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  1. Wrong. Those who kneel dismiss the merits of an entire movement of people who respect the national anthem, the flag and veterans. They are the ones making the protest and are suddenly astonished that others don't support that??? THAT is cavalier and self-righteous.
  2. Freedom of speech in the right time and place and the message will be less offensive. Brees' comments were less offensive than those who disrespect the national anthem, flag and veterans.
  3. I honestly feel he has nothing to apologize for, and wish he hadn't. I know that will upset people.
  4. We won't agree; I'll agree with that. I feel you and others are being terribly selfish and disrespectful towards those that hold the national anthem, flag and veterans in very high regard, because you aren't respecting them and their feelings. The feelings aspect goes both ways and you can't ignore one set to appease another, especially when it comes to the anthem and it is supposed to be a time for respect. I do agree that black lives matter. I have always felt that way.
  5. It is disrespectful to many. Plain and simple. And always will be, which is my absolute. It is not the appropriate place to try to make a statement/protest. I support the right to protest, but during the national anthem is not the time or place.
  6. I'm not. It is disrespectful to many and always will be.
  7. They need to keep showing respect during the anthem. They can hold protests at the appropriate time and place, and others will respect that.
  8. No. Respect is common courtesy. Treat others like a person and they will do the same. The Golden Rule. Using the National Anthem as a time to make a statement/protest will always be disrespectful. Always.
  9. I disagree with that. You need to be respectful at certain times to earn respect.
  10. I didn’t serve, though many in my immediate family have. Many of those who served, like my sister and father, and many who haven’t, feel it is disrespectful to make a statement during the anthem. And peaceful protests are fine if done in the right way including time and place. Trying to make a statement during an event that many hold dear for a multitude of reasons is simply not the time. Period. By doing so they are showing a lack of respect to others. They are looking for respect but at the same time doing it in a way that shows they don’t deserve it and don’t deserve to be heard. It takes away from their intent. It simply does. Bottom line for me is that you can’t throw dignity and honor out the window and then demand to be heard.
  11. I’m very supportive of free speech and being able to protest. I really am. But there’s a time and place for it. Offering disrespect is not the way to gain respect.
  12. I’ll reiterate that I 100% agree with what Brees said. Disrespecting the flag at any point is not helpful. They can go protest on their own time and place - that’s fine - but it is disrespectful to do that during the national anthem and always will be.
  13. Man I loved his response. I may buy a Brees jersey now.
  14. It looks like there will be more attempts made at increasing bureaucracy and limits placed upon police forces. A greater number of training courses will be implemented all the while increasing oversight and the amount of second-guessing after the fact. (Think Biden being foolish and telling people that police need to shoot knife-wielding attackers in the extremities). Those in charge will legislate the police and inundate them with confusing rules and regulations. Attempts will be made to further “diversify” police forces but will require a lowering of current standards to do so. All of this will result in future police forces that are set up for massive failure as they will be managed by those without a clue about proper police procedures or the use of lethal force and by many officers unprepared for the harsh realities of the world in which we live.
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