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  1. My favorite RR find this week is the new Happyhappy album. It's, ummm, psychofolk- punk and it's so weird, but it's the only albumb from this week that I've listened to several times. Here's the title track Psych Ward Chess Champion ETA:
  2. Not sure about you guys but I sure am looking forward to the next eight King Gizzard And Lizard Wizard albums to be released this month
  3. Tape a ribbon to a couple of your discs in case it is still deep enough to lose them.
  4. I really love early round Europa matches... when there are people and fires in the stands.
  5. What do you do when you want a card? Pop them all out flip to the one you want, pop the rest back in and add the other back later? Or do you just hold a stack of cards for a bit while waiting for the one to be used?
  6. I just wanted to share that I am looking forward to all of the wallet ads I am about to see on Instagram and facebook!
  7. I may or may no be welcome back in a local bar because of my constant complaining about #2 above. What makes it worse is the chalk board advertises the price per pint... and they actually have pint glasses... but they just use which ever shaker they grab. Apparently making a stand, and rejecting beers in the fake pints does not go over well with management at that place.
  8. I can't believe that you nerds found a way to make this thread worse than it already was.
  9. Is it still a live ball appeal if the play is ongoing? Was the play still ongoing in the situation above? If so, does that make it a force play?
  10. I am appalled by the lack of Jeff Rosenstock in your list! Good day sir.
  11. besides for the flat out AWFUL crowd noise on the BT Sport stream.
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