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  1. The Tucker trade is an interesting one to look back at. It was around the start of 2019 - you got Carpenter, A. Chapman, Nimmo from me for Tucker, Whitley, Kieboom. Tucker is obviously by the prize of the deal but I’ve dropped the other two. Carpenter was a bust, but Nimmo’s been decent in OBP and you made a nice trade flipping Chapman for Giolito later that year. So the end result for you is basically Tucker for Giolito/Nimmo - I’d rather have Kyle but that’s not awful. Side benefit for me was I discovered Zac Gallen by checking Houston’s first AAA box score that year to see how Whitley and Tucker did.
  2. This. It's disappointing how many people love the first amendment but don't really believe in the principle behind it. Laws are basically just society agreeing on consequences for undesirable actions. If we're going to be adamant that Congress shouldn't make laws restricting speech, but are eager to create terrible consequences on our own for anyone who says something we don't like, what good is the first amendment really doing?
  3. Picking up Webb almost made up for Freddy Peralta being one of mine.
  4. Should probably deal with the 💰 @FishTacoTuesday@Eephus@Mike Damone let me know where you'd like money sent, and if you want to roll-in for next year.
  5. Bump for payout questions. This would make it 800/400/200. With a first-place split it would be 600/600/200. Not sure if there's any tiebreaker for first. I'm happy with whatever, had pretty much settled on 2nd.
  6. Some of the placeholder confusion at the end of the season had me thinking we should move to Fantrax. They crush everyone on prospect database.
  7. Title race now in the hands of Reiver Sanmartin and Jake Woodford. Strange game we play.
  8. I’m pulling for you. Leading most of the year and blowing it in the final week sucks.
  9. Was looking back at my draft and it’s pretty crazy I’m in 1st in September after bombing my first 4 picks (Yelich, Nola, Springer, Flaherty). From rounds 5-20 I had a great run, only bad pick in there was Urshela in round 13. Don’t think I’ll be able to hang on though, my pitching is teetering on the brink of collapse. My offense has been great, made up a ton of ground in RBI lately but could give it all back just as fast, that category is really close.
  10. I was tempted, but Jorge Mateo is already filling the role of super-toolsy prospect bust with sentimental value for my team.
  11. I’ll stick around. Worst case I can take on a partner or something, can revisit that in February. Open to some deadline trading if anyone is interested. Plenty of young talent available, looking for impact vets for the next couple seasons.
  12. FWIW, the trades aren’t why I’m out. Dynasty value is always a guessing game and what looks like a bad deal today might be a steal in a year. Look at my transaction history, I have no room to criticize anyone. I’m out because I haven’t enjoyed this league since my 2018 collapse. Finally winning one has become an unhealthy obsession and I need to get away from it. Frustration over the best teams getting better and the Laureano suspension made me post it, but it was happening eventually either way.
  13. I'm waving the white flag, this will be my last year. I suck at this format and you guys kicked the #### out of me.
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