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  1. Wander Franco to make his MLB debut Tuesday. 🥳
  2. Just say Nola! Nice debut for my team, plus Paddack showed signs of life. I might actually have something resembling a competent starting rotation now.
  3. Closer mismanagement is killing me this year, dropped RichRod and Yimi before the season but held on to Montero. With better decisions I'd be near the top in saves instead of the bottom, my ratios would suck less, and I might only be a move or two away from serious contention. Maybe for the best though, still only year 3 of the 4-year plan. Next season it's on.
  4. I probably will be at some point. Right now I’m still in the denial phase and think my bats will get healthy and clicking any day now.
  5. I was really hoping to get Trammell back there. I have 6 better outfielders which is why I left him unprotected in the first place, but he was on my roster for 3+ years so the sentimental value is high.
  6. A nobody? Come on. Lowe was like a 5th or 6th round pick this year in fantasy. Between 2019 and 2020, he played 138 games, hit 31 HR, slashed .270/.347/.530, produced 5 WAR, and made an all-star team.
  7. Yeah, I need a refund too. My 1st and 3rd picks who were supposed to carry my offense have played a combined 15 games. Oh wait, I'm in 1st anyway. Nevermind.
  8. I know better than to be shocked or heartbroken by a Buxton injury at this point, but man... those rare moments when he's actually healthy are silly fun.
  9. I have not yet begun to fight! Just wait until Springer and Yelich come off the IL
  10. Hoping for a Patrick Corbin revival does not look like the answer to my pitching problems.
  11. Absolutely. Consumers want their news fast, sensationalized and slanted to their viewpoint, regardless of how much they might claim otherwise. And when we talk about “the media”, that could technically include anybody with a blog, podcast, or Twitter account. We generally use the term to refer to large, mainstream news sources. Those media outlets are successful because they fill that demand better than anyone else. Unbiased sources won’t get enough viewers/readers to even be considered part of “the media.”
  12. I forgot about this for a bit. Still need $ from @PIK95 and @Northern Voice
  13. What about making bad analogies on a message board? Can we make that illegal?
  14. 26.7 Adam Frazier, 2B, Pirates I have 3 second basemen, but one is hurt and two aren't 2B eligible yet, so this guy gets to start for a week! @jamny
  15. 25.8 Jose Alvarado, RP, Phillies @expos123
  16. 23.8 Griffin Canning, SP, Angels @expos123
  17. 19.8 Aaron Civale, SP, Cleveland @expos123
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