Murray next week.
  15. Well I was definitely expecting more from Tannehill.
  16. I'm not disagreeing with you in theory, I'm just not sure I'll get to Allen's bye week with Tannehill at the helm. Week 7 I'll have to use Tannehill anyway, and still also be out Diggs and J.Robinson. Luckily I picked up Darryl Williams late last week so hopefully he'll help cover it. Going for Kupp this week too but there's a guy going all in on him I think.
  17. I've got $747 left. Rodgers went for $225 a few weeks ago and Hurts went for $276 last week. Everyone else has a QB and it's hurting me (I've got Tannehill and Lance). Sure, there's going to be more everything around each week but I have to be around to see it. At any rate, there are still 13 teams left so not much to stream.
  18. Had my first near-death experience. I couldn't lose, so that was good. But still unnerving. Everyone seems to be getting better and my team isn't. I spent that money a couple weeks ago to get Gronk and so far that was a waste. QB is killing me and J.Allen hit the FA pool, along with Kupp and Barkley. Trying to put strong bids in but now it's sort of difficult because not everyone has money. Two QB needy teams have more money than me so I'm just crossing my fingers.
  19. Was *this* close to having a touchdown.
  20. I like DW and it would be nice to see him pay off in a big way with this opportunity. That said, I'm not really expecting much.
  21. He couldn't hit guys standing right in front of him, wide open, and not even moving.
  22. I know it's early, but as of right now this kid blows.
  23. Sure, I understand. I guess my point is everything in here seems to be overreaction. But I get that's how it goes in the NFL and the world today.
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