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  1. I generally like Royal Blood anyway, but the song that just hit my RR is a banger: Boilermaker
  2. got my 2nd Moderna shot Sunday afternoon, and was pretty much wiped out with similar symptoms the second half of Monday. Come Tuesday morning things were pretty much back to normal though. My arm is still sore though - lol
  3. I am pretty sure that I got someone else's Release Radar this week as there's a bunch of music that is just not my style, and most of it as at the top of the list. Odd... anyway, The Bronx has a new album coming out in August, and while it was not on my RR, you can listen to the first single here. I dig it.
  4. The best advice I have for a kids party is to rent one of those inflatable bounce houses for them... that and force them to stay outside the whole time.
  5. Is there a Scarface movie without Pacino, or am I just showing may age by asking that?
  6. I use Google Photos hard... but I do not trust google based on their track record of discontinuing services - so I also have a 2 TBB USB-c HDD that I transfer photos to when I want to remove them from my phone.
  7. The tracklist on the new Dollar Signs album, Hearts of Gold, is entirely in CAPS. I wonder if that is why I love this album so much... it's been pretty much all I have listened too since it came out last week. Here is a ridiculous video from the album: link
  8. oh that's her name I just assumed people in the reddit game thread were being misogynistic by calling her Karen.
  9. My favorite RR find this week is the new Happyhappy album. It's, ummm, psychofolk- punk and it's so weird, but it's the only albumb from this week that I've listened to several times. Here's the title track Psych Ward Chess Champion ETA:
  10. Not sure about you guys but I sure am looking forward to the next eight King Gizzard And Lizard Wizard albums to be released this month
  11. Tape a ribbon to a couple of your discs in case it is still deep enough to lose them.
  12. I really love early round Europa matches... when there are people and fires in the stands.
  13. What do you do when you want a card? Pop them all out flip to the one you want, pop the rest back in and add the other back later? Or do you just hold a stack of cards for a bit while waiting for the one to be used?
  14. I just wanted to share that I am looking forward to all of the wallet ads I am about to see on Instagram and facebook!
  15. I may or may no be welcome back in a local bar because of my constant complaining about #2 above. What makes it worse is the chalk board advertises the price per pint... and they actually have pint glasses... but they just use which ever shaker they grab. Apparently making a stand, and rejecting beers in the fake pints does not go over well with management at that place.
  16. I can't believe that you nerds found a way to make this thread worse than it already was.
  17. Is it still a live ball appeal if the play is ongoing? Was the play still ongoing in the situation above? If so, does that make it a force play?
  18. I am appalled by the lack of Jeff Rosenstock in your list! Good day sir.
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