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  1. It will be cool rain... good tip on the extra gloves. Having at least a dry pair for camp sounds fun. I am planning on cuffing my pants legs for that Z Cavaricci look, I will also have extra Voile straps with me to "tie" them down. They are Frog Toggs, so if they get wrecked they are easy to replace... I will just be wet until then. The REI rain pant selection I encountered last night was not a big enough upgrade (or WAY to big of an upgrade). @El Floppo I am hoping the hood on my Marmot Precip fits over the helmet... I was thinking it may work under it though? No cap on my helmet.
  2. I am going bikepacking this weekend... in the rain. Yay. What tips do you guys have for riding in the rain? I am pretty much just planning on wearing my backpacking rain gear (including the worlds baggiest rain pants) and sealskin socks. Not sure what I will have on my head under my helmet. Maybe my Buff or a fleece toque. ETA: I love the word toque.
  3. I have heard people talking about them this year more than ever... I have never had one though, and prior to this post had zero interest in trying them
  4. I really like their new album... it's pretty close to top-5 on my AotY list right now.
  5. Did you see his rooster?
  6. He is probably protesting at his own house by this point: link
  7. Colbrelli was one of my favorites as well... the others all cashed... several times. Here are some great photos: https://cyclingtips.com/2021/10/gallery-snapshots-of-hell-at-paris-roubaix/
  8. The Florida Trail connects to the AT via the Pinhoti and Benton Mackaye trails...
  9. Wait, riding a bike and eating a salad? You would have trucks lining up to run you down in Texas.
  10. You guys and your vitriol convinced me: I hate cyclists now too! In fact, I just saw a neighborhood kid riding his bike on the sidewalk so I screamed at him because sidewalks are for pedestrians. That little turd sure is lucky I was not in my car at the time.
  11. UPDATE: I am sitting in the grocery store parking lot waiting for my curbside pickup and I am totally super pissed that I did not encounter any cyclists in spandex to rage on during my drive here. ETA: if I see any on the way home I am going to extra rage on them now. I'll probably take the long way and let the ice cream melt just to be safe.
  12. True story: that is actually legal in several states. Studies have, apparently, found it to be safer for the cyclists.
  13. wait... I thought he was already convicted for touching kids? Did he touch more kids after that?
  14. I'd say that the chances are awfully high that the FBI already had this info...
  15. BUMP! Do any of those RFID wallets actually work to stop a bank card with an NFC chip? I just did some quick Amazon browsing and kept finding videos of people successfully using the card while still in the wallet. I would like to prevent that type of usage.
  16. I do not intentionally change my appearance/look. Both, however, are constantly evolving.
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