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  1. Agreed... but my favorite part is how the Italianed media is up in arms that Ineos did not let Ganna defend the pink
  2. My 8 year old son picked out a necklace: my wife hated it and she made it clear. He also had a very cool heart and flowers drawing that he was super proud of and wanted to include with her gift. Turns out she helped him draw it, and told him that it was not a gift. Her morning was ruined. Knot hole. We went to brunch at her favorite cafe, the bottomless mimosas were changed to "big bottom" mimosas dude to covid or something, they are now served in a fancy pitcher. I commented how the big bottom was perfect for her (because she usually gets impatient waiting for refills) and my s
  3. The best part is that I have another chance to screw up her birthday next week.
  4. When I play a Youtube video like that, as was the case this time, a suggestion (or two) for the next video pops up in one of the corners. How do I make those suggestions go away so I can see the entire last few seconds of the video I am currently watching?
  5. With the draw today, Leeds (Leeds Leeds) are on a 6 game unbeaten steak including a win at City, shutouts of both Chelsea and ManU, and a comeback draw with the Merseyside Reds. Who needs a super cup? MOT
  6. BREAKING NEWS: Spurs re-hire Mourinho, official announcement on Twiiter reads in full "Sorry bro, we cool now?"
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