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  1. I'm going to miss chasing crap closers. I refuse to drop prospects for them, but last year we had 8 extra roster spots and no minor league season so I went to town.
  2. Drop Freddy Peralta. I think that’s like the 10th time I’ve done that. He’ll be back.
  3. Probably a good time to start collecting $. Hell Toupee, Kraft, and DrD are paid through last year's winnings. RnR's fee will come out of my Pie entry. Everyone else can PayPal $50 to bensanders at gmail dot com.
  4. Hopefully I did better in this CB draft than I did last year... Round 1: Eduardo Rodriguez - got COVID, developed heart condition, missed season Round 2: Yasiel Puig - got COVID, Braves deal fell apart, still a free agent Round 3: Hunter Bishop - got COVID too, although I doubt it affected his development much Round 4: Mychal Givens - pitcher traded to Rockies
  5. 4.8 Pedro Leon, OF, Astros Not in CBS, but he signed with Houston on Jan. 15 so I'm pretty sure he's eligible. @FishTacoTuesday
  6. 3rd straight year he’s been picked in this draft.
  7. 3.8 Taylor Rogers, RP, PikGoat @FishTacoTuesday
  8. I feel like this all the time, but I'm getting over it. I've made enough stupid decisions in this league to fill a novel. I used to think it's because I'm a moron, and that's part of it, but also the format is just hard and everyone's gonna have some regrets. I don't dwell on them anymore - in fact I've already preemptively forgiven myself for cutting Forrest Whitley 2 years before he wins a Cy Young, which is gonna happen whether I like it or not. But for all the dumb stuff I have done and will do, I've won more $ than I put in and had a shot at the title on the final day twice. Wit
  9. Wanted Hancock here, but I’ll settle for being the first to (legally) roster... 2.8 Garrett Crochet, P, White Sox @FishTacoTuesday
  10. Almost protected him and was considering pulling him back here.
  11. I went back and forth between him and Rodgers about 6 times yesterday.
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