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  1. Used Offense: CAR, ARZ, KC, TB, DAL, BUF Defense: SF, TB, CAR, BUF, NE, PIT Week 7 Offense: LAR Defense: ARZ
  2. I'm so jaded I don't even care what they have for picks or what they do. They're a garbage organization through and through.
  3. That's what I was getting at... physically he looked fine to me.
  4. He's running around knocking the crap out of people. He destroyed White on Henry's TD. He looks fine doing that. But apparently he's just useless as a receiver now.
  5. Wish I could tell ya. I've only watched one game. The Thursday Night game vs the Panthers because it was the only thing on. Refuse to watch them on Sunday when I can watch Redzone. It's just such a dumpster fire and trash organization I've almost forgotten we have a team here. And that's just pathetic.
  6. The usual suspects are all rostered in my league as far as potential replacements. I can't figure out which Tennessee WR might replace Brown, so I went with Firkser. Luckily I have AJ in at Flex so position isn't important. Unluckily, I'm only up 4 and not thrilled about going against E. Sanders under these circumstances. A big shout out to Claypool for nothing last night.
  7. All those guys are available, I just don't have any idea how Tennessee uses their receivers. Seems like it could be any of Westbrook-Ikhine, Rogers, Reynolds, Marcus Johnson, Batson... I'd like to grab the guy likely to be on the field the most
  8. I'm leaning towards Reynolds or Johnson, but really have no idea about who would get what kind of snap counts
  9. That BS call is going to cost me my game. Great effort by Herbert today
  10. I'm so sick of Brown this season. Guy has been nothing but a headache. Which Titan WR if he doesn't go? Reynolds, Marcus Johnson, Westbrook?
  11. Short week also as the Browns play at home next Thursday against the Broncos. Hopefully some of it is maintenance-related and the extra rest gets him right, but idk.
  12. Well yes, now that Damien Williams has COVID Khalil Herbert is a much better start
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