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  1. It will be cool rain... good tip on the extra gloves. Having at least a dry pair for camp sounds fun. I am planning on cuffing my pants legs for that Z Cavaricci look, I will also have extra Voile straps with me to "tie" them down. They are Frog Toggs, so if they get wrecked they are easy to replace... I will just be wet until then. The REI rain pant selection I encountered last night was not a big enough upgrade (or WAY to big of an upgrade). @El Floppo I am hoping the hood on my Marmot Precip fits over the helmet... I was thinking it may work under it though? No cap on my helmet.
  2. I am going bikepacking this weekend... in the rain. Yay. What tips do you guys have for riding in the rain? I am pretty much just planning on wearing my backpacking rain gear (including the worlds baggiest rain pants) and sealskin socks. Not sure what I will have on my head under my helmet. Maybe my Buff or a fleece toque. ETA: I love the word toque.
  3. I have heard people talking about them this year more than ever... I have never had one though, and prior to this post had zero interest in trying them
  4. I really like their new album... it's pretty close to top-5 on my AotY list right now.
  5. Did you see his rooster?
  6. He is probably protesting at his own house by this point: link
  7. Colbrelli was one of my favorites as well... the others all cashed... several times. Here are some great photos: https://cyclingtips.com/2021/10/gallery-snapshots-of-hell-at-paris-roubaix/
  8. The Florida Trail connects to the AT via the Pinhoti and Benton Mackaye trails...
  9. Wait, riding a bike and eating a salad? You would have trucks lining up to run you down in Texas.
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