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  1. This FBG Otis made up a poem I couldnt verify cuz I hardly know 'em So I asked Woz if he believed every single thread He replied "Does Scupper have a big head?" Needed an opinion from the other side As the Otis fan base has a big divide Went and sought out that Mr. Pickles Only story he believed was where Otis had the trickles So there we have it, What to do? We still don't know if they're true Give up or keep sifting? I'd ask Chase but he's busy lifting. I guess next week I can ask Krista4 Is Otis the troof or just an attention whore?
  2. that is not a bad deal at all.We screwed up last time we went and should have got the 10 day park hoppers with no expirataions. Big cost now to save a ton later.We didnt know we were likely going to make it a yearly thing.Second weekend in september is the best time to go. The park is dead. We went on Pirates back to back without waiting in line at all. Just stayed on some of the other rides and went again.Most people dont like to take their kids out of school right away.
  3. Hi Bob, Your job is being a driver. You are supposed to get from point A to point B as quickly, but safely as you can. When you are instructed to take a route that is inarguably faster, please do so. Don't stand in the office and argue "why do I have to go that way? Why cant I just take 108th st?" "Because it is slower Bob." "Maybe by a few minutes" "As long as we agree now, have a nice drive"
  4. I am sure this has been covered in the previous 34 pages, but for me the age of the stranger matters. If it is a 4 year old, I would save the kid. If it is a 30 year old I would save my dog. The other factor for me is how old is my dog? Today basically a pup. In ten years whole different story.
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